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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYSTEM

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Psychology2, 63:interpenetrate the entire body and the nervous system and are in reality the actuating power of thePsychology2, 63:in reality the actuating power of the nervous system. Their responsiveness to impacts, outer andPsychology2, 64:body is in close rapport with his nervous system, is beyond the average comprehension. 5. The sumPsychology2, 64:are the factors which condition the glandular system of the body. 6. This subjective and objectivePsychology2, 64:of the body. 6. This subjective and objective system governs the manifestation of the soul on thePsychology2, 64:(seated in the heart) and the consciousness system, interlinking all the material organs and thePsychology2, 89:who gave His life to the universe, to the solar system, to the planet, and the manifested worldsPsychology2, 92:evolution and in the evolution of our solar system, which is one of the fourth order. ThePsychology2, 92:is of such apparent importance in the solar system. It is not simply because we choose to think soPsychology2, 92:a peculiar relation to the position of our solar system in the series of solar systems whichPsychology2, 99:are twelve planets to be considered in our solar system, and there is a basis for their conclusion.Psychology2, 100:of the three great Lives in our solar system. It is this dimly sensed truth which lies behind thePsychology2, 110:agent in any form, whether atom, man or solar system. We are not here concerned with the relationPsychology2, 110:second ray; because this is a second ray solar system, and therefore all rays and the varyingPsychology2, 122:just as our solar Logos informs our solar system and our planetary Logos informs our earth planet.Psychology2, 146:one of the most esoteric influences in the solar system somewhat clearer in our minds. I call youPsychology2, 151:in all forms of life, from an atom to a solar system. The Law of Synthesis, which will govern manPsychology2, 152:Law of Vibration, the atomic law of the solar system. The Law of Cohesion, an aspect of the Law ofPsychology2, 153:the universe. The seven minor laws of the solar system. The seven basic laws of the soul, plus whatPsychology2, 185:[185] itself and consequently of the solar system. Through this medium, every human being isPsychology2, 217:outpost of the Consciousness of God in the solar system. This is a correspondence, macrocosmicallyPsychology2, 217:- as a whole - can be a factor in the solar system, bringing about changes and events of a uniquePsychology2, 217:planetary life and lives (and therefore in the system itself) and inducing an interstellarPsychology2, 217:the planet, and not only our particular solar system, but the seven systems of which ours is one.Psychology2, 228:through the manifested Whole, the [228] solar system, and, for our purposes, the planet and allPsychology2, 253:kingdoms. Under the divine plan for this solar system, this form-differentiation has itsPsychology2, 278:By its fusion with the ray of our solar system (the ray of Love) He expressed perfectly thePsychology2, 278:the fully ripened seeds of the past solar system. We should not forget that our present solarPsychology2, 278:We should not forget that our present solar system is, as was stated in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,Psychology2, 280:of this Temple is due to the fact that our solar system is a system [281] of Love, of sentientPsychology2, 280:is due to the fact that our solar system is a system [281] of Love, of sentient response to thePsychology2, 284:basic matter is the product of the first solar system, and the energy of which it is composed doesPsychology2, 284:does not, therefore, belong to our solar system at all, except through an act of appropriation,Psychology2, 286:mind, and is inherited from an earlier solar system. These three aspects of mind energy are thusPsychology2, 288:links the mind nature with the ray of the solar system, which is the cosmic ray of love. This onePsychology2, 294:and qualities developed in a previous solar system. In our solar system, we are arriving at anPsychology2, 294:in a previous solar system. In our solar system, we are arriving at an understanding and a [295]Psychology2, 296:aspect and gives Him "the freedom of the solar system". The egoic ray, when consciously utilized,Psychology2, 3o8:of energy which a man can express in this solar system - that of the monad, begins to control. AtPsychology2, 310:of opposites which are distinctive of our solar system, just as the physical pairs of opposites arePsychology2, 310:of opposites are distinctive of the past solar system. From one interesting angle, the battle ofPsychology2, 315:but only partially awakened, and the glandular system, therefore, is correspondingly mediocre andPsychology2, 336:Step by step, the unfoldment of the nervous system has paralleled that of the inner psychicalPsychology2, 356:processes connected with the Raja-Yoga system are intended to bring the aspirant to a point of suchPsychology2, 358:sense that the seven major rays of our solar system are the seven subrays of the Cosmic Ray ofPsychology2, 358:Ray of Love-Wisdom, or the seven planes of our system are the seven subplanes of the cosmicPsychology2, 358:make it clear why in humanity (and in the solar system also) these two major rays are always soPsychology2, 385:understood, you have the possibility of a new system of awakening the centers, or chakras. But thisPsychology2, 385:of awakening the centers, or chakras. But this system concerns only the awakening of the centralPsychology2, 387:nature of the divine expression in this solar system. The technique of Fusion, employed by thePsychology2, 413:centers are closely concerned with the endocrine system, which they determine and conditionPsychology2, 419:correct treatment and balancing of the endocrine system. Along these lines much work is being donePsychology2, 434:from whence certain aspects of the nervous system are directed and controlled, first by mentalPsychology2, 434:soul direction. The endocrine or glandular system, acting under impulses entering the physical bodyPsychology2, 434:etheric body; of these centers, the glandular system is simply the externalization, or physicalPsychology2, 434:and controlling certain aspects of the nervous system, and which is in large part the instinctualPsychology2, 450:powers, exterior to the government of the solar system, have been called into play, owing to thePsychology2, 453:To all this, the stimulation of the nervous system of the subject responds and hence the effectsPsychology2, 479:the centers. Thus an understanding of the force system of the patient will take place. The SciencePsychology2, 484:obedience is expected from them. Under the system of training, imparted under the name of esotericPsychology2, 519:and closely connected with the endocrine system. This is part of the new Science of Humanity. YouPsychology2, 529:of the astral plane and let loose into the system much of the fear, etc., which is thePsychology2, 533:having a powerful effect upon the entire nervous system which it underlies in all parts. The vitalPsychology2, 533:centers condition and control the glandular system. Thus energies, influences, potencies and forcesPsychology2, 536:connected with the autonomic nervous system, particularly in relation to the vagus nerve. ThePsychology2, 552:the vagus nerve and the autonomic nervous system with all that that involves and we are only todayPsychology2, 552:to a much better functioning of the nervous system and of the vagus nerve which controls it. I canPsychology2, 579:no undue strain is put upon the nervous system and the brain. There is what I might call a flat orPsychology2, 591:of force which underlie the entire nervous system of man. Of this they are the counterpart and thePsychology2, 611:such it is at this time) of the entire glandular system; it is, therefore, of basic importance thatPsychology2, 622:a peculiar effect upon the entire circulatory system, for this basic center is connected with theRays, 9:and should grasp the fact that every coherent system has its varying types of energy, and thatRays, 10:they drive the tiny lives in their little system deeper into the darkness of ignorance, they mightRays, 16:matter and inherent in the dualism of the solar system, and not in its triplicity. This dualism, asRays, 47:is the governing principle of the present solar system. Will is the governing principle of the nextRays, 47:governing principle of the next or coming solar system, which will be brought into manifestationRays, 47:agency of those human beings who - in this solar system - arrive at the full expression of the willRays, 47:will aspect what intelligence is, in this solar system, to love. Rays, 54:expressing itself through the medium of a solar system. You can see how little use there is in myRays, 62:then, complete the sonata of this solar system - a part of the threefold masterpiece of the LogosRays, 65:we are told, "through the fires." In this solar system there is no evading the fire. It is found atRays, 96:Life, and covers a great mystery and an entire system of relationships of which man in the threeRays, 111:way through the Door of Initiation. If this system is to persist, and considering the vast numbersRays, 141:and inadequate clues. To the development of this system of identification the initiate of theRays, 141:efforts. Up to the fourth initiation, the term "system of expansions" would seem illuminating;Rays, 141:after that great initiation, the term "system of identification" would appear more appropriate. Rays, 159:coming from the seven planets of the solar system at this time active; these feed or implement theRays, 178:words. The four higher planes of our solar system are the four cosmic etheric planes, and one ofRays, 206:other of the seven sacred planets in our solar system, and can thus draw upon the energies whichRays, 240:for Judas Iscariot. The Buddha tried the same system, but the relation of His group was, in theRays, 243:any more than it was found in the previous solar system or will be found in the next. It is relatedRays, 243:This aspect was not found in the previous solar system, in which the other aspects of the creativeRays, 243:creative intelligence functioned. In this solar system, it has been developed and brought fromRays, 243:a product of the humanity of the previous solar system, and as constituting the incarnating residueRays, 243:the incarnating residue from that solar system, have run the gamut of suffering and are in theRays, 250:That involves the keynote of this solar [250] system, particularly within this planet, the Earth;Rays, 250:Earth; it will be succeeded in the next solar system by a type of life activity which is as yetRays, 252:of the creative imagination; I have presented a system of meditation which has eliminated theRays, 264:and one of the three major laws of our solar system, as well as of our planet. It is a basic cosmicRays, 267:functions. They do not belong to this solar system at all; They have passed through the human stage
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