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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYSTEMIC

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Astrology, 5:the relationships between individual, planetary, systemic and cosmic entities will be grasped, andAstrology, 6:die out, and increasingly the planetary, the systemic and the universal picture will stand out inAstrology, 19:out of the above, is that the zodiacal, the systemic and the planetary energies act either asAstrology, 22:here, however, that all the energies - zodiacal, systemic, and planetary - have a definite effectAstrology, 30:the whole cosmic etheric body - of which our systemic etheric body is an integral part - butAstrology, 36:of Agni, the Lord of Fire, the sumtotal of systemic vitality. Much light can come to the earnestAstrology, 48:substance of the four higher subplanes of the systemic dense physical body. The fifth Hierarchy hasAstrology, 54:Thus, two potent streams of energy - cosmic and systemic - reach man via the conditioning planetaryAstrology, 90:just as the third initiation is the first systemic. The two first initiations are planetary inAstrology, 140:forces upon the human, the planetary and the systemic expression of life and purpose, and with theAstrology, 153:awareness. The Fixed Cross brings about systemic awareness. The Cardinal Cross brings about cosmicAstrology, 259:served. [259] The three Crosses - cosmic, systemic and human - are profoundly interesting in theirAstrology, 265:initiations which a man can take. [265] Three systemic initiations of which Christ has two. OneAstrology, 268:of these Hierarchies (neither planetary nor systemic), then sweep into and through the initiate andAstrology, 268:major group responses which eventually give him systemic consciousness and make him a world serverAstrology, 269:The initiate is responsive to planetary, systemic and certain cosmic influences and becomes - if IAstrology, 272:stand just beyond the seven Who condition our systemic lives. These Lives have achieved Their goal,Astrology, 305:are found in all horoscopes - human, planetary, systemic and cosmic - and constitute the lifeAstrology, 312:and is a basic and fundamental theme underlying systemic pulsation. There are certain things whichAstrology, 331:produce basic and fundamental changes in the systemic life which, in its turn, affects our planet,Astrology, 409:it might be said that the following cosmic and systemic causes are responsible for the presentAstrology, 411:of forces affecting our planet are zodiacal, systemic and planetary in nature and - againAstrology, 411:first Ray of Will or Power and affect the Monad. Systemic energies pass through the Hierarchy andAstrology, 412:The effect, for instance, of zodiacal and systemic force upon a sacred or a non-sacred planet isAstrology, 422:Necessarily, these energies have a cosmic, systemic and planetary significance but these noAstrology, 424:it be remembered that in this world cycle in our systemic manifestation it is the second orAstrology, 427:Pisces Zodiacal Capricorn Zodiacal 3. Saturn Systemic Uranus Systemic Mercury Systemic 4. ShamballaAstrology, 427:Capricorn Zodiacal 3. Saturn Systemic Uranus Systemic Mercury Systemic 4. Shamballa Earth PlanetaryAstrology, 427:3. Saturn Systemic Uranus Systemic Mercury Systemic 4. Shamballa Earth Planetary head centerAstrology, 427:some of these are cosmic, some zodiacal, others systemic, still others planetary and theirAstrology, 427:the Hierarchy and Humanity, cosmic, zodiacal and systemic force is focused and these three become,Astrology, 432:Changes are wrought. The cosmic heart, the heart systemic and the little heart of man begin to beatAstrology, 435:and their distant cosmic archetypes lie three systemic centers which at this time and under cyclicAstrology, 452:to the activity of the planetary centers under systemic and zodiacal stimulation. I am not hereAstrology, 452:to demonstrate the fact of cosmic, zodiacal, systemic, planetary and human interplay which in itsAstrology, 453:awakened than others and vibrate in unison wit systemic impulse more fully than others. In the caseAstrology, 459:qualified outgoing ray energy. Planetary, systemic, zodiacal and cosmic energy. The basis ofAstrology, 460:as a cosmic center, a planet, which is a systemic center, one of the planetary centers, aboveAstrology, 477:through the intricate combinations of cosmic, systemic and planetary triangles, the purposes of GodAstrology, 496:is the recipient of zodiacal and other extra-systemic forces and I have pointed to the first [497]Astrology, 528:and the Non-Sacred Planets - Planetary and Systemic Centers 3. Planetary and Systemic Centers IAstrology, 528:Planetary and Systemic Centers 3. Planetary and Systemic Centers I have given you here andAstrology, 531:the relation of the planetary centers to the systemic centers, the sacred planets and the energiesAstrology, 531:and the Non-Sacred Planets - Planetary and Systemic Centers Beginning as ever with the study of theAstrology, 531:planetary centers to the human centers or of the systemic centers to the planets. Too muchAstrology, 532:from the centers - individual, planetary and systemic - and the quality (esoterically understood)Astrology, 594:being cosmic, emerges from cosmic planes and not systemic. Hence the difficulty in comprehendingAstrology, 595:three Potencies which are not suited to our systemic life at this point in the evolutionaryAstrology, 643:cosmogonical teaching that besides our own systemic chain of World [644] Planets there are manyAstrology, 654:or emanation - Solar prana. Movement produced - Systemic rotation. Distributive effect - SolarAstrology, 665:remains." (C.F. 415) "The moon was: The place of systemic failure. Connected with the lowerAstrology, 674:300) "At the present stage of evolution in the systemic centers (the planets) Venus, the Earth andAstrology, 680:That this advent was brought about by a definite systemic alignment which involved: The VenusAstrology, 681:of His own scheme, the Earth scheme. Owing to systemic alignment logoic kundalini could flowAstrology, 681:own globe and its present humanity, but from the systemic and cosmic point of view, or from theAstrology, 685:intermingled. In all these triangles (cosmic, systemic, planetary, and human) two points of theAstrology, 688:(C. F. 210) ..."In all these triangles (cosmic, systemic, planetary, and human) two points of theAstrology, 690:flow of force, producing vibration on the fifth systemic plane. That triangle still persists, andAstrology, 691:centers of the planetary Logos of our scheme. A systemic formation of great importance in the nextAstrology, 691:that the following results will eventuate: A systemic triangle will be formed." (C. F. 390) "ThreeExternalisation, 93:Sun. The plans of the planetary Logos upon the Systemic Path. Esoterically - The Way towards theFire, xv:It aims to provide a reasonably logical plan of systemic evolution and to indicate to man the partFire, xviii:of Manas or Mind Division B. Manas as a cosmic, systemic and human factor Division C. The Egoic RayFire, 6:These three are cosmic laws. There are seven systemic laws, which govern the manifestation of ourFire, 12:time a cosmic note is heard beneath the sound systemic. The fire within, the fire without, meetFire, 38:the sumtotal of logoic kundalini, when in full systemic activity. Solar Fire, or cosmic mentalFire, 41:by the Law of Synthesis, and is the basis of the systemic movement which may be best described asFire, 53:of the radiatory. Let us tabulate it thus: Systemic or Macrocosmic: The solar Logos or The GrandFire, 61:of the body finds its correspondence in the systemic akasha, and in planetary productive substance.Fire, 61:now be more closely studied. It corresponds to systemic electricity, and to planetary electricity.Fire, 72:hidden within the sphere (whether the sphere systemic or the sphere atomic) and the personality RayFire, 81:on the planes of abstract mind, whether cosmic, systemic, or mind in the three worlds, whetherFire, 83:In all the three bodies - human, planetary, and systemic or logoic - will be found a great organFire, 84:or emanation Solar prana. Movement produced Systemic rotation. Distributive effect Solar ethericFire, 87:- A period of obscuration or repose - planetary, systemic or cosmic. An interlude between twoFire, 87:and not touch upon correspondences to things systemic or cosmic at all, though it may be necessaryFire, 105:of the solar ring-pass-not. 46 Again from the systemic standpoint, these same effects may beFire, 116:C - The Etheric Body and Prana 2. Cosmic and Systemic Ethers For the sake of those who read thisFire, 116:might here tabulate under the headings physical, systemic, and cosmic, so that the relationship andFire, 118:be plainly seen. [118] THE PLANES Physical Plane Systemic Planes Cosmic Planes 1. Atomic plane, 1stFire, 148:Logos controls the cosmic entities or extra-systemic beings; the second Logos controls the solarFire, 154:keeps them at a certain distance from their systemic center, and which likewise keeps the planesFire, 158:not whether that environment is cosmic space, systemic space, or the periphery of the physical bodyFire, 158:according to the polarity of the cosmic, systemic or physical atom. Eventually this producesFire, 179:the cosmos. It will not be possible to give the systemic triangles, for the information would haveFire, 181:affiliated groups, to some planetary Logos. Systemic kundalini goes forward to the vivification ofFire, 231:in exactly the same sense as the microcosm, on systemic levels, likewise strives for similarFire, 232:magnetic attraction between all the seven systemic groups, or planetary schemes. Their magneticFire, 233:a planetary sense, and cosmically. Attain human, systemic and cosmic manhood. Achieve mastery onFire, 241:"electric fire" drops into matter. This is the systemic marriage of the Father and the Mother. TheFire, 256:of a man in the three worlds, the lowest of the systemic planes. On His own planes the LogosFire, 260:the source of the initial impulse from extra-systemic centers, and discover the basic rhythm. Then,Fire, 292:functioning consciously and freely, with their systemic interrelation adjusted and controlled byFire, 296:between the cosmic physical plane and the systemic physical plane is studied. Three of theseFire, 309:be expressed as follows: The origin of cosmic, systemic and microcosmic mind. The place of mind inFire, 312:of the cosmic physical plane, or on our solar systemic planes. Hence, all that can be seen inFire, 318:demonstrates as coherent activity, either systemic, planetary, or monadic, and also as the tripleFire, 320:bodies of men; the fourth ether of the physical systemic plane is likewise assuming its rightfulFire, 332:the cosmic liquid and dense (the astral and the systemic physical planes) count with a HeavenlyFire, 342:Fire - Section Two - Div. B - Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor SECTION TWO - DIVISION B
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