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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYSTEM

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Meditation, 141:is the case whether the form is an entire solar system, whether it is a human being in hisMeditation, 147:one step on the path of occultism. In this solar system - the system of love in activity - the pathMeditation, 147:path of occultism. In this solar system - the system of love in activity - the path of leastMeditation, 147:the path of love and devotion. In the next solar system the path of least resistance will be thatMeditation, 148:recognizes the kingdom of God in nature or the system and regards himself as a small part of thatMeditation, 148:can manipulate wisely the matter of the solar system he must have mastered the laws that govern theMeditation, 150:study of the microcosm, his little spirit-matter system, the dual value of the macrocosm. InsteadMeditation, 151:of the laws that govern the manifested solar system. He concentrates on the objective, and in hisMeditation, 157:significance, demonstrating their place in the system. Some of these forms being on the concreteMeditation, 159:web which has its counterpart in the circulatory system of the dense physical body. They are theMeditation, 159:a shattering effect and reacts on the nervous system. If suppressed and inhibited it has an equallyMeditation, 159:in the poisons which are generated in the system and find their outlet in certain cases of septicMeditation, 159:- have a general debilitating effect on the system, leading to loss of vitality, to sluggish actionMeditation, 159:to many forms of obscure diseases of the nervous system, of the brain and of the spine. [160] SexMeditation, 160:circulate with facility, tuning up the entire system and cleansing all organs that were sufferingMeditation, 164:communicate with the threefold Lord of the Solar System. This is done always four times a year, orMeditation, 167:of the Logos as manifested in the solar [167] system, - the Aspect of Will or Power, the Aspect ofMeditation, 167:and Wisdom (which is the basic aspect for this system), and the Aspect of Activity or Intelligence.Meditation, 167:Logos and find union with the self of the Solar System. He can mount by the line of the Manu, heMeditation, 171:manifested in a predominant fashion. The solar system being in itself a direct expression of theMeditation, 174:it. They are the elemental things of the solar system in their four grades as we know them in thisMeditation, 174:way. They are, as you know, the Builders of the system, working in graded and serried ranks. DevasMeditation, 175:in ordered beauty from plane to plane, from system to system, universe to universe. Therefore inMeditation, 175:beauty from plane to plane, from system to system, universe to universe. Therefore in studyingMeditation, 180:force and of the magnetic currents of the solar system governs all I have imparted on meditation inMeditation, 180:Ray, the Deva of a Plane or the Lord of a Solar System Himself. The sounding of these Words, theMeditation, 181:on the side of the constructive forces of the system, or who can constructively control theMeditation, 182:- a remnant of the first or activity solar system, and the basis of this, the love system. Evil isMeditation, 182:solar system, and the basis of this, the love system. Evil is but the sediment of unfinished karmaMeditation, 183:with fire that may be found within our solar system. I especially emphasize it because inMeditation, 183:The vital fire that animates the objective solar system. For instance, as evidenced in the internalMeditation, 184:economy of the human being, - the microcosmic system - in full manifestation. At the cessation ofMeditation, 184:death ensues, and the physical objective system passes into obscuration. So it is in the Macrocosm.Meditation, 184:Macrocosm. Just as the sun is the center for our system, so the heart is the focal point for theMeditation, 188:in certain localities or spheres in the solar system, whilst the next most numerous elementals areMeditation, 192:caves of cosmic evil as found within our solar system. Equally so, it is possible to tap the stillMeditation, 200:and the supreme Ruler himself, the Logos of our system. This is accomplished through the power ofMeditation, 205:uttered the great cosmic Word for this solar system, three major streams of color issued forth,Meditation, 206:Logos employed in building His objective solar system. This is the secret that ray meditation willMeditation, 208:aspect, or the indigo vibration of this love system, so will it be found upon the mental plane.Meditation, 209:which are the left-overs from the previous solar system, have been seized upon as modes ofMeditation, 211:has penetrated to the densest part of His solar system. We recognize it as color. The adept knowsMeditation, 212:of Nature. It was the synthetic color for system 1, and is the foundation for the presentMeditation, 212:and is the foundation for the present manifested system. The note of Nature is green, and each timeMeditation, 212:of the force that reached its consummation in system 1. Green stimulates and heals. I seek to callMeditation, 213:the great fundamental ray of this present solar system, and is one of the cosmic rays. This cosmicMeditation, 213:Adaptability. It is the basic ray of the second system. It is the great ray for the deva evolution.Meditation, 214:another of the colors that have come to us from system 1. The blending of blue and of yellow inMeditation, 214:1. The blending of blue and of yellow in that system had much to do with the production ofMeditation, 216:found its great expression in the first solar system. The synthetic ray of that time was the greenMeditation, 216:form. You get a correspondence in this solar system in the synthetic Ray of Love and Wisdom, andMeditation, 217:their interaction, as follows: [217] FIRST SOLAR SYSTEM Green Ray Third Aspect Activity orMeditation, 217:subray Manas, mind Green-orange SECOND SOLAR SYSTEM Indigo Ray Second Aspect Love and Wisdom SecondMeditation, 218:Harmony Indigo-yellow [218] In the activity system you have the third aspect of universal mind orMeditation, 218:that latent activity. Similarly in the second system of love, you have the love aspectMeditation, 218:cosmic ray of activity in the earlier solar system; the force of orange (which is scientificMeditation, 220:Green and orange were allied in the first solar system, and continue their alliance here. I haveMeditation, 220:distant time - red will be the basis of a solar system, and in the perfect merging of red, greenMeditation, 221:of the pure white light. The activity system was green. The love system is blue. The power systemMeditation, 221:light. The activity system was green. The love system is blue. The power system will be red. TheMeditation, 221:was green. The love system is blue. The power system will be red. The result of merging red, blue,Meditation, 224:anent color and sound concerns the first solar system and some concerns a portion of the secondMeditation, 224:and some concerns a portion of the second solar system. The distinction has naturally not beenMeditation, 228:juncture is not possible. The threefold solar system. The threefold evolving jiva. The threeMeditation, 230:sheaths which are the left-overs from a previous system. It involves the elimination of such huesMeditation, 233:you that though all rays manifest in the solar system, at certain stages of manifestation more orMeditation, 238:one source or one primary color - in this solar system the cosmic ray of indigo veiling cosmic loveMeditation, 244:study as follows: The condition of the nervous system, giving particular attention to the spine,Meditation, 247:the flow of prana. Rose acts upon the nervous system and tends to vitalization, and to the removalMeditation, 261:that mark the point of attainment in the solar system. Through meditation the geometrical sense ofMeditation, 262:that has admitted Him into touch with the solar system in many of its departments. Now He has aheadMeditation, 263:done) the meaning of Will as applied in the system. These Words are imparted orally, and throughMeditation, 264:the three in control of allied chains. The whole system can be embraced by Him, and HisMeditation, 264:expanded to include the entire objective solar system. I could enumerate still other definitions,Meditation, 265:up to a Greater. [265] What happens in the system transpires likewise on cosmic levels, and what isMeditation, 266:can be seen on the highest planes of our solar system. What have you there? The seven Heavenly MenMeditation, Since:of Their life on the atomic plane of the solar system, that which we call the plane of adi, or theMeditation, 285:of an analogous vibration, of which our solar system is the objective manifestation. But I wouldMeditation, 298:achieve the goal, that some people do master the system of Occult Meditation and make the desiredMeditation, 299:of knowledge, the spreading of the educational system which brings the product of many minds intoMeditation, 310:wield the law and know the inner working of the system from the center to the periphery. Struggle,Meditation, 313:till it touches the periphery of the system macrocosmic, and embraces all that lives - lives in anMeditation, 325:months of the year he goes through a drastic system of reception, of learning, of hard study, ofMeditation, 329:deva evolution. Study of the laws of the solar system. Study of telepathy, mental creation,Meditation, 343:body, if not assimilated and passed through the system, causes just the above conditions. TheMeditation, 346:to sweep through. Love, being the law of the system, is constructive and stabilizing, and carriesMeditation, 349:the primeval; the atomic plane of the solar system; the highest of the seven planes. Agni The LordMeditation, 349:aspect of fire; fire is the essence of the solar system. The Bible says: "Our God is a consumingMeditation, 351:[351] Atomic subplane The matter of the solar system is divided by the occultists into seven planesMeditation, 351:of knowledge possible for man in this solar system. Buddhi The Universal Soul or Mind. It is theMeditation, 353:beings on the inner planes of the solar system who are the intelligent forces of nature, and whoMeditation, 354:highest seven self-conscious beings in the solar system. These seven Kumaras manifest through theMeditation, 355:of spiritual beings who guide the solar system. They took control of the evolution of humanity uponMeditation, 355:or God manifesting, through His body, the solar system. Mahachohan The Head of the third greatMeditation, 355:The great period of time of an entire solar system. This term is applied to the greater solarMeditation, 358:intelligence of a plane. Raja Yoga The true system of developing psychic and spiritual powers andMeditation, 359:is at the circumference of the manifested solar system, and is the periphery of the influence ofPatanjali, 14:of the lower man. The goal of the Raja Yoga system is that these impulses should be replaced by thePatanjali, 19:in manifestation through the medium of a solar system. Christ "knew what was in man" and thereforePatanjali, 20:thought" is a basic tenet of the Raja Yoga system and is true even where these images of fancy are
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