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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYNTHESIZING

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Astrology, 506:further along and is occupied with the task of synthesizing into one unit of conscious response andAstrology, 645:Saturn, this might be expected as they are the synthesizing planetary schemes, and provideAstrology, 650:Saturn The kingdom of souls - Neptune and Uranus Synthesizing these five - The Sun [651] Astrology, 652:The Earth. Mercury. Saturn. Jupiter. The Three Synthesizing Planets Uranus - 8. Neptune - 9.Astrology, 659:our entire system psychically, via the three synthesizing schemes: Uranus, Neptune and Saturn."Astrology, 666:entire solar system psychically via the three synthesizing schemes - Uranus, Neptune and Saturn."Astrology, 666:possible the 2nd initiation. Is one of the major synthesizing planets. [667] Is an absorbing orAstrology, 668:are one." (S.D. Vol. III, 195) "Saturn is the synthesizing scheme for the four planets which embodyAstrology, 669:our entire solar system, via the three synthesizing schemes, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn." (C. F.Astrology, 672:stimulated." (C. F. 357) "Is one of the three synthesizing planets and Sirius influences our entireAstrology, 681:the figure was one hundred and five, when the synthesizing Unit, the Lord of the World Himself, isAstrology, 692:Saturn, this might be expected as they are the synthesizing planetary schemes, and provideAutobiography, 304:The New Group of World Servers is in fact a synthesizing project of combined field operations inBethlehem, 11:of God - its religion of religions, synthesizing all the past revelations and indicating the futureBethlehem, 124:emotional matter. The clear, cool, analyzing and synthesizing intellect does not doubt in thisBethlehem, 140:of the present. This consummated Personality, synthesizing in Itself all that preceded in humanDiscipleship1, 284:time must be planned to bring in the organizing, synthesizing, integrating action of the soul. TheDiscipleship1, 449:and the three vehicles through the medium of the synthesizing of personality energy. Ponder onDiscipleship2, 188:meditation exercise; it is essentially a prayer, synthesizing the highest desire, aspiration andDiscipleship2, 604:world of impression, via the five senses and the synthesizing sense, the mind. You have, therefore,Education, 2:present time, has been occupied with the art of synthesizing past history, past achievement [3] inEducation, 81:this word in its old connotation), analyzing and synthesizing the information conveyed by the fiveExternalisation, 38:of the ten [38] groups (the nine and the synthesizing tenth) will their share in the externalizingExternalisation, 72:forms (in government, religion and society). The synthesizing force which binds together that whichExternalisation, 483:His great hour draws near is that of unifying, synthesizing and integrating all these forces intoExternalisation, 507:the work of the Master on that ray is that of synthesizing, on the physical plane, all parts of theFire, 122:carried on in the four minor rays and their synthesizing third ray. He has to do with civilization,Fire, 164:and the monadic) are synthetic. One is the synthesizing plane for the Logos from whence HeFire, 167:of deepest reflection. This lowest center, by synthesizing the fire of kundalini and the pranicFire, 178:brought to vivification by the egoic ray. The synthesizing triangle of the Monad. We must,Fire, 196:"The three functions of attention, selection and synthesizing the discreet manifold of the senses,Fire, 208:to the radiant head center above, and synthesizing the lesser seven head centers. The centers atFire, 236:three planets which might be considered as synthesizing planets, and four which are blendedFire, 255:periphery the seven planetary chains with the synthesizing three, making the ten of logoicFire, 263:principles in terms of the Triad with the two synthesizing principles on the plane of the Monad,Fire, 266:system. The two which are hid, which are the synthesizing planets. The one final synthesizingFire, 266:are the synthesizing planets. The one final synthesizing planet - the Sun. Seven added to two addedFire, 266:Man The seven chains of a scheme. The two synthesizing chains. One ultimate chain. [267] There areFire, 267:body. The etheric body. The dense physical. Two synthesizing bodies: The causal body. The physicalFire, 267:bodies: The causal body. The physical body. One synthesizing body: The monadic sheath. There areFire, 267:which correspond to these bodies, with the synthesizing centers at the heart and throat; the headFire, 314:in the three worlds at the close of the synthesizing period is conceded. On the other planes it isFire, 314:- the physical, astral, and mental - the synthesizing process proceeds on the higher of the threeFire, 357:The ten schemes are the seven, and the synthesizing three - not the seven and a lower three. TheFire, 361:synthesizes the four. These four Rays with their synthesizing Ray make the five rays of Manas orFire, 369:Mars. Earth. Mercury. Jupiter. Saturn. The three synthesizing planets: Uranus. Neptune. Saturn. TheFire, 370:an esoteric triangle. b. Saturn is the synthesizing scheme for the four planets which embody manasFire, 372:seven cycles, and prior to His merging into His synthesizing goal, will demonstrate as theFire, 372:another, wherein the three head centers are synthesizing their seven minor correspondences, and theFire, 378:our entire system psychically via the three synthesizing schemes - Uranus, Neptune, Saturn - theFire, 387:the figure is one hundred and five, when the synthesizing Unit, the Lord of the World Himself, isFire, 390:preparatory to transferring her life to the synthesizing planet with which she is connected;Fire, 391:to synthesize, and to be transferred to its synthesizing planet. In the case of Mercury thisFire, 391:synthesizing planet. In the case of Mercury this synthesizing planet is not Saturn, but one of theFire, 400:those four Heavenly Men Who embody (with their synthesizing third) logoic manas. These four withFire, 400:third) logoic manas. These four with the synthesizing one are in Themselves the sumtotal of manas,Fire, 406:logoic Quaternary [406] will merge into their synthesizing scheme, that of Saturn, while Venus andFire, 424:will predominate, having begun its work of synthesizing and its influence will be paralleled in theFire, 433:the fifth logoic principle of manas. His is the synthesizing scheme for the five schemes of theFire, 433:of the third logoic aspect, though He is not the synthesizing factor for the seven schemes whichFire, 440:Kumara, the Logos of our scheme, Who - being the synthesizing point for all - remains ever inFire, 451:the higher planes nor within the spheres of the synthesizing and neutral schemes. After the sixthFire, 499:sixth and seventh rounds we shall again have the synthesizing process at work in a manner analogousFire, 502:for which we have, as yet, no terminology. The synthesizing work of the Brahma aspect as it worksFire, 529:of the second. It can be called: The one synthesizing Life. Electric fire. The point ofFire, 600:- 3 Major - Monad, Ego and Personality, synthesizing at various stages the four subsidiary. 7Fire, 703:through the four lesser planets and the synthesizing planet. These five Kumaras are the channelsFire, 777:Saturn, this might be expected as they are the synthesizing planetary schemes, and provideFire, 778:and who are then transferred to one of the three synthesizing schemes, passing first to the schemeFire, 778:polar opposite to ours, and from thence to the synthesizing scheme. They are numerically more thanFire, 778:within the Earth scheme. Whichever may be the synthesizing scheme to which they are attracted, itFire, 826:of triplicity must be also borne in mind with a synthesizing period, which is a summation of theFire, 826:coordination: 3 periods of 3 tens 90 years. 1 synthesizing period 10 years. --------- 100 years.Fire, 827:three lesser periods, each making nine, and one synthesizing period, leading up to the consummationFire, 829:the door of initiation and enters upon a brief synthesizing process, or a final period in which heFire, 834:force coheres the dense physical body, and that synthesizing life force of the Logos which animatesFire, 900:the fact that Neptune is one of the major or synthesizing planets, that it is an "absorbing" orFire, 988:of generation, the spleen, and the solar plexus) synthesizing their energy by an act of the willFire, 1044:is called occultly "the Son." This refers to the synthesizing planet which forms the apex of theFire, 1172:physical sun and the heart of the Sun. The final synthesizing forces which might be regarded asFire, 1196:here imparted is not in itself new, but is the synthesizing of much already known and its gatheringFire, 1196:signs of the Zodiac with the Sun at the center, synthesizing all of them. The spiritualFire, 1196:Creative Orders with the Logos at the center, synthesizing all." The arrangement is quiteGlamour, 42:equipment. He is in reality integrating and synthesizing experience in the three worlds andHealing, 42:come cooperation in these various fields and a synthesizing of their efforts. I have earlierHealing, 307:is the occult method of focusing the mind, of synthesizing knowledge, and of becoming aware of theHealing, 680:itself is a part of the creative process of synthesizing. It is essential that new ideas and a newHercules, 124:(Esoteric Astrology, pp. 284-5). The first synthesizing keynote is: "Christ in you, the hope ofInitiation, 139:heart and throat centers in their position of synthesizing the lower. When the One InitiatorInitiation, 139:liberation) to the radiant head center above, synthesizing the lesser seven head centers. TheMagic, 104:primarily the personal lower self, and in their synthesizing center, the solar plexus, express theMagic, 146:of the sound, of the triple AUM, the synthesizing factor in manifestation appears only to the oneMagic, 607:is the intuition and not that of the synthesizing intellect, and their state of awareness is widePatanjali, 39:realization comes to those who are in process of synthesizing the six lower centers into the headPatanjali, 272:7. Consciousness Aspect. 7. Activity Aspect. 8. Synthesizing Energy. 8. Attractive Force. 8.Problems, 52:this word in its old connotation), analyzing and synthesizing the information conveyed by the fivePsychology1, 128:subsidiary rays: Orange. Green. Violet. and the synthesizing ray, Indigo. 4. It is of course to thePsychology1, 245:The kingdom of souls - Neptune and Uranus. Synthesizing these five - The Sun. There are otherPsychology2, 388:again possible. The channel through which this synthesizing and creative energy pours down is asPsychology2, 686:can be released to perform their benevolent synthesizing work during the month of May.
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