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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYSTEM

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Fire, 233:Achieve mastery on three planes of the solar system, humanly speaking. Achieve mastery on fiveFire, 233:Achieve mastery on five planes of the solar system, when speaking of a Heavenly Man. AchieveFire, 235:Full self-consciousness. A perfected solar system, or the form, adequate to the needs of theFire, 236:period of the gradual obscuration of our system. Four of the Heavenly Men find Their magneticFire, 236:proceed until ultimately unity is reached in the system, and the Son has accomplished His purpose.Fire, 237:- Introductory Questions III. Why is the Solar System evolving along the lines of Duality? 1. TheFire, 238:of two occult facts: That the entire solar system embodies the consciousness of an Entity, whoFire, 239:faculty has erected. The duality of the solar system will eventually be recognized as dependentFire, 239:of all the evolutions within the entire solar system, including the human, which is an evolutionFire, 242:consideration, of great importance, so our solar system holds an analogous place in the cosmicFire, 244:must be laid upon the above fact: The solar system embodies the above logoic relationship duringFire, 244:knowledge. This Son is objectively the solar system, inherently will or power, and subjectively HeFire, 244:aspect, the Vishnu aspect. In the microcosmic system, the reflection of the threefold Logos, theFire, 245:all planes, then the Son achieves, and the solar system (His body of manifestation and experience)Fire, 245:the three worlds. THE MACROCOSM The first solar system - embodied - the "I am" principle, TheFire, 245:- the "I am" principle, The second solar system - is embodying - the "I am that" principle. TheFire, 245:- the "I am that" principle. The third solar system - will embody - the "I am that I am" principle.Fire, 245:a direct Analogy between the Development of a System, a Planet, a Man and an Atom? If by thisFire, 254:This radiation emanates from sources outside the system altogether. We might note the followingFire, 255:- S. D., II, 92. The failures of the last system - S.D., II, 243. The polar opposites to theFire, 255:to the Pleiades - S. D., III, 579, 581. Our system is masculine occultly and the Pleiades isFire, 255:comprises the entire circumference of the solar system, and all that is included within the sphereFire, 256:to a steadily increasing measure; the entire system is tinctured by a certain color, - the color ofFire, 256:life of the Logos, the One Divine Ray; and the system rotates to a certain measure, which is theFire, 256:by His activity on all the planes of the solar system; He is the sumtotal of all manifestation,Fire, 256:His greater wheel, the ten schemes of a solar system. Second. Discriminatory capacity. His firstFire, 257:of ascertaining His place within the greater system in which He holds a place analogous to that ofFire, 257:analogous to that of a Heavenly Man in a solar system. He seeks first to find the secret of His ownFire, 258:and controlling largely the action of our system and its movements in space in relation to otherFire, 259:mystery of the whole manifested solar system - the mystery spoken of by H. P. B. as the mystery ofFire, 262:Etheric body. The microcosm reproduces the solar system in miniature. The above deals with theFire, 266:The seven sacred planets of the solar system. The two which are hid, which are the synthesizingFire, 270:developed the mind aspect in the first solar system, that in which Brahma was paramount, and inFire, 270:is the sumtotal of existence in this the second system. The cells in Their bodies are made up ofFire, 271:body on the monadic levels of the solar system, but manifests through three lower sheaths, ourFire, 271:A Heavenly Man has His source outside the solar system (as man outside the three worlds of hisFire, 271:His main focal point on the second plane of the system, the monadic, and is seeking consciousnessFire, 272:of the three worlds during the first solar system, again in relation to the cells in His body. ManFire, 272:Therefore, the seven major planes of the solar system are in the same relation to Him cosmically asFire, 272:of matter of the three lower planes of the solar system, the mental, the astral and the physical.Fire, 274:the law that governs the matter of the solar system, and which commenced its work in earlier solarFire, 274:be expressed likewise as follows: The solar system repeating its activity - Repetition in Space. AFire, 274:carry these ideas on to every plane in the solar system, and from thence to the cosmic planes, weFire, 276:of the Logos on every plane of the solar system, then, and only then, will cyclic evolution cease,Fire, 277:the causal body, or with the rotation of a solar system. In relation to the human being, this mightFire, 277:Logos it is the complete revolution of the solar system around its cosmic center. It is to be notedFire, 279:consciousness of the unit of the Septenary solar system. - S. D., II, 673. II, 741. These twoFire, 280:men and women, and in the vaster atom of a solar system as it vibrates with its cosmic opposite. WeFire, 283:a vegetable, an animal, a man, a planet, a system. Finally, both work, therefore, in a dual mannerFire, 284:These two centers, for instance, our solar system and its cosmic opposite, in their interactionFire, 288:- Proof of right perception. The atomic school - System of particulars. Elements. Alchemy andFire, 288:Alchemy and chemistry. The Sankhya school - System of numbers. The materialistic school. The theoryFire, 289:the aid of manas or mind) in a previous solar system, to the acquisition of wisdom throughFire, 290:consciousness on the seven planes of the solar system. These expansions are attained by the aid ofFire, 290:control of the entire seven planes of the solar system, or of the lowest cosmic plane. Second: TheFire, 290:control on the seven planes of the solar system, and covers that period of development which isFire, 292:or of the seven planes of the solar system. This covers a period wherein five of the Heavenly Men,Fire, 294:and groups 2 cosmic planes. Period of 1 solar system. A Man 7 etheric centers a Principle 1 cosmicFire, 294:to do the same. Through each scheme in a system, a solar Logos working at the same thing; the goalFire, 295:place to that of a Heavenly Man in a solar system, and from a still higher standpoint to that of aFire, 295:standpoint to that of a man within the solar system. When the place of the solar planes within theFire, 296:cosmic kundalini, or the electrical force of the system. One hint on this fourth point may be givenFire, 300:and lesser cycles in the evolution of a solar system, so it can be predicated equally of a HeavenlyFire, 301:as we understand it or the duration of a solar system. In connection with a Heavenly Man we haveFire, 311:[311] force in matter. Electricity in the solar system shows itself in seven major forms, whichFire, 313:that the entire manifestation of a solar system consists of the etheric body, and the dense body ofFire, 314:in connection with a solar Logos (within the system and not considering His cosmic synthesis) theFire, 314:with cosmic etheric substance; all matter in the system is necessarily etheric. We are consequentlyFire, 315:physical phenomena on all planes of [315] the system. In time and space we are concerned with unitsFire, 315:so likewise in the body of the Logos, a solar system. The difficulty in apprehending these thoughtsFire, 316:atoms of matter, or the substance of the solar system, and resulting in: The spheroidal form of allFire, 317:intelligent purpose which animates the solar system. Third, that Mahadeva, or the Divine Will,Fire, 318:about at-one-ment on each plane of the solar system in connection with the subplanes. It willFire, 318:that threefold manifestation we call a solar system, or the body logoic. On this third plane thatFire, 320:fourth ether on the physical plane of the solar system. Both are in process of becoming exoteric -Fire, 323:The same can be predicated anent a solar system, and, curiously enough, anent the planesFire, 324:gaseous plane, the mental plane of the solar system. It will be remembered that it was earlierFire, 324:with the cosmic Entities Who indwell the whole system is somewhat apprehended, group liberationFire, 325:with the four higher subplanes of the solar system - those four planes which are the four cosmicFire, 325:sense as the four physical ethers of the solar system form the etheric body of a man. I have hereFire, 330:produces the objective universe, whether solar system, planetary scheme, or human incarnation. InFire, 330:be seen later as existing on every plane in the system and as having their origin in electricalFire, 332:his causal body on the mental plane of the solar system. We have seen also that manas is thatFire, 332:and which is also the electrical fire of the system showing forth as attraction and repulsion, withFire, 334:which a Heavenly Man has developed in an earlier system; it is to Him as automatic in its action asFire, 336:a fifth Heavenly Man on the third plane of the system. These five Heavenly Men were the logoicFire, 336:Men were the logoic embodiment in an earlier system and achieved the fullness of manasic life.Fire, 337:a third division of the major planes of the system which will hold much of interest for the realFire, 337:fire of mind holds in the cosmos and the solar system, and (needless to say), in his life also, -Fire, 339:The different grades of atomic matter in the system. Vibrations, engendered by will, workingFire, 340:this circle of manifestation we call a solar system. Transmuted manas into wisdom or love.Fire, 342:and was perfected by Him in an earlier system. We might now consider our first subdivision: 1.Fire, 346:consciousness awakened. In the previous solar system, in connection with the Heavenly Men, this wasFire, 346:aeons of endeavor. 28 The earlier solar system was much longer in duration than this one will be,Fire, 347:animates that plane. Second, in the second solar system, and in connection with the method employedFire, 347:any relation of an intimate nature to our solar system, owing to its tremendous distance away. TheFire, 347:from an extraneous source, The Logos - Solar System - Sirius. Seven Heavenly Men - Planetary schemeFire, 347:touched upon was that of the earlier solar system. The method we are now considering is theFire, 347:considering is the distinctive one of this solar system and will persist till the end of theFire, 349:is the one to be followed in the next solar system, though it will have its faint beginnings in
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