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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYSTEM

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Fire, 701:consider this matter of the devas of the middle system (as we might call those connected with thisFire, 701:(as we might call those connected with this system and with buddhi and kama-manas) in ourFire, 701:reasons: One is that all that is in the solar system is but substance energized from the cosmicFire, 701:the knowledge of the creative processes of the system, man learns for himself how in time to becomeFire, 702:this set loose energy which swept into the solar system, carrying with it those solar angels whoFire, 704:But within each Ray and each Hierarchy in this system a dual force again will be found. The Sons ofFire, 706:the majority will be held over until another system. Something similar again will take place on theFire, 711:because it is the prime method in this solar system; whatever methods may be pursued in the varyingFire, 712:The solar Angels on the mental plane of the system embody as much of that will and purpose as theFire, 714:other and to the Sun, the polarity of the solar system and its relationship to other systems, theFire, 717:method of individualization in this solar system is the result of force emanating from the cosmicFire, 719:of the third method, - that of the next system. [720] This method has been described as that ofFire, 720:agencies. It is the distinctive method of this system. In the next round and chain the method willFire, 721:the control of the third Fire in an earlier system. A hint lies here for the wise student anentFire, 721:the Law of Attraction; it is the law for this system, and deals with the ability of the Logos toFire, 721:called "sex activity" on all planes in the system. In the earlier system, emancipation was effectedFire, 721:on all planes in the system. In the earlier system, emancipation was effected through the facultyFire, 721:capacity of the atom of substance. In this system emancipation will be brought about through theFire, 721:tinging it in such a way that in the third system, primordial substance will demonstrate a secondFire, 721:will demonstrate a second quality. In the next system "non-attachment through abstraction" is asFire, 723:our highest adepts. Their appearance in a solar system is very unusual, and is only recognized onFire, 723:Yet, owing to the material nature of our solar system, Their advent is literally the appearance inFire, 723:department in all the occult Hierarchies of the system. Only once has such a Being visited ourFire, 723:system. Only once has such a Being visited our system, in connection with the appearance in timeFire, 724:viewing these from the standpoint of the entire system and in one flash of time. An avatar from theFire, 724:mainly concerned with certain processes in the system, among others the administration of the lawFire, 724:and of recognition as it concerns the present system as a whole. One such Entity, the "KarmicFire, 725:Hierarchy but only in relation to the total system. They produce the blending of the colors, andFire, 726:initiations taken by a planetary Logos in this system vary from two to four. 41 These are theFire, 732:and purpose of the Logos as He works through the system. Glimpses They may get, and an idea of theFire, 734:unity. It marks end of manifestation of solar system. Concerns the solar Logos. Incidental pralaya.Fire, 734:Synthesis is but a branch. The basic law of the system is that which governs the relation of allFire, 734:the most powerful force-demonstration in the system, and should the law inconceivably cease toFire, 734:inconceivably cease to work, instantaneously the system and all forms therein, planetary, human andFire, 734:planetary schemes persist, by an act of will the system is; by an act of the egoic will manFire, 739:the Lord of His Ray. On the higher planes of the system, this stage persists for the length of theFire, 740:kind - subtle and dense - throughout the entire system. It is a period analogous to that dealt withFire, 740:from his dual physical form. Within the system a process similar to that undergone when manFire, 741:the spirillae. So with the physical sun of the system; it will in a similar manner become sevenFire, 741:the highest development of deva substance in the system, the consummation of the work of Agni andFire, 741:atom) and after the great pralaya the next solar system will start with the threefold SpiritFire, 742:of the work of the Manasadevas in the solar system. In every scheme They have Their place, but inFire, 742:perfection, or as much as it is possible in the system. In the Earth scheme, They are in full tideFire, 743:Himself, as does the Logos at the close of a system, and as also transpires at the close of aFire, 761:extended to include all the planes of the solar system, and not just our physical plane, theFire, 765:radiance; the egoic body is the Sun of the lower system, and its bodies reflect its rays, as theFire, 765:reflection the Ego, but only in the coming solar system will this interaction be carried to itsFire, 775:to receive the inflow, passing it through its system to the astral permanent atom and the mentalFire, 778:Manasadevas is carried on throughout the entire system, and a constant circulation transpires, andFire, 778:that energy, goes on throughout the entire system. This transmission becomes possible in any schemeFire, 780:the three sheaths. In connection with the solar system they embody the Brahma aspect, being theFire, 780:in connection with a planet, and with a solar system as well as those working in connection withFire, 780:the energy of substance as demonstrated in a system, a scheme and a human cycle. There are also inFire, 781:bodies. This is the case in every scheme in the system, but in the Earth chain a peculiar conditionFire, 782:the physical sun holds to the substance of the system. It is the nucleus of attractive force. 3.Fire, 783:"fire-mist" stage in the formation of a solar system and of a planet. The Pitris of the Mist areFire, 784:lunar Pitris on every scheme, and throughout the system, are literally the active agents in theFire, 784:the astral and the dense physical planes of the system. This needs much pondering upon. 4. TheFire, 786:his bodies, as the Logos follows in building His system, and as a planetary Logos uses inFire, 786:work out the correspondences in relation to the system and the planet, and giving only generalFire, 788:the construction of His physical body, the solar system, and also in certain correspondences whichFire, 792:worlds, but also from the formless levels of the system. The response will be felt finally onFire, 792:- An occult century. The period of a solar system. One year of Brahma - The period of seven chains,Fire, 795:the following stars and constellations upon our system and upon any particular scheme within theFire, 795:system and upon any particular scheme within the system: The Great Bear. The Little Bear. The PoleFire, 797:or the "central sun" of any organism (solar system, planetary scheme, planetary chain, egoic groupFire, 798:law of karma is the most stupendous law of the system and one which it is impossible for theFire, 798:the position where causes antedating the solar system have to be dealt with, and this point of viewFire, 800:Life imposes rhythm upon every human atom in the system, and does so through the agency ofFire, 800:itself before it was aggregated into a solar system, and which was the vibratory activity producedFire, 800:through the rhythmic life of an earlier solar system. [801] This is equally true of all atoms ofFire, 801:Bear, The seven planetary Logoi of our solar system, The seven Pleiades or Sisters, is revealed,Fire, 801:that we can see is its working out in the solar system. The intricacy of the whole subject will beFire, 802:play upon every form and atom in the solar system and all that can be predicated of them is thatFire, 803:concepts involve facts long antedating the solar system, and hidden in the Universal Mind. All thatFire, 804:which had a faint beginning in an earlier solar system. This vibration impinged primarily uponFire, 806:inherently for it embodies (as does the solar system) the heart aspect, or embryonic love nature,Fire, 806:the evolutionary process of the preceding solar system; in the second stage he is the victim ofFire, 811:emotional body which is affecting the nervous system, and thus obstructing the flow of energy fromFire, 811:the astral body, and from thence to the nervous system; to discover what is the hindrance in theFire, 812:the effect of the emotions upon the nervous system, they will turn their attention to theFire, 815:his entrance into the heart center of his little system, and his life becomes irradiated by theFire, 819:highest stage of development in the next solar system. In solar fire, these solar Pitris in theirFire, 826:and the esoteric foundation of the "caste" system, so abused now in India. The problem of labor andFire, 828:connection with: A solar Logos informing a solar system. A planetary Logos, informing a planetaryFire, 829:primarily the evolution of Humanity in the system and on this planet. Thus again we have the fourFire, 830:planetary Ray. The third major Ray of the solar system blends the minor four. The fifth KumaraFire, 830:in the power of the synthetic ray of the solar system itself; the inner jewel is thus revealed. TheFire, 831:will be directed outward again in another solar system. The atomic substance will be used forFire, 831:to sacrifice themselves until the next solar system when they will come in as planetary Rays, thusFire, 831:thus repeating upon monadic levels in the next system what they have done in this. They will thenFire, 834:which animates every atom on every plane of the system. If this is meditated upon, and the fact ofFire, 834:planetary scheme. The solar Angels of the solar system. The lunar lords of the scheme and system.Fire, 834:solar system. The lunar lords of the scheme and system. The word "lunar" is here an anachronism andFire, 834:causes, but in connection with our solar system they are not. Yet also, in connection with aFire, 834:they are not. Yet also, in connection with a system, there exist cosmically certain bodies in spaceFire, 834:space which have as definite an effect upon the system as the moon has upon the earth. This isFire, 834:plane (through His physical body, a solar system) they will not progress far towards the heart ofFire, 834:being entire constellations beyond our solar system in process of disintegration in time and spaceFire, 835:the effects of this traced. Eventually our solar system will pass into a similar state. The true
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