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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYSTEM

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Soul, 20:the nervous apparatus, and of the endocrine system. The following quotations bear this out. "WatsonSoul, 21:studies experience as dependent upon the nervous system, whereas physics studies experience asSoul, 21:as though existing independently of the nervous system. Psychology should, therefore, be classifiedSoul, 21:considered as dependent upon a nervous system.' ... Psychology studies the total environment viewedSoul, 21:the moment when it affects the (human) nervous system, whereas physics studies the totalSoul, 21:the moment when it affects the (human) nervous system. - Hunter, Walter S., Psychologies of 1925,Soul, 22:investigation and in presenting psychology as a system to my students. I frankly do not know whatSoul, 26:of the "consciousness characterizing His nervous system" was such that He has set His mark upon theSoul, 31:of psychology. In considering the endocrine system, it is not my intention to describe it in itsSoul, 33:behavior? Hocking says: "The self is indeed a system of behavior. But it is a system of purposiveSoul, 33:self is indeed a system of behavior. But it is a system of purposive behavior emerging from aSoul, 34:closer attention than others, namely the nervous system, and the system of ductless glands, whichSoul, 34:than others, namely the nervous system, and the system of ductless glands, which two systems areSoul, 34:in the human frame. It is through the nervous system, perhaps the most intricate and wonderful partSoul, 34:and are adapted to function in it. Through this system we become aware of the tangible, and throughSoul, 34:energy there are parallel activities in the system of ductless glands (and the muscular system) andSoul, 34:the system of ductless glands (and the muscular system) and the interlocking of activity is soSoul, 35:Normal and Abnormal, p. 33. The nervous system and muscles may be loosely described as the physicalSoul, 35:to the environment is made, but the nervous system and the ductless glands as the intelligent andSoul, 35:activity have their seat in the endocrine system, and that even the nature of man is thus accountedSoul, 38:those which are concerned with the drainage system - the lymphatic glands - and those which secreteSoul, 39:H., M.D., Your Mysterious Glands, pp. 8, 9. This system of endocrine glands forms a unitSoul, 39:he is. They form, in fact, a close interlocking system with functions and organisms clearlySoul, 39:the mechanism of the human frame. The blood system and the nervous system pursue their ownSoul, 39:human frame. The blood system and the nervous system pursue their own activities, but are closelySoul, 39:but are closely linked to the endocrine system. The blood acts mysteriously as the carrier of theSoul, 39:of the different glands, and the nervous system [40] seems more specifically related to theSoul, 40:glands. From this discussion of the endocrine system we come naturally to the question: What, then,Soul, 46:of living and is the keystone of the endocrine system. It is indispensable to life. Through theSoul, 51:of matter. To the glands and to the nervous system, and to the poor or good development andSoul, 55:These nuclei are related to the cerebro-spinal system, and the base of this psychical activity, orSoul, 55:the existence of the etheric body. The Oriental system is abstruse and intricate, and defiesSoul, 64:being and of the Universal Mind in a solar [64] system, and it is interesting to note in thisSoul, 71:sober elements of Western psychology and a sane system of ethics. No one of these is worth muchSoul, 88:delicate substance, enclosed within the nervous system and therefore eluding our senses. Its seatSoul, 88:internal organs... Recognizing that the nervous system is in close connection with soul-life, heSoul, 100:life, as it expresses itself through a solar system, utilizing the ether as its medium or field ofSoul, 103:head and from that position governs the nervous system: "It has now been proved, that the highestSoul, 105:the brain was not so regarded. The Vaidik system posits the heart as the chief center ofSoul, 105:to be found in the Chakras of the cerebro-spinal system and in the upper brain (Sahasrara), whichSoul, 111:body and are in close relation to the nervous system in its three divisions, namely: theSoul, 111:they apparently underlie the corporeal nervous system. In Man and His Becoming we read: "As regardsSoul, 111:rather to the ramifications of the nervous system, for they are [112] expressly described asSoul, 112:as to the caloric quality, and by the nervous system as to the luminous quality. However, it mustSoul, 113:are the positive, the bloodvessels the negative system of the body. Wherever there are nerves thereSoul, 113:the thousand-petalled lotus of the brain. The system of bloodvessels is an exact picture of theSoul, 113:bloodvessels is an exact picture of the nervous system, is, in fact, only its shadow. Like theSoul, 113:secondly, an account of the Tantrik nervous system and Chakras; and, lastly, the correlation, soSoul, 113:physiological side... with the central spinal system, comprising the brain or encephalon, containedSoul, 114:heart center and throat center.) The central system has relation with the periphery through theSoul, 114:the gangliated cords of the sympathetic nervous system which lie on each side of the vertebralSoul, 115:As the foregoing quotation refers to the Tantrik system, it should be noted that reference is madeSoul, 115:be noted that reference is made to an Indian system of energy control safe only for those of theSoul, 116:spinal centers with the subordinate sympathetic system are said to constitute the mechanism ofSoul, 116:functions of the greatest importance in the system. It is to be noted that the nerve fibers whichSoul, 118:which it distributes from the central nervous system; these do not arise in the sympathetic self.Soul, 118:anatomical arrangement of the central nervous system is excessively intricate, and the events whichSoul, 118:of the physiology of the central nervous system we can as yet do little more than trace the pathsSoul, 118:impulses may pass between one portion of the system and another, and from the anatomicalSoul, 118:that there are nervous centers in the central system related in a special way to specialSoul, 122:no better or worse than our peculiar endocrine system. But the reason for this may lie in theSoul, 122:aspect of a far greater and more intricate system. They are determined by the character of the soulSoul, 123:the most important plexus of the sympathetic system; it controls the digestive tract, and sends itsSoul, 123:may be regarded as the brain of the sympathetic system, and responds with dangerous facility toSoul, 128:namely the endocrine glands and the nervous system, which control the rest of the dense physicalSoul, 128:of his instrument. If the glands, nervous system and the etheric body with its centers are out ofSoul, 129:The first is: As a man's glands and nervous system, so is he. His temperament, natural qualitiesSoul, 129:his environment are determined by his endocrine system. So says the West. The second is: As a man'sSoul, 130:Man's mechanism is determined by his endocrine system plus the nervous system, the responseSoul, 130:by his endocrine system plus the nervous system, the response apparatus. Can we approach theSoul, 131:and control of the body, through the nervous system and the glands, can we investigate and apply aSoul, 131:of the West, so that the best aspects of each system can be available to mankind as a whole. InSoul, 133:hemispheres, we should be able to work out a system and a method which will be for our day andSoul, 133:medicine and the general health of the endocrine system. An intellectual understanding andSoul, 136:is claimed, bring physical man and the endocrine system eventually into such a condition that weSoul, 137:exceedingly close relationship with the nervous system, any action on one of them reacts speedilySoul, 137:is almost entirely in the sympathetic system. In more developed races the vague sensitivenessSoul, 138:up is almost exclusively in the cerebro-spinal system. The lower forms of psychism are mostSoul, 138:the brain and the dominance of the sympathetic system, the large nucleated ganglionic cells in thisSoul, 138:the large nucleated ganglionic cells in this system containing a very large proportion of ethericSoul, 139:the digestive apparatus and the reproductive system and certain aspects of the nervous mechanismSoul, 139:the blood and the other through the nervous system. The life force aspect continues to carrySoul, 147:of the vital body and its effects on the nervous system and the glands open up an immense field forTelepathy, 2:the planet itself and consequently of the solar system. Through this medium, every human being isTelepathy, 20:and consequently the wrecking of the nervous system. It is [21] really brought about by a failureTelepathy, 54:of all planetary existences within the solar system itself. The unfoldment of this consciousTelepathy, 60:into the seven planes (so called) of our solar system - from what we call our lowest physical planeTelepathy, 83:evocation of their response. The whole planetary system is in reality a vast interlocking,Telepathy, 83:moment that this interrelated and communicating system is studied from the angle of relationships,Telepathy, 85:purpose and the group will. This developing system of trained invocatives made the mind a positiveTelepathy, 91:knowledge - germinated and formed in the solar system previous to this - they add that which theTelepathy, 91:to this - they add that which the present solar system has to give and to mature; the [92] magneticTelepathy, 99:to the fact that this is (in this second solar system) the quality of love and its distortion intoTelepathy, 101:In no case is the truism of learning through a system of trial and error proved more correct thanTelepathy, 131:energy emanated originally (as far as our solar system and our planetary scheme are concerned) inTelepathy, 131:scheme are concerned) in the first solar system and is the best proven and the best known energy inTelepathy, 134:Extra-Planetary Relationships As the invocative system spreads and a greater alignment is attained,Telepathy, 135:because that is the ray of the present solar system of which Shamballa is a part; and that theTelepathy, 142:body. This energy form - underlying the solar system, the planets and all forms within theirTelepathy, 143:lines of energy and this closely interlocking system of streams of force are related to seven focal
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