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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYSTEM

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Magic, 285:Pituitary. 6. Sensory life Sympathetic nervous system Solar plexus Pancreas. 7. Cell life BloodMagic, 285:through the seven centers and a whole system of lesser chakras and the nadis (which underlie theMagic, 287:wherein the basic force of our particular solar system, the force of attraction of form to form isMagic, 289:part of the etheric body of the solar system, and is therefore the medium for the transmission ofMagic, 291:from other planetary centers, and from the solar system. These energies when stepped down forMagic, 293:energy is part of the astral energy of the solar system and that therefore: The sentient body of aMagic, 294:from vast centers of energy outside our solar system altogether. If this is borne in mind itMagic, 295:man en rapport with all parts of the solar system. This results in the fixation of a man's lifeMagic, 298:back into the esoteric history of the solar system there is no intelligible answer to be given.Magic, 305:the reasoning tension in the physical nervous system. This system becomes very much over-sensitizedMagic, 305:tension in the physical nervous system. This system becomes very much over-sensitized and capableMagic, 305:not be put on an already overworked nervous system. You ask me whether I am endorsing the use ofMagic, 312:enclosed within the ring-pass-not of our solar system. They represent, in the planetary sense, twoMagic, 323:law governs a human being, a planet, a solar system - all centers or focal points of energy in someMagic, 338:of these three factors. Under the present system of quarrel and separation, these three schools areMagic, 362:not only with the higher planes of the solar system but also with those cosmic planes whereon ourMagic, 392:and which governs the integrity of the solar system, and of the solar interplay with other systems,Magic, 432:has an origin which lies outside the solar system altogether; his life is focused in the planet;Magic, 437:In the casting of the horoscope of a solar system it would be of vital importance, but this is soMagic, 438:but the time is not yet. Our solar system, as you know, is one of seven. When a man has arrived atMagic, 440:date (though exactness is not possible in a system of mutation such as ours) are 21,688,345 yearsMagic, 449:are as true of a created universe, solar system or planet as they are true of the tiny thoughtMagic, 452:living, vital ensemble which we call a solar system. This life principle in man manifests in aMagic, 454:was not possible. Eventually we find a solar system such as ours and myriads of others - a solarMagic, 454:such as ours and myriads of others - a solar system functioning as a sun with its revolving andMagic, 460:speaking) generated in a previous solar system and must be used and developed in this one. In theMagic, 463:are dealing with God as the creator of the solar system, with the soul as the creator of the humanMagic, 464:pure cause. These factors antedate our solar system and therefore speculation about them remainsMagic, 464:to develop the mental apparatus. This solar system is a system of effects, which in their turnMagic, 464:the mental apparatus. This solar system is a system of effects, which in their turn generateMagic, 464:the position of the occult sciences. Our solar system is a thought-form but one having realMagic, 465:matter - highly organized in a previous solar system - is the dominant factor. Later, we know,Magic, 471:connection with such a thought-form as a solar system, a planet, a kingdom in nature or a humanMagic, 489:and is held back by the poison in his mental system. His vision becomes distorted, his natureMagic, 496:and the seven centers of force; then the nervous system in its three divisions: cerebro-spinal,Magic, 496:and peripheral; and then there is the endocrine system, which might be regarded as the densestMagic, 496:and through the close relation of the endocrine system to the blood stream, we have the two aspectsMagic, 513:the manner in which this One Life of the solar system works in these vast interludes of meditativeMagic, 526:the nervous energy working through the nervous system with headquarters in the brain, and the lifeMagic, 550:of both hemispheres. Both in the solar system, the macrocosm of the microcosm, and likewise in theMagic, 553:a second formula. The Creator of the solar system confines his attention to the work performed onMagic, 553:on what we call the four higher planes of our system. The lower three, constituting the cosmicMagic, 556:must proceed, for unlike the Deity in the solar system, he cannot work sole and alone. And whoMagic, 568:the vital fires or the pranas of his own little system. It seems to me that for our particularMagic, 568:of the thinking principle. Prana in the solar system works out as the five great states of energyMagic, 588:bodies, remembering ever that the endocrine system and the seven major glands, in particular, areMagic, 591:itself, which underlies the entire nervous system and because it so underlies it producesMagic, 592:and according to the point in evolution of the system of centers concerned. Only when these websMagic, 595:there is an energy body underlying the nervous system must be recognized by the world at large, andMagic, 611:exoteric form. In the formation of a solar system, this is recognized as a preliminary period andMeditation, 4:then, complete the sonata of this solar system, - a part of the threefold masterpiece of the LogosMeditation, 6:Where is the analogy in the Solar System? An indication I give here. In the direct alignment ofMeditation, 7:- in the alignment of our entire solar system with the system of Sirius lies a still more remoteMeditation, 7:alignment of our entire solar system with the system of Sirius lies a still more remote goal. It isMeditation, 16:- the goal of endeavor in this present solar system. You have the will driving a man on toMeditation, 17:realization of the notes and tones of the solar system, the note and tone of individuals, and theMeditation, 26:the mental unit. Speaking in terms of the solar system and viewing humanity as a unit, all of whoseMeditation, 26:the greater cycle, not till the calling of the system into obscuration and out of manifestationMeditation, 27:may term it. It proceeds as proceeds the greater system, with constant overlapping, and withMeditation, 29:the point of perfected maturity in the solar system. A still later period comes, corresponding toMeditation, 40:a cycle, cross-currents are found, and all the system seems to be in a chaotic condition. TheMeditation, 41:will be seen the harmonious working of the system under certain fundamental forms; all will beMeditation, 52:and the sounds pitched to a different key. In system one, the completion of the First Breath, theMeditation, 52:- the note which forms the basic note of this system, the note of manifested nature. This note is,Meditation, 52:supplemented the second note for this the second system. It is not fully sounded or rounded out,Meditation, 52:should He cease to breathe it forth, the whole system would disappear into complete obscuration. ItMeditation, 52:It would mark the end of manifestation. In system two, the present system, the keynote may not beMeditation, 52:end of manifestation. In system two, the present system, the keynote may not be disclosed. It isMeditation, 52:sixth Initiation, and must not be revealed. In system three the final third note will be added toMeditation, 52:mind; that He functions in His physical solar system, is polarized in His cosmic astral, orMeditation, 53:cosmic mind. So, on the planes of the solar system, is it as with the microcosm. In the realizationMeditation, 53:on the use of the Sacred Word in meditation. System I - corresponds to the physical body. System IIMeditation, 53:System I - corresponds to the physical body. System II - corresponds to the emotional body. SystemMeditation, 53:System II - corresponds to the emotional body. System III - corresponds to the mental body. By theMeditation, 54:law of gravitation in its relation to our solar system, whilst on the lower planes it demonstratesMeditation, 54:in its sevenfold completeness for this solar system, the Logos gathered through inspiration theMeditation, 56:(in technical musical terminology) of the solar system, just as the third Breath corresponds to theMeditation, 56:Fire, the great informing Entities of our solar system, respond when this fifth subtone is soundedMeditation, 56:Again, the Lords of the Flame within the solar system itself responded when the microcosm soundedMeditation, 59:In the studying of the basic note of the solar system (which was stabilized in System 1), much canMeditation, 59:of the solar system (which was stabilized in System 1), much can be found out about the use of theMeditation, 59:In the endeavor to find the note for this solar system, the note of love and wisdom, the studentMeditation, 64:principle, Manas or Mind, and, for this solar system (though not for the first or third), there isMeditation, 71:on earlier imparted facts, those anent the solar system. These seven centers may be enumerated asMeditation, 72:our fivefold evolution in this the second solar system. In the first solar system the three lowerMeditation, 72:this the second solar system. In the first solar system the three lower centers were developed andMeditation, 97:are of no use to gods or men, is a clog upon the system universal. He is in great danger ofMeditation, 100:at the end of the greater cycle, and the solar system will then have reached its apotheosis. LittleMeditation, 102:show themselves: In the brain. In the nervous system. In the sex organs. It is needless to pointMeditation, 104:be avoided in Meditation Dangers to the Nervous System The troubles connected with the nervousMeditation, 104:System The troubles connected with the nervous system are more frequent than those attacking theMeditation, 105:are conscious of an effect in [105] the nervous system; sometimes it takes the form ofMeditation, 105:the diseases of the brain and of the nervous system. I only desire to give general indications andMeditation, 107:of the small. When our Logos founded the solar system He drew within the circle of manifestationMeditation, 107:all possible objects in view for this one solar system: He had some specific aim that necessitatedMeditation, 107:bounds all that transpires within our system, and contains within its bounds our dualMeditation, 107:to the ringing of that circle, thus linking our system to its forerunner and affiliating it withMeditation, 108:Each Personality is to the Ego what the solar system is to the Logos. It is his field ofMeditation, 130:mental levels manipulate the latent fires of the system and thus incidentally the latent fires ofMeditation, 141:employed by the Logos in this the second solar system is definitely the use of form for purposes of
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