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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYSTEM

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Atom, 124:the evolution of all atoms in the solar system, let us now see what are the different developmentsAtom, 124:as it is the central evolution in the solar system. When the three aspects of the divine life areAtom, 131:a great vibratory sphere, or plane, in the solar system, called in some occult books [132] theAtom, 138:en rapport with all other eyes in the solar system. To see in the sixth dimension might be definedAtom, 143:to stage, until we included the entire solar system under the term "atom." We studied first, alongAtom, 143:the idea still further to the atom of the solar system, predicating it as having a position withinAtom, 144:this concept to the planet and to the solar system, and found that, working out through the form ofAtom, 144:that, working out through the form of the solar system, we had a great Intelligence or Mind; thatAtom, 144:of an Entity Who informs the entire system, from the very lowest atom of substance up to that greatAtom, 147:the same idea in connection with the solar system itself. Atom, 150:plans of the Life which animates the solar system. Not yet being in a position to have an interviewAtom, 150:study and speculation. Again, within the solar system we shall expect to find analogous stages. WeAtom, 150:that the great Life animating the entire solar system, the great Entity Who is using it for theAtom, 151:which, in its turn, reflects the entire solar system. This question of atomic life, if we think itAtom, 151:and possible that perhaps, after all, our solar system is but an atom within a greater whole? MayAtom, 151:a greater whole? May there not be for our solar system, and our solar Logos, a central larger lifeAtom, 151:there greater spheres of solar life outside our system, that have a definite effect upon it? ThisAtom, 152:is a central point around which our solar system revolves; others say that in the constellation ofAtom, 152:the point of magnetic attraction for our solar system. On the other hand, you will find this flatlyAtom, 152:a peculiarly intimate relation to our solar system. Towards these views modern astronomers as yetAtom, 153:have a very close connection with our solar system, and that they hold an intimate psychic magneticAtom, 156:the relationship of the Pleiades to our solar system may be, it is not possible for us to say, butAtom, 156:the active intelligent aspect of the solar system, and their energy that which animates all matter,Atom, 157:union of these two is what produces our solar system. Perhaps these two types of energy, one fromAtom, 157:forth in the heavens which we call our solar system. The relationship of these two constellations,Atom, 157:the myriads of constellations, with our solar system. But when we endeavor to give it a purelyAutobiography, 26:and as I saw them go through the public school system of the country, I have wondered how theyAutobiography, 71:an interesting fact that during the past war the system of drafting men was never applied to IndiaAutobiography, 88:out of the question. The well defined caste system in Great Britain aided this position. They mustAutobiography, 103:I had been brought up in a very rigid caste system and nothing in my life had tended to throw me onAutobiography, 186:myself, was not the product of the coeducational system and was not at all sure I liked it forAutobiography, 186:the right parental influence I know no better system than that of coeducation. The amazement of myAutobiography, 187:and off setting what the scholastic system lacks. Teaching boys and girls right relationship andAutobiography, 187:was dealing with the modern educational system and pointing out its usefulness for the mass. ItAutobiography, 187:mass. It went on, however, to point out that the system broke down for the highly intelligent,Autobiography, 236:the mind that vitalizes every atom of the solar system [237] and creates the medium through whichAutobiography, 271:his life which makes it successful and not any system of advertising, or claim-making and seldom,Bethlehem, 6:claims to civilization, an Esoteric Doctrine, a system which was designated WISDOM, and those whoBethlehem, 6:sages, or wise men... Pythagoras termed this system... the Gnosis or Knowledge of things that are.Bethlehem, 36:forth, bringing into being our organized solar system as we now have it, and the planet on which weBethlehem, 67:the cosmic Christ, hidden by the form of a solar system; of the mythic Christ, hidden in humanityBethlehem, 90:direction and the rhythmic running of our solar system; it can be seen also in the disposition ofBethlehem, 97:it. This is due to the breakdown of the economic system and the many other systems which areBethlehem, 185:as He has been since the creation of the solar system, and as Christ said, "I, if I be lifted upBethlehem, 198:the race, He was incorporated into the ancient system of sacrifices, and the ancient habits ofDestiny, 6:is always basically [6] present in our solar system, that of love-wisdom, to which many of the egosDestiny, 23:in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire: In the first solar system, the center which is Humanity [24] wasDestiny, 24:came into manifestation. In the second solar system, the Hierarchy of love made its appearance andDestiny, 24:the Love of God to be seen. In the next solar system, the center which we today call Shamballa willDestiny, 24:Deity. It is only however in this second solar system that all these three centers, expressing theDestiny, 47:animates and integrates the entire solar system. This Life functions in and through all planetaryDestiny, 52:in order eventually to give to the planet a system of groupings within one national border orDestiny, 109:and the experience gained under the sixth ray system of discipline is still his most preciousDestiny, 121:upon some nation or to rid itself of a worn out system of thought, of government, of religiousDestiny, 130:I gave you the three major laws of the solar system and the seven subsidiary laws through whichDestiny, 142:very potent because it is the ray of our solar system and particularly so at this time as theDiscipleship1, X:progress and that there is a definitely planned system of training offered by them which can lead aDiscipleship1, 24:for the planetary conditions in the solar system, with the Great Council, therefore, at Shamballa.Discipleship1, 58:orientation and attitude. But under the new system (made necessary by achieved racial progress)Discipleship1, 68:upon the various aspects of the outlined plan or system of group work which I have brought to you,Discipleship1, 175:threshold of consciousness, and produces thereby system, regularity, and good discipline. If thisDiscipleship1, 236:physical plane handicap of an unstable digestive system. The one that looms the larger (in theDiscipleship1, 255:are colored by the two major rays of our solar system: In your case they find their expressionDiscipleship1, 341:the major trends and tyrannies of the past caste system, churchianity and financial grading. PonderDiscipleship1, 390:The outer universe of the planet, the solar system and the starry heavens, lies [391] revealed toDiscipleship1, 413:causes the over-intensification of the glandular system? The answer lies in three factors, which IDiscipleship1, 414:these - in their turn - galvanize the glandular system into activity. When, however, there is notDiscipleship1, 414:this would lead to a balancing of the endocrine system and greater freedom in spontaneous service.Discipleship1, 423:nerves and the temporarily disturbed nervous system time to recuperate. In the last meditationDiscipleship1, 556:"door of entrance" to the major ray of the solar system, and to the Heart of God and of your fellowDiscipleship1, 764:of the Sun, the organ of this second ray solar system, and the diastole and systole system ofDiscipleship1, 764:ray solar system, and the diastole and systole system of evolution which is found in the universalDiscipleship1, 765:a constant consideration of the digestive system or of any other of the bodily functions leads toDiscipleship2, XII:to this group was not a part of Mrs. Bailey's system of training in the Arcane School. The ArcaneDiscipleship2, 86:them. Those who have for twenty years absorbed a system of thought are apt to be so absorbed by itDiscipleship2, 130:I am going to revert to an aspect of the old system of training and give you hints and briefDiscipleship2, 162:of our planet and its relation to the solar system as a whole. There has never been a period in ourDiscipleship2, 198:our major inheritance from the previous solar system - the Mind or Active Intellect. MeditationDiscipleship2, 207:conditions of the manifesting universe, solar system or planet are unknown to us. It must be borneDiscipleship2, 210:is a subray of the second ray in this solar system, as you know) because they are the creativeDiscipleship2, 250:the atom, to man, to the planet and to the solar system. The concept must constitute theDiscipleship2, 258:can see, therefore, the true intention of the system of Raja Yoga as it trains the mind to beDiscipleship2, 263:keynote of all the planes throughout the solar system. They are also formulas of revelation. ThisDiscipleship2, 271:only define itself clearly in the third solar system, the system in which the Will of God is theDiscipleship2, 271:itself clearly in the third solar system, the system in which the Will of God is the dominant idea,Discipleship2, 271:idea, as the Love of God conditions this system in which we now function. But this is notDiscipleship2, 289:"in the heart"? The soul is the heart of the system of the spiritual man; it is the seat of theDiscipleship2, 302:him. The theme of direction underlies the system of instructing by means of hints. It is apparentlyDiscipleship2, 326:is presented to you, and the success of the system of Raja-Yoga, the Kingly Science of the MindDiscipleship2, 327:For the next seven thousand years [327] his system will be used to train disciples in mind control.Discipleship2, 327:in mind control. They will, through this system, achieve the stage of "isolated unity," and in thatDiscipleship2, 373:within our apparently complex planetary system cannot be imagined. In connection with the aphorismDiscipleship2, 420:of substance. Forget not, that in this solar system all that we [421] know - even of the veryDiscipleship2, 436:forth at the consummation of the previous solar system; to it we give the inadequate name of theDiscipleship2, 437:Heart of God (and - from the angle of the solar system - from the Heart of the Sun) supersedes theDiscipleship2, 450:your eyes. III. Crisis The comprehension and the system of right reflection which the two aboveDiscipleship2, 519:and of service, and this is true of a solar system, a planet, humanity or the individual. ItDiscipleship2, 604:in training, will not over-emphasize the system of centers through which the expressive energy mustDiscipleship2, 641:Relax and turn the eyeballs upward. The Hindu system of rolling up the eyeballs does aid in thisEducation, 7:so visionary that any approach under our present system might be regarded as impossible. In answer
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