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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYNTHETIC

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Astrology, 30:man can think in larger wholes and has a more synthetic capacity. We shall confine ourselves to theAstrology, 122:Cross, becomes the group consciousness or the synthetic consciousness of divinity, after passingAstrology, 126:develop these two qualities and bring them into synthetic interplay. Eventually there has to be theAstrology, 134:correct and its experts are wiser and more synthetic and selfless in their application of theAstrology, 137:relates and binds together into one working and synthetic whole. The Aquarian recognizes the bondAstrology, 280:to mention here because it emphasizes again the synthetic position of Virgo and its contribution asAstrology, 312:to bring to your attention the beautiful and synthetic unfolding of the divine Plan. This sign is,Astrology, 316:of this Cross - produce the vortex of force (a synthetic force) which constitutes that "pool ofAstrology, 351:importance. In Cancer, you have the intelligent synthetic consciousness of the mass, viewing itAstrology, 375:your attention to the fact that this sign is a synthetic sign in the sense that it bringsAstrology, 414:personality, and of which the vital body is the synthetic expression. The threefold soul of whichAstrology, 507:is clearly to be seen. From a larger and more synthetic attitude, you have the four kingdoms inAstrology, 559:into being; they constitute the three major and synthetic expressions of the supernal Will,Astrology, 563:the most advanced) to arrive at a general or synthetic understanding of the effect of the CrossesAstrology, 581:evolution) and its group use. It is a unifying, synthetic force, but can be used as a regimenting,Astrology, 594:have some measure of occult perception that this synthetic Life, being cosmic, emerges from cosmicAstrology, 594:it is not possible for man to understand this synthetic realization. The will which bringsAstrology, 606:intention, as you might surmise. It is that synthetic something which produces cohesion and resultsAstrology, 625:fusing and producing, cohesion) lies a synthetic vision of divine Intention. It differentiatesAtom, 24:of group coherency. The stage of unified or synthetic existence. Let me see if I can make myAutobiography, 259:must have been preceded by the acquiring of a synthetic grasp of all that could be found which hasBethlehem, 110:of the lower nature were involved. They were synthetic temptations. In them was no petty, trifling,Bethlehem, 128:the various aspects of the lower nature into a synthetic whole, into a unity for purposive use. InBethlehem, 143:effected an at-one-ment between the will of God, synthetic and comprehensive, and the individualBethlehem, 144:ever greater fullness. Christ indicated the new synthetic commandment which is "to love oneDestiny, 21:and Humanity. You will thus gain a more synthetic [22] viewpoint, and a deeper understanding of theDestiny, 25:then work through the Hierarchy to produce that synthetic living creative response from nature (ofDestiny, 48:in every nation are responding to the broader synthetic brotherly note, but the masses as yetDiscipleship1, 54:referred above. Train the group members in that synthetic relation which characterizes theDiscipleship1, 56:that he may lose sight for a moment of the synthetic point of view of both the Plan and the group.Discipleship1, 172:and of energy distribution, you will evoke a synthetic pattern, a unified procedure and aDiscipleship1, 283:beauty in time and space must constitute your synthetic effort. Ponder [284] on these words andDiscipleship1, 295:must be undertaken and developed by you as a synthetic, dual activity. Ponder on this. BeforeDiscipleship1, 296:intuition - and it is the bringing about of this synthetic linking which is my present objectiveDiscipleship1, 356:a sevenfold work upon the centers because some synthetic work will be helpful to you. I will notDiscipleship1, 359:Will you make it more sequential, synthetic and readable so that the arranged and presented ideasDiscipleship1, 361:interpret symbols is unusual; your grasp of the synthetic plan of the Great White Lodge is real.Discipleship1, 687:vision. The development of sight brought a synthetic aptitude to focus the results of all lesserDiscipleship2, 31:long ago to a disciple who sought to grasp the synthetic effect of inspiration. It is the Will andDiscipleship2, 105:binds all members of the Ashram into one synthetic whole; there is therefore no possibleDiscipleship2, 159:it invokes all the three divine aspects. It is synthetic in its approach. This is the first time inDiscipleship2, 379:or inclination affiliated. It is the united and synthetic use of the three triadal expressions ofDiscipleship2, 388:upon the initiatory process which is unique, synthetic in value and enlightening. As I have toldDiscipleship2, 750:This will give you (as nothing else can) a synthetic view of the general pattern of your spiritualEducation, 72:and of astrology, plus a right application of a synthetic psychology is of any use at all, it mustExternalisation, 46:them as constituting one unit, produces a synthetic endeavor in the three worlds, and leads fromExternalisation, 161:the establishing of right human relations, of synthetic rapport with its resultant cooperation, ofExternalisation, 165:last two phrases which summarize the effects - synthetic and eternal (and consequently lasting)Externalisation, 191:will not impose a uniform type of government, a synthetic religion and a system of standardizationExternalisation, 242:their relation to each other in one progressive, synthetic, human endeavor, and the enterprise ofExternalisation, 343:and in its group use. It is a unifying, synthetic force, but can be used as a regimenting,Externalisation, 534:synonyms which here may serve to develop your synthetic thinking and so bring in a definite measureExternalisation, 561:within themselves at least the rudiments of this synthetic unified grasp of living conditions andFire, 70:with the microcosm: The Monadic Ray, the synthetic ray of the microcosm. The Egoic Ray. TheFire, 74:of matter in motion to demonstrate in one synthetic whole the great Love aspect of the Logos (S.Fire, 119:and Prana Another synthesis takes place on the synthetic second ray on the second subplane of theFire, 136:the head becomes exceedingly active. It is the synthetic head center, and the sumtotal of all theFire, 137:the two lower triangles, i.e., when they become synthetic. But the purely manasic triangle prior toFire, 159:if one might so express it, [159] The synthetic activity of matter in the three types of movement,Fire, 164:seventh root-races in those cycles are always synthetic; their function is to gather up andFire, 164:higher planes (the logoic and the monadic) are synthetic. One is the synthesizing plane for theFire, 176:ray. The fact, therefore, of its being the synthetic ray has a vast significance. This is theFire, 192:plane. On the buddhic plane, hearing (now of the synthetic quality called telepathy) demonstratesFire, 236:three major rays are finally merged into the one synthetic ray, the Love-Wisdom Ray (the Dragon ofFire, 257:by the Law of Synthesis. He holds all in synthetic unity or homogeneity. His subjective life isFire, 266:676. S. D., III, 58. 7th Principle - Atma. The synthetic principle. - S. D., I, 357, 201. S. D.,Fire, 292:view of differentiation and not of synthesis. A synthetic absorption proceeds eventually inFire, 294:Logos working at the same thing; the goal is synthetic quality and not primarily the perfection ofFire, 294:all to the indwelling Entity Who holds them in synthetic correlation by means of the Law ofFire, 309:be able accurately to comprehend its correlating synthetic work. Before, however, following upFire, 317:of action, simultaneity of purpose, and synthetic endeavor. [318] Finally, therefore, it isFire, 336:and achieved the fullness of manasic life. Their synthetic life is that which is primarilyFire, 336:on atmic levels, and these four (with the one synthetic Ray), are the totality of manasic energy.Fire, 401:in cosmic evolution. It necessitates a somewhat synthetic viewpoint, and the steady holding of theFire, 481:existence to broader concepts, wider vision, and synthetic comprehension. Indication only isFire, 569:There is also an intermediate law, which is the synthetic law of the system [570] of Sirius. ThisFire, 587:to demonstrate in full development. Ray two, the synthetic Ray for our system, [588] controls onFire, 588:dominant Ray of the system which is past, its synthetic Ray, controls on two planes, and on oneFire, 596:the seventh chain of each scheme is always synthetic - Love and Activity in a perfect balance. TheFire, 600:for this solar system the second Ray, being the synthetic Ray, will always be a major Ray. PerhapsFire, 629:are the sumtotal of His Will-to-be aspect, the synthetic Life of His total manifestation, thatFire, 666:duality viewed as a unity, and the aspect of the synthetic evolution of the Heavenly Men is the oneFire, 709:it into the Path and thus reproduce in a higher synthetic form the earlier "path" along which theFire, 729:vital sense. He is Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma, in synthetic manifestation. He is the medium wherebyFire, 830:of the Rod, which brings in the power of the synthetic ray of the solar system itself; the innerFire, 1077:one more corroborative indication of the synthetic nature of the entire evolutionary process. InFire, 1088:in the three kingdoms had reached the point of synthetic development which made it possible forFire, 1128:E - Motion on the Plane of Mind VI. Effects of Synthetic Motion 1. Introductory Remarks onFire, 1128:Remarks on Alignment The effects of the synthetic activity of the centers, sheaths and causal bodyFire, 1132:must here bear in mind, that we are considering synthetic alignment in connection with the secondFire, 1161:as they are linked up and eventually produce a synthetic circulatory system for egoic energy inFire, 1196:with one in the center. The central one will be synthetic, and will be that class in which allFire, 1244:of the three major rays. These three form the synthetic ray of Love-Wisdom by the time the sons ofFire, 1262:which reaches them from the cosmic source of the synthetic ray can touch them. Students can getFire, 1276:first Word contains the value numerical of the synthetic indigo. It reverberates forth. The scalesGlamour, 2:and the group-conscious soul. Intuition is the synthetic understanding which is the prerogative ofGlamour, 5:much more deep and comprehensive. It is that synthetic, inclusive grasp of the life and needs ofGlamour, 7:of any symbol studied. This concept will ever be synthetic. It will not be detailed and inGlamour, 7:have summed up the meaning of the symbol in some synthetic idea, concept, meaning or name. Glamour, 9:and application. This latter stage is called "synthetic recognition." Having studied the form and
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