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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYSTEMS

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Fire, 227:the pralayic interval or interlude between two systems, then the terms, life and form,Fire, 242:principles of allied constellations and systems watch the progress of the evolution of the Son withFire, 245:a still larger cycle (to that of the three solar systems of which this is the middle one) and weFire, 252:They developed in earlier kalpas or solar systems. Their purpose is now to utilize that which isFire, 274:and which commenced its work in earlier solar systems. We have, therefore, cycles in order, andFire, 294:Logos 5 cosmic planes. A cosmic Logos 7 solar systems solar Logos 4 cosmic planes. A solar Logos 7Fire, 294:Heavenly Man 3 cosmic planes. Period of 3 solar systems. A Heavenly Man 7 planetary chains ChohansFire, 310:of Their manifesting through various solar systems, and the great Will-to-be that brings Them forthFire, 350:stages far anterior to the triplicity of solar systems which constitutes for Him the Eternal Now,Fire, 351:heat and radiation embrace certain other solar systems and unify them with our own system so thatFire, 352:plane form the etheric framework of seven solar systems in the same way that the bodies of theFire, 352:apart from manifestation through a congery of systems, a solar system, or a man is for usFire, 352:mind of the still vaster atoms we call systems; only when it is admitted that man is the animatingFire, 353:our system works similarly through three major systems (of which ours is not one), utilizing sevenFire, 353:which ours is not one), utilizing seven solar systems (of which ours is one), for the distributionFire, 354:He is now undergoing? What are the ten systems - the three and the seven - of which our solarFire, 364:This is from the standpoint of the three systems, though his present systemic number may be four.Fire, 375:sweeps into close interaction three great systems: The system of Sirius, The system of theFire, 395:a planet, planets make up a solar system, solar systems a vaster system, and so on, unending;Fire, 402:as a center in His body, and which six other systems are affiliated with ours, it will not beFire, 408:concept of: A cosmic system, involving lesser systems and holding them together by the power of aFire, 409:NAUGHT MAY BE SAID, Who ensouls the seven solar systems, down through the Lord of a solar system,Fire, 411:which is manifesting through seven solar systems, and the extension of this concept of Being toFire, 415:is hidden in the history of one of the solar systems which is united to ours within a cosmicFire, 416:is esoterically allied to one of the seven solar systems, and in this mysterious alliance is hiddenFire, 437:system. Six other cosmic Rays, animating other systems, influence ours, finding their reflectionsFire, 449:that evolves through the seven cycles of solar systems. Their relation to the Words of the presentFire, 470:out of effects originating in previous solar systems. The Karma of the kingdoms of nature as weFire, 568:our central unit, the sun; that holds the lesser systems of atomic and molecular matter circulatingFire, 570:system has on our solar system. Each of the two systems, as regards its internal economy, isFire, 573:in the mind of the Logos, for each of His three systems, that the whole exists for Him as aFire, 573:to do more than sense the symbols of the systems past and present. Perhaps if we could visualize aFire, 574:threefold Sound, one sound for each of His three systems, and started a ripple on the ocean ofFire, 574:three major, making the twenty-one of our three systems. Two multiplied by nine (2x9), makes theFire, 584:The lines of least resistance in the three systems are: System I. Physical, mental, and atmic. TheFire, 627:combined evolutionary process of the two solar systems. It is the plane from whence all planetaryFire, 664:the central sun of our particular group of solar systems. This series involves the Pleiades. TheFire, 714:the solar system and its relationship to other systems, the polarity of one plane to another, andFire, 744:again a ten of perfection. Between Two Solar Systems. This covers the period of one hundred yearsFire, 786:on every plane is true of all forms in all systems and schemes, and is true of all thought-form.Fire, 845:till the final one of the triplicity of solar systems of our solar Logos. 12. The tree lower gradesFire, 848:may realize the interdependence of the various systems, and the place they hold in a greaterFire, 879:planetary Logoi in connection with seven solar systems. In them is hid the mystery of the three whoFire, 879:of perfection in another series of manifesting systems. The seven types of solar energy find theFire, 980:of God Who has constructed the universe of solar systems. Just as the Christian speaks about theFire, 1085:or the sumtotal of all stars and starry systems. A cosmic wheel, or a group of sevenFire, 1088:This covers the period of three major solar systems - that preceding this one, the present, and theFire, 1089:monadic Wheel covering the period of three solar systems, lies hid the mystery of monadicFire, 1092:of the primary colors of the three solar systems. The monadic systemic wheel, which concerns thisFire, 1105:The interplay between planets, or between systems and constellations, of which an illustration canFire, 1117:or human atoms. Whole suns with their allied systems in their immensity play the part of atoms.Fire, 1151:a plane out of the darkness which exists between systems is produced not only as the result ofFire, 1155:obscuration of the three suns, or of three solar systems. Solar pralaya - The obscuration of aFire, 1155:hundred years of Brahma. Period between solar systems. Incidental pralaya - The obscuration of aFire, 1156:be borne in mind that though the three solar systems (the past, the present and that which is toFire, 1169:constellation. The cosmic marriage of stars and Systems is the cause of the occasional irregularFire, 1226:kalpas which antedate the triplicity of solar systems which we can dimly vision, and it is theFire, 1254:that particular department. There will be seven systems, though we are only concerned with theFire, 1257:of the vision developed being within the seven systems which form (along with our solar system) theFire, 1283:in space soundeth yet. Discord ariseth in many systems. When all is resolved into harmony, when allGlamour, 132:application. Hence the enforced ideological systems of our modern times and of the present day, andGlamour, 138:to interpret and to formulate into temporary systems of knowledge. There are many such, workingGlamour, 178:schools of true meditation and in the Raja Yoga systems have prepared the aspirant. These stagesGlamour, 186:mental dissertations until the great theological systems were built up which we call, for instance,Glamour, 187:Christians and churchmen within the theological systems; these, however, spend not their time inHealing, 56:organs, nerves, brain tissue and interrelated systems which compose that intricate piece ofHealing, 77:physical system must never be forgotten. The two systems form one close interlocking directorate,Healing, 85:and is controlled. Thus these three great systems are related. The entire glandular system to theHealing, 86:of the lack of coordination of these three systems that the healing art is at this time failing toHealing, 99:to deal with the pathology of disease, with its systems and their maleficent [100] indications.Healing, 142:at base of spine Adrenal glands These three systems are very closely related to each other andHealing, 142:combined energies and forces of the three above systems. This will be an idea of some novelty toHealing, 143:blood.[143] Only when these four interrelated systems are viewed as one integrated whole and as theHealing, 143:blood stream is governed by Neptune. These four systems are in reality the manifestation of theHealing, 189:Disease The Etheric Body, Nervous and Endocrine Systems What I have to say here is based uponHealing, 189:The combined energies of the three above systems, and pointed out that the great combination ofHealing, 190:found in the three major interlocking, directing systems. [191] You have, therefore, three systemsHealing, 191:systems. [191] You have, therefore, three systems to carry in your minds, and one carrier orHealing, 191:idealistic but factually unsound and untrue systems to which we give the name Unity, Mental ScienceHealing, 191:Mental Science and Christian Science. These systems present as immediate, demonstrableHealing, 192:diseases emanating from the three interlocking systems, but at the same time a much greaterHealing, 193:Much of the violent autosuggestion of the systems allied to Christian Science and Unity are onlyHealing, 197:of nadis, nerves and glands. These three major systems within the human being express through theHealing, 197:the glands to the centers, with the intermediate systems of nadis, and nerves. The next great moveHealing, 198:possibility. Man will some day have the three systems perfectly coordinated, psychically responsiveHealing, 276:now gathered re the physical body, its various systems, their interrelation and their effect uponHealing, 276:to the etheric body and its incident circulatory systems of energy, its interlocking relationshipsHealing, 279:cures for all diseases, the many who practice systems founded on the Abrams mode of diagnosis, andHealing, 279:methods, as well as the various healing systems which are completely divorced from medicine butHealing, 281:of disease, with medical diagnosis or with systems of applied physical means to bring about curesHealing, 332:of energy, connects all the centers into two systems - one major and one minor - and radiates outHealing, 373:upon some patent cure-all and despises all other systems of diet or method, it will not be possibleHealing, 473:the heart, and affecting also the three great systems which so potently condition the physical man:Healing, 504:Life which enfolds all the seven planetary systems which in Themselves express the Life of ourHealing, 528:It will also explain why the various healing systems which are practiced today throughout the worldHealing, 528:above. The philosophies endorsed by the various systems such as Unity and Christian Science areHealing, 627:the case presented today by the various healing systems of the world which mankind has evolved.Healing, 627:and interlocking directorate of the following systems, and that - from the point of view of theHealing, 627:the point of view of the esotericist - these systems are symbols of great cosmic processes: TheHealing, 628:permeate and animate this entire aggregation of systems: the life stream and the consciousness
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