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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYSTEM

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Intellect, 29:East and West seem to feel that an educational system that does not eventually lead a man out ofIntellect, 31:mind standardized and held down by our mass [31] system and by the method of cramming the memoryIntellect, 33:to place him above and not within the system of his beliefs and ideals." - Martin, Everett Dean,Intellect, 39:world, the educational technique becomes a system of mind-control, leading eventually to an innerIntellect, 40:new race in the New Age. First: In the eastern system, it is assumed that [41] within every humanIntellect, 42:throughout Asia have been neglected, and the system, consequently, (from the angle of racialIntellect, 42:leaves much to be desired. The defects of the system are the development of visionary andIntellect, 43:as Asia has produced, but we have evolved a mass system of education, and we have developed groupsIntellect, 44:which call aloud for solution. A wide general system of education reaching down among theIntellect, 44:of meditation. This scientific and cultural system, when applied to our highly educated humanIntellect, 45:knowledge as a foundation (and this our western system can give), plus a spiritual awareness of theIntellect, 45:the soul, to be achieved through the eastern system of scientific meditation. Our greatest need inIntellect, 61:of the individual, as taught in the Eastern system, can be undertaken. The education andIntellect, 77:ordered process whereby a man finds God. It is a system, well-tried out and much used, whichIntellect, 78:is willing to obey the rules and work with the system. Meditation calls for self-control in allIntellect, 82:disciplining of the life, and an experimental system of coordination. Its method is that of focusedIntellect, 101:a mechanism, of which the brain and the nervous system are integral parts. One school deals with itIntellect, 104:the mind passive and receptive, or by any system of "blanking" the mind, or stunning it intoIntellect, 104:to a new world of phenomena and of force. This system is that of concentration, the first and mostIntellect, 134:interlocking network which we call the nervous system. The world in which man usually functions isIntellect, 151:It is here that the East steps in and shows the system whereby illumination can be gained, andIntellect, 160:which has a definite effect upon the nervous system, and secondly, there is frequently theIntellect, 169:which does, nevertheless, wear out the nervous system, and affect his vitality. All who have workedIntellect, 169:and the subsequent reaction of the nervous system to the energy of the soul is so close and exactIntellect, 179:of the Self, working [179] through the nervous system and the brain, and governing most potentlyIntellect, 191:than perhaps any other religious esoteric system, except the Christian mystical writings. But thereIntellect, 211:and has a definite effect upon the nervous system. If, however, the mind is not controlled and theIntellect, 219:Hindus, the nadis, which underlie the nervous system as recognized in the West. Intellect, 241:sewing machine, of a social order or of a solar system, can be posited as the materialization ofIntellect, 252:brotherhood in its true inclusiveness, and not a system which will teach brotherhood to a few andIntellect, 254:They are, in fact, over-stimulated. The nervous system is being affected through the medium of theMagic, 7:on Cosmic Fire dealt primarily with the solar system and only touched upon human aspects andMagic, 8:atom, or the form of man, a planet, or a solar system. This is the Theory of Self-determination [9]Magic, 9:conscious entity through the medium of the solar system, and is essentially, therefore the sumMagic, 13:Unfoldment. The life at the heart of the solar system is producing an evolutionary unfoldment ofMagic, 18:the Macrocosm - God, functioning through a solar system - is by an understanding of himself, andMagic, 18:the microcosmic symbol of spirit. 2. The nervous system, with its complexities of nerves, nerveMagic, 19:primarily through the three parts of the nervous system. Cerebro-spinal system. Sensory system ofMagic, 19:parts of the nervous system. Cerebro-spinal system. Sensory system of nerves. Peripheral system ofMagic, 19:nervous system. Cerebro-spinal system. Sensory system of nerves. Peripheral system of nerves. It isMagic, 19:system. Sensory system of nerves. Peripheral system of nerves. It is closely associated with theMagic, 19:and to play his part. This coordinating nervous system, this network of interrelating and sensitiveMagic, 20:man carries around, correlated by the nervous system and energized by what we vaguely call hisMagic, 20:"life". In these three, the life, the nervous system and the body mass we find the reflection andMagic, 21:into relation through the medium of the nervous system throughout the body, so will it be foundMagic, 21:and coordinated by a vast intricate sensory system which is sometimes called the soul of allMagic, 26:of consciousness and penetrates into our solar system from some exterior center of being. TheyMagic, 26:sound which emanates from outside our solar system altogether. The only way in which [27] we canMagic, 30:living, vital ensemble which we call a solar system. This life principle in man manifests ill aMagic, 33:from the atom of the physicist, to the solar system of the astronomer, which produces theMagic, 37:are constructed. Thus the form of the solar system, of a planet, and of all that is found upon orMagic, 39:lies back of the form of a planet and of a solar system. These latter are the sum total of allMagic, 39:quota of energy (physical energy), his nervous system and the body mass, so the soul can also beMagic, 41:all the lives and consciousness within our solar system. The nature of this awareness is onlyMagic, 43:skin and bony structure. The vascular or blood system. The threefold nervous system. Each of theseMagic, 43:vascular or blood system. The threefold nervous system. Each of these triplicities corresponds toMagic, 43:Soul nature: - The blood vessels and circulatory system are the analogy to that all pervading soulMagic, 43:soul which penetrates to all parts of the solar system, as the blood goes to all parts of the body.Magic, 43:parts of the body. Spirit nature: - The nervous system, as it energizes and acts throughout theMagic, 44:In the lower torso again we have this triple system carried out: The sex organs, the creativeMagic, 45:of life is the subjective analogy to the nervous system, and beginners in the esoteric sciencesMagic, 45:interrelated by the ramification of the nervous system, so within the body of the planetary LogosMagic, 46:objective manifestations, the triple nervous system, through the seven major plexi, the lesserMagic, 46:play upon and produce changes in our solar system and consequently upon our planet and upon allMagic, 48:out certain effects, initiated in an earlier system. Cooperating in the plan of the solar Logos inMagic, 49:forward through the medium of the entire nervous system and the focal point of that activity is theMagic, 50:to the seven focal points in the solar system, wherein the Solar Logos, through the seven PlanetaryMagic, 50:body of man) to the higher planes in the solar system, linking thus the mental to the buddhic andMagic, 71:us in God, the manifesting light of the solar system. The solar system is three in one, or one inMagic, 71:manifesting light of the solar system. The solar system is three in one, or one in three, and theMagic, 71:but it is only as the light within the solar system itself is awakened and aroused that there willMagic, 71:but it is only as the light within the little system (directed by the soul) is awakened and arousedMagic, 77:of force with each other and with the nervous system of the physical man. Through these lines ofMagic, 77:also with the etheric body of the environing system. Note that in this lies the basis for a beliefMagic, 86:advanced men and races and of which the vast system of schools, colleges, and universities indicateMagic, 87:which the ten of the perfect man in this solar system is lost in the consummated twelve. As theMagic, 97:the medium of that Word through the entire system which his soul animates - his mental, emotional,Magic, 99:planetary existence and eventually, to our solar system. In the vegetable kingdom, the effect willMagic, 115:embodies some aspect of the truth on which this system of ours is based; it is the seeping throughMagic, 118:for they are the basic principles of this love system. The trouble today is that men are confused.Magic, 148:as an intermediary between the brain, nervous system and the mind, or between the soul, mind andMagic, 149:the soul - mind, etheric body, brain and nervous system - is reoriented, and the man becomes awareMagic, 157:creation as they concern: The Creator of a solar system or a planetary scheme. The Ego, as itMagic, 195:The head center in the etheric body. The nervous system and brain. 2. That of love-wisdom, throughMagic, 274:the substance wherein it is immersed. Our solar system is one of many, and not the greatest. ItMagic, 274:from its surroundings. Streaming into our solar system from all sides are force currents, emanatingMagic, 274:manifest as that great thought-form we call our system. In parentheses, it is well to note thatMagic, 274:has completed the term of evolution in our solar system. Note, I say, our solar system, not justMagic, 274:in our solar system. Note, I say, our solar system, not just our planetary existence. SpeculationMagic, 275:to him as the waters of space are to our solar system. He finds himself, as does our sun and itsMagic, 275:forming part of a whole, and just as our system is but one of seven systems, drawn together to formMagic, 279:disintegration. They are true of a solar system, of a human being, and of the thought-forms of aMagic, 284:vitalized by the blood stream, that intricate system which interpenetrates every part of the body,Magic, 284:the vegetable kingdom. The sympathetic nervous system, that marvelous apparatus of sensation, isMagic, 284:of physical plane existence. The cerebro-spinal system works in close relation to the chitta orMagic, 284:gland. 2. Sensory life Sympathetic nervous system Solar plexus center Pancreas. 3. Mental lifeMagic, 284:center Pancreas. 3. Mental life Cerebro-spinal system Ajna center Pituitary body. 4. Vital lifeMagic, 285:man has evolved, when all parts of his nervous system, his endocrine system, and his centers areMagic, 285:all parts of his nervous system, his endocrine system, and his centers are coordinated and workingMagic, 285:center Sex glands. 5. Mental life Cerebro-spinal system Ajna center Pituitary. 6. Sensory life
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