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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYNTHESIZES

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Astrology, 592:the life to which H. P. B. refers as that which synthesizes spirit, soul and body. (See The SecretAtom, 33:working along this third line, for to me it [33] synthesizes the other two, and adds certainAtom, 69:as does the Logos, and he energizes it and synthesizes his threefold nature into a coherent unit.Atom, 85:and consummation, the human being. He synthesizes and blends the three aspects, uniting them inBethlehem, 24:blends and fuses, understands and interprets and synthesizes all form and all expressions, allBethlehem, 95:and recognizable. Just as the human being synthesizes in himself all that has been, plus his ownExternalisation, 50:wisdom and occult understanding. This group synthesizes all that is available in the other twoFire, 74:or the three fires, while the fourth Lipika Lord synthesizes the work of his three Brothers andFire, 167:and with the astral plane. The throat center synthesizes the entire personality life, and isFire, 295:matter aspect. That the idea of an Entity Who synthesizes the groups and is the animating life ofFire, 334:Man. Will is the basis of the One Life which synthesizes all groups. Therefore again, in studyingFire, 361:the Lord of the third major Ray or Aspect, and synthesizes the four. These four Rays with theirFire, 388:- The Mahachohan's Department. This center synthesizes the lesser four, just as. the third RayFire, 388:the lesser four, just as. the third Ray synthesizes the minor four. These Kumaras (or Their presentFire, 514:dissolve. The center of positive life gathers or synthesizes the three points, and thus the threeFire, 531:spirilla has a peculiar value inasmuch as it synthesizes the lower four. It is the third whenFire, 560:be expected) that it includes the other two, and synthesizes them. Certain factors must be borne inFire, 604:- animating the composite forms. 2. The one Life synthesizes this triplicity. Let us work this outFire, 830:pairs of opposites, and the work of the one who synthesizes where every type of energy isFire, 830:of energy is concerned. For instance: The Ego synthesizes or gathers in the life forces of theFire, 830:lower man. The Mahachohan's Ray on Earth synthesizes the life forces of the lower four. This Ray isFire, 1253:well known, the solar plexus is the center which synthesizes the reactions and the essentialInitiation, 161:for the lower mental plane, but a word which synthesizes the three Words for the three worlds isInitiation, 161:is given. At the sixth initiation the Word which synthesizes the fourth, fifth and sixth Words isMagic, 146:world is set up. As the mind appropriates and synthesizes this knowledge, the dweller in the formMeditation, 167:in individuals and races. The Mahachohan, who synthesizes the four lower rays, deals with mind orMeditation, 221:forces, so in the three worlds the seventh ray synthesizes all that has to do with form. On thePatanjali, 120:yogas and profits by their achievements. It synthesizes the work of evolution and crowns man asPatanjali, 122:the torso, the heart and the throat. Raja Yoga synthesizes all the forces of the body in the headPatanjali, 157:mind. This is the sixth sense, the organ which synthesizes all the other sense organs andPatanjali, 162:advanced stage he touches the one Life which synthesizes the many lives, the one Purpose whichPsychology1, 127:orange, green and violet. There is the ray that synthesizes them all, that of indigo. There are thePsychology1, 200:and of release, and all achievements, and synthesizes in his life the aspirations of the otherPsychology2, 82:of the third major ray, which eventually synthesizes them. The following tabulation is an attemptPsychology2, 527:and guidance to the five lower centers which it synthesizes. Each of these stages brings with itRays, 287:with monadic signatures, with that which synthesizes significances, and with that which contributesRays, 592:receives all these impacts of varying energies, synthesizes them, produces order out of the many
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