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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYNTHETIC

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Psychology1, xxi:and ideas. It was an attempt to give a synthetic picture of the unfolding Mind of God as It worksPsychology1, 27:awareness, and in the superhuman world a synthetic inclusiveness. All human monads, carried intoPsychology1, 43:of patterns and of plans, of blue prints and synthetic formulations of ideas, and in the tracing ofPsychology1, 47:produces a final exit. Words such as these are synthetic symbols, conveying a cosmic story in termsPsychology1, 53:group consciousness, a consciousness of divine synthetic purpose (called by us the Plan), then wePsychology1, 57:the individual to a uniform participation in the synthetic purpose, but the realization ofPsychology1, 61:the third initiation he begins to sense the synthetic purpose towards which all the seven rays arePsychology1, 69:We must bear in mind that the seventh or synthetic characteristic of each of the rays is denoted byPsychology1, 87:the majority will find their way to the synthetic love ray; a small minority will find their way toPsychology1, 88:For the first solar system the third ray was the synthetic ray, but for this solar system thePsychology1, 88:but for this solar system the second ray is the synthetic ray, and for the next solar system thePsychology1, 89:in manifestation. Ray II - Love and Wisdom, the synthetic ray which is the goal for this system,Psychology1, 127:rays which it dominates, acting as the synthetic ray. These seven rays are linked with the colorsPsychology1, 132:The mind, the common sense The intuition or the synthetic sense. [133] Through these seven sensesPsychology1, 134:sentient rapport. The intuition is literally the synthetic and immediate grasp of the truth, as itPsychology1, 154:fact of spirit, the immediacy of love and the synthetic scope of the Plan provide a foundation uponPsychology1, 155:They are consciously wielded only by the three synthetic Builders or Creators, Who are: The LifePsychology1, 155:equally responsive to the above three types of synthetic force. On the path of discipleship, andPsychology1, 156:learning to respond to the second type of synthetic force. After he has taken the highestPsychology1, 156:What that contact with the highest type of synthetic force may mean, I cannot tell you. ThePsychology1, 160:just this reason; they do not judge a man as a synthetic whole, and - owing to the lack ofPsychology1, 163:remember that the interrelation and interplay is synthetic on all planes, on the formless levelsPsychology1, 199:kingdom, the emerging quality is that aspect of synthetic love or understanding which is thePsychology1, 200:and for the release of that quality of synthetic apprehension of the underlying truth which we callPsychology1, 217:or Power Universal Mind. VII. Ceremonial Magic Synthetic Ritual. You will note one interestingPsychology1, 237:in form. I have here made a basic and synthetic statement which needs grasping. Those whosePsychology1, 280:the ability to integrate and to bring into synthetic relation the great pairs of opposites, andPsychology1, 285:is, for the first time, adequate and synthetic. Hence the increasing problem. Hence the great dayPsychology1, 331:mind being employed as an organ of sense, as a synthetic or common sense, and as an instrument ofPsychology1, 369:era of group work and power and of organized synthetic ritualistic activity will profoundly affectPsychology1, 381:in every nation are responding to the broader synthetic brotherly note, but the masses as yetPsychology1, 413:Kingdom Ray 1 - Universal Mind, Will. Ray 7 - Synthetic Ritual. Some Sets of Correspondences I.Psychology1, 418:Divine Purpose or Will. Metal: Gold. Sense: A synthetic sense, embracing all. Esoterically, thisPsychology1, 423:or Power. 7. Ceremonial Magic. Universal Mind. Synthetic Ritual. The Mineral Kingdom Influence: ThePsychology2, 8:[8] the Angel of the Presence hides. He is the synthetic expression of the purpose of God,Psychology2, 12:being entered into should be a simultaneous and synthetic process, an event of the firstPsychology2, 18:are, in their turn, fused and blended into a synthetic expression of the dominant self-assertivePsychology2, 23:in the fact that it gives, symbolically, a synthetic picture of man's unfoldment and higherPsychology2, 26:control of the personality ray, with its synthetic, coherent grip of the three bodies and theirPsychology2, 28:to catch even a glimmer of the vastness of the synthetic Plan for evolutions other than human, bothPsychology2, 138:conformity with the Plan, and together produce a synthetic whole. The ray or rays in manifestationPsychology2, 153:the great law of Deity Itself, the law of God's synthetic purpose. The eighteen subplanes throughPsychology2, 180:aspirants and all disciples can be swung into a synthetic recognition of power and of opportunity.Psychology2, 184:are closely interrelated and constitute the one synthetic energy body of our planet. It must bePsychology2, 288:on the Seven Rays, gives a general view of the synthetic unfoldment of man. The third panel enteredPsychology2, 288:of man. The third panel entered the realm of synthetic work and was embodied in A Treatise on WhitePsychology2, 348:with it. Integrates the three bodies into one synthetic whole, and is therefore ready for thePsychology2, 394:on the part of the disciple a very high point of synthetic comprehension. You will note how, in allPsychology2, 395:and the emerging conscious ideas with a synthetic comprehension and a simultaneity of receptionPsychology2, 396:The results of using this meditation on the synthetic detail of the manifested Life will be ThePsychology2, 577:response of humanity to that which is good and synthetic is much more rapid and general than it wasPsychology2, 631:order, must give place to newer ideals, to the synthetic understanding, and to the new order. ThePsychology2, 715:of the new. They are not conscious of any inner synthetic plan, but are selflessly occupied inPsychology2, 745:level of the true realities - which are synthetic and eternal - and ignore all outer barriers, andRays, 142:you, therefore, to get a faint glimpse of a synthetic theme and purpose to which all evolving livesRays, 156:you. Some of it you know already but it is the synthetic presentation which I would have youRays, 157:The Law of the Supplementary Seven is the great synthetic Law of Life or of Spirit and is the lawRays, 169:idea of identification, of participation, and of synthetic realization - lovely euphonious words,Rays, 249:universal awareness, and therefore synthetic effort, synthetic understanding and synthetic activityRays, 249:awareness, and therefore synthetic effort, synthetic understanding and synthetic activity areRays, 249:synthetic effort, synthetic understanding and synthetic activity are possible to a Master or anRays, 334:is the point of interest. Under the great law of synthetic expression (called by us the Law ofRays, 464:Life purpose, motivating evolution The note of synthetic sound Utilizes the consciousness thread:Rays, 479:of the past process is intended simply to give a synthetic background to all the work now to beRays, 610:and here lies the reason for the inclusive and synthetic aspect of the present world conflict;Rays, 653:that purpose will burst upon him in blazing and synthetic glory. The way to the Central SpiritualReappearance, 184:of the new. They are not conscious of any inner synthetic plan, but are selflessly occupied inTelepathy, 2:all interrelated and which constitute that one synthetic energy body of our planet. In approaching,Telepathy, 23:the group of disciples, functioning as one synthetic thought-form, can reach him and thusTelepathy, 121:of the Purpose, whilst the Purpose is the synthetic Thought which pours into the supernalTelepathy, 129:cosmic mental plane and is the all-inclusive, synthetic, motivating principle which expresses
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