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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYSTEM

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Fire, 121:likewise regarded as non-existing, and the solar system has its location on the fourth ether. TheFire, 121:function normally on the fourth plane of the system, the buddhic or the fourth cosmic ether. WhenFire, 121:on the cosmic astral plane. The past solar system saw the surmounting of the three lowest cosmicFire, 122:six merge and become the seventh. In this solar system the plane of synthesis is not included inFire, 122:of gathering in and of pralaya. In the earlier system the fourth aetheric was in this position; itFire, 122:their eventual synthesis. In the future solar system the cosmic physical atomic ether (the plane ofFire, 122:physical atomic ether (the plane of Adi in the system now) will be the starting point and the threeFire, 122:is recognized as a principle. The present solar system will see the surmounting of the three nextFire, 128:of the threefold whole that makes the solar system what it is - the vehicle through which a greatFire, 128:forward through evolution embodies in the system one of the basic cosmic vibrations, and theFire, 129:withdrawal of the etheric double of the solar system. The effect is the same and the consequencesFire, 129:of the etheric double of a man, a planet, and a system is brought about by the following causes: a.Fire, 131:scattering to the periphery of His body. In the system, the same process is followed by the solarFire, 131:dissociate. With this dissociation the solar system, that "Son of Necessity," or of desire, ceasesFire, 132:Let us illustrate: The matter of the solar system, when undifferentiated, was active intelligentFire, 132:Now this matter is in form, the solar system is not in pralaya but in objectivity, - thisFire, 132:hundred years of Brahma, the matter of the solar system will be colored by active intelligence, andFire, 135:important in connection with the [135] nervous system of the man, but in relation to the matter inFire, 142:or that measured revolution of the matter of the system, first as a grand totality, setting inFire, 143:He is purpose, and Love because in this solar system Love is the line of least resistance. WhileFire, 143:of all spheres or atoms within the solar system, or within the solar ring-pass-not, and in theirFire, 145:Ego, which stands to it as the Logos of its own system, its deity in the three worlds ofFire, 145:the circling whirling seven planes of the solar system. Between everything in the matter of allFire, 146:it as that which in some occult manner links the system up with its cosmic center. In a mannerFire, 146:only in connection with the other two in the system, is a profound mystery, which is not fullyFire, 146:to the human and deva hierarchies. In this system, the blending of the Divine Ray of Wisdom and theFire, 147:Logos is seeking objectivity through His solar system in its threefold form of which the present isFire, 148:control exercised by Him upon the Logos of our system. This is a spiritual relationship that tendsFire, 148:and their correspondences elsewhere in the system. This rule must not be carried too far in detailFire, 148:divine cooperation that has its base outside the system. Hence too the fact that the first Logos isFire, 149:on the physical plane what the Logos is to His system) is likewise the animating will, theFire, 149:draws them to himself the center of his little system. The Ego is extra-cosmic as far as the humanFire, 150:form, to the life within. The objective solar system, or the sun in manifestation, is the result ofFire, 151:study the rotary action of the spheres of the system, and of its content - all the lesser spheresFire, 152:we know, the following atomic units: The solar system, recognized as a cosmic atom, all theFire, 152:(planes and rays) form the totality of the solar system, and produce its form spheroidal. Let usFire, 153:we call subplanes, equally correspond to the system; each has its seven revolving wheels or planesFire, 156:of the entire ring-pass-not of the solar system in relation to its cosmic environment. Force flowsFire, 156:cosmic environment. Force flows into the solar system from three directions via three channels: TheFire, 156:to the student. The Pleiades are to the solar system, the source of electrical energy, and just asFire, 157:in every grade and type of atom - a solar system, a sun, a planet, a plane, a ray, the body of theFire, 157:totality of manifesting forms within the solar system. Let us keep clearly in our minds that we areFire, 159:point of rhythm or balance is reached in a solar system, in a plane, in a ray, in a causal body,Fire, 159:undifferentiated matter. It stands for a solar system or the body logoic, viewed etherically; itFire, 164:this fivefold evolution of man and in this solar system, the two remaining rounds in any planetaryFire, 164:The analogy lies in the fact that in this solar system the two higher planes (the logoic and theFire, 165:etheric level (the buddhic plane of our solar system) finds its outlet in certain great centers.Fire, 174:corresponding to the period of the first solar system, wherein the third aspect logoic, that ofFire, 175:second aspect began in [175] this present solar system to be blended with, and wrought out throughFire, 176:to remember that, in this astral-buddhic solar system, wherein love and wisdom are being broughtFire, 176:ray has a vast significance. This is the system of the SON, whose name is Love. This is the divineFire, 177:but are equally concerned with the solar [177] system in which our earth holds a necessary but notFire, 177:of men upon this planet so often view the whole system as if the earth were in the position of theFire, 179:force, or the will aspect, that built the solar system, so it is the same force in the man thatFire, 179:the action of the will, the objective solar system, or the Son, was produced - that Son of desire,Fire, 179:of force (or the spiritual will) that objective system, the causal body, is being produced; it isFire, 179:body is but the sheath of the Ego. The solar system is but the sheath of the Son. In both theFire, 179:as that which concerns himself, to the solar system, the macrocosm, and to the cosmos. What can beFire, 179:on the Physical and Astral Planes The Solar System. We might briefly look at this from [180] theFire, 180:levels, and in manifestation in the objective system, demonstrate as the great force centers ofFire, 182:with all the other centers in the solar system wherein the heart aspect is the one of greaterFire, 182:it is possible to hint. The Cosmos. Our solar system, with the Pleiades and one of the stars of theFire, 182:two other systems, when allied with the solar system and the Pleiades, make a lower quaternaryFire, 184:into differentiation the matter of the solar system. Kundalini is likewise the fire or force ofFire, 187:of endeavor, the five lower planes of the solar system, and the two higher planes of abstraction,Fire, 188:- S. D., II, 710. The Sun is the heart of the system and sensation emanates from there. It is dueFire, 190:forth. As it reverberates throughout the system, it drives matter into its appointed place, and onFire, 190:the Logos, or the sound of nature; of the solar system, of the Grand Man of the Heavens. Therefore,Fire, 193:very great importance in this, the second, solar system - a system of astral-buddhic consciousness.Fire, 193:importance in this, the second, solar system - a system of astral-buddhic consciousness. 81 Each ofFire, 196:applied to the basic consciousness in our solar system. It is characterized by emotion, by feeling,Fire, 196:sense, and its connection with this second solar system, should be carefully pondered over. It isFire, 197:lies the whole secret of this objective solar system, and herein will be demonstrated theFire, 198:is the paramount correlating sense of the solar system. Under the Law of Economy man hears. SoundFire, 201:the inner vision, sees within the heart of the system macrocosmic and microcosmic, the ONE SELF inFire, 207:abstruse interest in connection with the solar system. 86 The Fire of the manifested cosmos isFire, 210:transmits force, via the Logos, from outside the system altogether. We need to remember that thisFire, 210:the one used on this planet, but that within the system there are several such Rods of Power, andFire, 211:of the Logos Himself, - the Logos of the solar system. The location of this Rod is known only toFire, 212:of Initiation, wielded by the Logos of the solar system, is called among other things, theFire, 212:our Logos by the Lord of Sirius and sent to our system from that radiant sun. One of its purposesFire, 212:synthesis of the whole, and the place of the system within an even greater scheme. In all thingsFire, 216:a sevenfold differentiation in the matter of the system. Just as the Law of Attraction led to theFire, 217:or persists in reverberation throughout a solar system, is the sacred sound of A U M. InFire, 218:the twenty-one sounds (5 + 7 + 9) of this solar system. The final nine sounds produce spiritualFire, 220:adds its quota to the general heat of the atomic system, whatever that may be. These general rulesFire, 220:plane, but to all spheroidal bodies within the system, and including the system also, regarding itFire, 220:bodies within the system, and including the system also, regarding it as a cosmic atom. The tinyFire, 220:plane, a plane itself, a planet, and a solar system all evolve under these rules, and all areFire, 224:the Sun and its attendant spheres, or the solar system in its entirety. The evolutionaryFire, 224:and how does it proceed? Why is this solar system evolving along the lines of duality? What isFire, 225:development of the following factors: a solar system, a planet, a man, and an atom? What is theFire, 227:to manifestation, or to the birth of a solar system, it is more correct to utilize the words,Fire, 227:this union produces the objective solar system, the Son of the Father and the Mother. In terms ofFire, 229:light and heat, [229] then the entire solar system, the greater Son of God, will be the perfectedFire, 229:Son of God, will be the perfected Sun. The system will then be characterized by a "blaze ofFire, 229:may be considered as the totality of the solar system, the Sun and the seven sacred planets.Fire, 229:so we may predicate the same of the solar system, as it expresses the Life of God. It is in processFire, 232:further to include the Son, and the entire solar system which He animates; His attempt is to findFire, 232:cosmic pole, that constellation which is our system's magnetic opposite. 2. The objective of the
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