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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TABULATED

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Astrology, 268:receptive to those energies which we have tabulated under the term hierarchical and which haveAstrology, 454:It might be of service if I here briefly tabulated again for you certain of these major inferencesDiscipleship1, 370:and the exterior effect of your ray forces as tabulated below: The soul ray - the second Ray ofDiscipleship2, 97:an Ashram you may find. There are many. A short, tabulated statement as to the unique work whichEducation, 9:bodies of facts, ascertained by thinkers and tabulated in books, and their application to theEducation, 11:of growth might most inadequately and briefly be tabulated as follows, based upon the process ofFire, 243:adaptation that necessarily ensues. It might be tabulated as follows, in an effort to clarify byFire, 433:through the body of the Chohan. It might be tabulated thus: The magical force of the seventh LogosFire, 479:Man or a solar Logos. The process might be tabulated as follows: The life takes primitive form. TheFire, 781:each plane the work is threefold, and might be tabulated as follows: 1. The response within theFire, 843:consideration of the egoic groups and briefly tabulated the evolutions, remembering that in thisFire, 925:in deed. The method of form production may be tabulated as follows: [926] FORM PRODUCTION DivineFire, 931:point in he evolution, and some of them might be tabulated as follows: 1. The builders of the humanHealing, 136:into certain basic statements which can be tabulated as follows: We live in a world of energies andMagic, 34:nature and character. The scientist has tabulated, investigated and analyzed the forms; names haveMagic, 200:average aspirant. Let us then enumerate them in tabulated form, and then we will deal briefly withMagic, 267:Let me here make some statements in brief tabulated form, which will produce a truer understandingMeditation, 38:forty-two. The process of synthesis might be tabulated as follows: [39] Mental plane 1st subplaneMeditation, 67:race becomes more clairvoyant, they will also be tabulated and checked. The geometrical formsMeditation, 197:have not been scientifically comprehended or tabulated, except by various occult and esotericMeditation, 199:matter of those bodies will be scientifically tabulated and all knowledge gained will be definitelyPatanjali, 181:the consideration of the means, one by one) we tabulated them carefully, giving their synonymsPatanjali, 190:this sutra and for the sake of clarity might be tabulated as follows: 1. As a man thinketh so isPsychology2, 83:characteristics and techniques which are here tabulated anent the rays) then some further light canPsychology2, 116:in his own life might also be shown in tabulated form: The world of souls on the higher mentalPsychology2, 700:relationships in his own life, might also be tabulated: The world of souls on the higher mentalRays, 511:upon the antahkarana. You will find below, in tabulated form, the teaching anent the six stages soSoul, 26:Christ would no doubt have found Himself neatly tabulated and classified, as suffering from aTelepathy, 159:useless information. Let me embody it in a tabulated statement, beginning with a few points earlier
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