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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYSTEM

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Healing, 420:scattering to the periphery of His body. In the system the same process is followed by the solarHealing, 420:dissociate. With this dissociation the solar system, that "Son of Necessity," or of desire, ceasesHealing, 420:Let us illustrate: The matter of the solar system, when undifferentiated, was active intelligentHealing, 421:Now this matter is in form, the solar system is not in pralaya but in objectivity - thisHealing, 421:hundred years of Brahma, the matter of the solar system will be colored by active intelligence andHealing, 454:and through the close relation of the endocrine system to the blood stream, we have the two aspectsHealing, 465:these are an inheritance from the previous solar system wherein the entire man was controlled viaHealing, 473:the physical man: the blood stream, the nervous system in its various expressions, and theHealing, 473:in its various expressions, and the endocrine system. With these effects I shall not deal. TheHealing, 474:etheric counterpart of the [474] entire nervous system, and they underlie every single nerve in theHealing, 474:by modern science, for which the glandular system is responsible. The glands, in response to theHealing, 474:the connection between the nadis and the nervous system; the etheric body is thereby detached fromHealing, 504:governs the cosmic etheric planes of our solar system, the cosmic astral plane and the cosmicHealing, 504:in Themselves express the Life of our solar system. When, in our thinking and in our effort toHealing, 522:of the divine life possible in the first solar system. They are primarily the laws inherent in theHealing, 523:- will conclude the purpose of the second solar system. The Laws of Life itself will finallyHealing, 523:laws will be distinctive of the third solar system - the last personality expression of the solarHealing, 523:of the living purpose in this second solar system - one developed and another developing, with theHealing, 527:patient." This again is brought about through a system of coordination, but the agent of radiationHealing, 530:human being (and by that I mean his nervous system, plus the nadis which underlie it) is not yetHealing, 538:of mental understanding is required before the system I propose becomes effective. All that I giveHealing, 548:body via The nadis. The nerves. The endocrine system. The blood stream. These four groups ofHealing, 549:and stimulate (apart from radiation) the nervous system; he will watch with care the nervous systemHealing, 549:system; he will watch with care the nervous system and the blood stream which the centers affectHealing, 549:the channels of this distribution - the entire system of etheric centers. I would beg you toHealing, 588:in solution in substance from a previous solar system. In that system intelligence was unfolded andHealing, 588:substance from a previous solar system. In that system intelligence was unfolded and was retainedHealing, 589:development of this, the second solar system. Forget not that the seven planes of our solar systemHealing, 589:Forget not that the seven planes of our solar system constitute the seven subplanes of the cosmicHealing, 600:both of them aspects of the great "relationship" system which governs all manifestation. If theHealing, 612:of hierarchical action) in the previous solar system. It was then the divine goal of the entireHealing, 612:the task to be undertaken in the present solar system. In this divine incarnation of our planetaryHealing, 614:itself a cause. It is, in this solar system and on our planet, automatic and affected by causesHealing, 615:planes and the dense physical body. The whole system of occult or esoteric revelation is based onHealing, 616:via the etheric body of a planet or of the solar system; this, however, is a deep mystery. It wasHealing, 617:we have given the name "the endocrine glandular system." These glands - in their turn and inHealing, 618:out that the centers work through this endocrine system through direct impact, through a ray orHealing, 619:emanating from the one source in this solar system, is related to the energy which we call Love,Healing, 619:of the manifold Creator. Within the solar system, as you know, are to be found the seven sacredHealing, 619:the solar ring-pass-not) a vast interlocking system of energies. Three of these centers,Healing, 621:for the seven energies in the microcosmic system, thereby bringing about eventually a fullHealing, 621:appearance in the Christ of a perfect endocrine system. All His glands (both major and minor) wereHealing, 621:Christ - due to the perfection of His glandular system, as an effect of correctly awakened andHealing, 623:unison with them, is the endocrine or glandular system, through which system - during incarnation -Healing, 623:the endocrine or glandular system, through which system - during incarnation - life or energy flowsHealing, 623:average or undeveloped human being; through this system of glandular control, the human formHealing, 623:the evolutionary process, and that the glandular system is simply an effect - inevitable andHealing, 624:is to give certain indications. It is with this system of centers and their externalized effects,Healing, 625:and detail of the other lesser glandular system and with the intricacies of lesser interiorHealing, 625:emotionally and mentally what his glandular system makes him, and incidentally what they make himHealing, 625:to the balance or the imbalance of his endocrine system or set-up (if I may use that word) from theHealing, 628:with each and every center. The nadis, that system of slightly denser etheric channels or tinyHealing, 628:of force which underlie the entire nervous system; they underlie every type of nerve and every typeHealing, 628:and every type of nerve plexus. The nervous system itself, which is found extending its radius ofHealing, 628:entire body of a man. The endocrine or glandular system. The blood stream, the recipient of streamsHealing, 628:of streams of living energy from the endocrine system, via what are called the hormones. TheHealing, 628:stream. One works through the nervous system (the consciousness stream) and the other through theHealing, 644:present, in the modern world, there is no true system of spiritual healing taught to would-beHealing, 647:in stimulating the lunar lords of his own little system to such an extent that his lower natureHealing, 664:of Shamballa is, under the usual evolutionary system, only faintly present, and many, many aeonsHealing, 665:constitutes an inheritance from a previous solar system. I might indicate that evil emanates fromHealing, 695:Love-Wisdom. This is the second ray of our solar system and the dominating ray in every planetaryHealing, 695:in every planetary expression within the solar system. The seven rays are, all of them, subsidiaryHercules, 10:in matter. This is the story of our solar system, the story of our planet, the story of the humanHercules, 32:and satisfies His desire to incarnate in a solar system, and to begin the great [33] life cycle ofHercules, 66:. In body, it governs the brain and nervous system, the tongue and organs of speech, the hands asHercules, 111:the etheric body. The discovery of the endocrine system shows corresponding physical glands in theHercules, 116:in the duality of humanity and the solar system. To this fact our divorce courts bear loudHercules, 123:is the duality, inherent in us and in the solar system; the second ray of the sun itself being aHercules, 134:rather than a static condition. A balanced system of energies would be a more adequate definition;Hercules, 139:cardinal cross which will govern the next solar system and in this system governs the path ofHercules, 139:will govern the next solar system and in this system governs the path of initiation, which isHercules, 153:the problem of humanity in this great solar system of ours is that of the attraction between theHercules, 205:against the encroachment of some organized system of life ... which threatens to leave scant scopeHercules, 210:in matter. Such is the story of the solar system, the story of our planet, the story of every man.Hercules, 211:The underlying love of Deity reaches our solar system through Gemini. Polar Opposite: Sagittarius.Hercules, 217:form the Zodiac of the whole solar system... just as the rotation of the earth makes the signs riseHercules, 217:through which the sun and planetary system appear to pass in a great cycle of over 25,000 years.Hercules, 217:of the progress of the Life informing a solar system, a planet and a man. "As the earth in itsHercules, 217:sign of the Zodiac each month, so does our solar system during its great journey around the centralHercules, 217:this greater cycle instead of a month our solar system requires approximately two thousand andHercules, 219:is affected by energies contacted by our solar system as it passes in and out of the variousInitiation, 2:and the seven sacred planets composing our solar system, our Logos employed matter that was alreadyInitiation, 3:suggestive), makes the statement that "our solar system is builded out of matter already existing,Initiation, 3:that of the Form-Builder, that makes this solar system of ours the most concrete of the three majorInitiation, 3:Manifestation, or the seven major planes of our system, are but the seven subplanes of the lowestInitiation, 5:the Mind of the Logos, or the Deity of our solar system, and governs all His actions. We see butInitiation, 5:To human vision this interweaving of the system forms an unimaginable complexity, the key to whichInitiation, 6:the communication of the facts of the solar system. Much must remain esoteric and veiled. The risksInitiation, 8:to the planet whereon he plays his part, to the system wherein that planet revolves, until itInitiation, 8:until it finally escapes from the solar system itself and becomes universal. [9] Initiation, 11:of the "Kingdom of God without" in the solar system. Perhaps it might be expressed as the gradualInitiation, 13:holds in unison all the many evolutions of our system, deva, human, animal, vegetable, mineral, andInitiation, 14:to initiation until it embraces all the solar system. Initiation leads to the stream that, onceInitiation, 14:mystery that lies at the heart of the solar system. It leads from one state of consciousness toInitiation, 17:the Christ, and brings the synthetic ray of the system under His control. We need to remember thatInitiation, 17:power. The love ray, or the synthetic ray of the system, is the final one achieved. Those who passInitiation, 17:their subsequent initiations elsewhere in the system. All are in the Logoic Consciousness. OneInitiation, 17:the initiations of the planet or of the solar system are but the preparatory initiations ofInitiation, 17:The first four initiations of the solar system correspond to the four "initiations of the
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