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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TALK

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Externalisation, 345:of the well-meaning people of the world who talk vaguely and beautifully about love but refuse toExternalisation, 365:of the life of the nations. These can think, and talk, and work in preparation for the future.Externalisation, 380:the lesser leaders in Germany, for instance, talk to the people in their homes, and then only toExternalisation, 444:till then. Let the soporific of beautiful peace talk die out and let sane methods of establishingExternalisation, 468:recurring resurrection. I would like to talk with you anent the Christ, about His work as head ofExternalisation, 475:ideas of the church-trained public and talk "Peace, peace" when there was no peace, and present aExternalisation, 620:or in which the aspirant cannot meditate, think, talk and prepare the way for the coming of theExternalisation, 626:is the proof, for although there was much talk of "saving the world for democracy" and "fighting aExternalisation, 682:and the Triangles, and through my disciples who talk and spread the truth as I have sought toFire, 802:about which would-be occult students so glibly talk is after all but the freeing of the atom fromGlamour, 186:has been the illusion that in the West today men talk of the "temporal power of the CatholicHealing, 13:you seek verbal expression, and if you want to talk within the limits of the human mind, you canHealing, 71:difficulty. It is not much use at this time to talk of the remedy. One does not say to an influenzaHealing, 181:spine. There has been much idle and dangerous talk anent this center, and the whole subject of theHealing, 205:back to the basic factor, in spite of all their talk anent love being the healing force. They areHealing, 259:and eventual liberation. There has been much talk among esotericist (particularly in the EasternHealing, 320:of some disease or the origin of some form. We talk of a germ or seed of life; we refer to the germHealing, 508:not personalities, no matter how glibly they may talk about their personalities. For example, theHercules, 160:forms that prevents us from seeing it. We talk about spiritual love, devotion to the Christ,Hercules, 162:Remember, the day is coming when we shall talk about the soul as we now talk about the personality,Hercules, 162:when we shall talk about the soul as we now talk about the personality, as something from which weHercules, 165:you know about these things the less you can talk about them. I know what is right for me and IHercules, 168:In one book they are enumerated: cruel gossip; talk of the self, selfish talk; and casting ofHercules, 168:cruel gossip; talk of the self, selfish talk; and casting of pearls before swine. What does thatHercules, 175:ourselves rather than to the other persons. We talk, about being impersonal in our dealing. If weHercules, 193:water of life and the river of love. I cannot talk, about those two rivers because I do not knowHercules, 193:rivers because I do not know what they are. Many talk about life and love; they use words. I do notHercules, 202:are too busy doing salvage work to have time to talk about themselves. They work throughHercules, 203:it will keep you busy; you will have no time to talk about love, you will be busy doing things, bigInitiation, 74:of the world; working, and wasting no energy in talk. Yet withal he should speak whereIntellect, 162:function in the realm of the intuition and shall talk in terms of the intuition with as muchIntellect, 162:of the intuition with as much facility as we now talk in terms of the mind, and endeavor toIntellect, 217:the attitude of silence. Aspirants to meditation talk much about the opposition they meet fromIntellect, 218:are the worst offenders in this respect. People talk too much. It is nobody's business what we doIntellect, 218:our time every morning, and there is no need to talk about it to our households, or to enjoin uponMagic, 8:have this essential unity in mind e'en when they talk (as they needs must) in finite terms of thatMagic, 334:physical eye. Increasingly will people think and talk in terms of light, and the effect of theMagic, 334:units of varying degrees of brightness and shall talk and think increasingly in terms ofMagic, 375:aware of Itself as well as of the form, and we talk then in terms of the higher and the lower self;Magic, 476:being somewhat understood. Study the method of talk which is now the main factor employed toMagic, 477:will men be led on into the new age, wherein "talk will die out and books come to naught" for theMagic, 487:motive wrongly construed. You add not to the talk, you do not hand on the information, as far asMagic, 523:expression be grasped in a clearer fashion. I talk now in symbols; I manipulate words in order toMagic, 523:- Rule Twelve - The Prisoners of the Planet I talk to you of laws, and I seek to formulate themMagic, 559:to keep silent. By premature speech and too much talk, he slays that which he has attempted toMagic, 593:eliminated. There has been much loose talk about the raising of the kundalini fire and muchMagic, 622:the mist of idealism, of lovely plans and much talk and arranging, many are in the meantimeProblems, 118:an outstanding necessity. There is today much talk about goodwill and a constant use of the word;Problems, 175:take place until the United Nations begin to talk in terms of humanity as a whole and not in termsPsychology1, 15:of achievement. Many these days like to [15] talk and think in terms of that One Life, but itPsychology1, 188:lips to words of hatred and of criticism, and to talk in terms of brotherhood and of groupPsychology1, 207:and often pessimistic. He will generally talk well and have a sense of humor, but he varies betweenPsychology1, 315:in esoteric circles much idle and oft foolish talk anent the ray upon which a man may be found.Psychology1, 374:The principle of coordination about which men talk has reference, in the last analysis, to thisPsychology1, 374:for "vital" action everywhere emphasized. We talk of the necessity of increasing human vitality andPsychology2, 13:somewhat realize. They are those disciples who talk too much and too soon and too self-centeredly,Psychology2, 90:from one dimension to another, until today we talk in terms of a fourth dimensional state ofPsychology2, 90:we live, and of the forces of nature. Today we talk in terms of air mastery just as five hundredPsychology2, 290:Bodies In theosophical literature, there is much talk anent the various elementals or lunar lordsPsychology2, 621:this should be obvious. Mistakes in speech, idle talk and gossip, the effects of the leaders' wordsPsychology2, 632:They [632] see no light in the darkness, and talk wildly of our civilization being doomed. OthersRays, 178:radiant heart of the Sun. Remember that when we talk and think in symbols, we are placing somethingRays, 214:that it is, and that they have to learn not to talk if they hope to take initiation. Some would doRays, 596:one hundred years ago; today they are the common talk and phrases of the man in the street. TheRays, 597:it demonstrates upon the mental plane, we then talk of ideas, concepts, philosophies andRays, 612:types of men - sincerely or insincerely - the talk of the newspapers, on the radio and upon theRays, 667:for the "new man" has to learn to walk, to talk, and to create; the consciousness is now, however,Reappearance, 125:them life and life abundantly. There is much talk these days concerning the mysteries ofReappearance, 125:The counterfeit ever guarantees the true. The talk, the discussions, the silly claim-making, theReappearance, 167:or in which the aspirant cannot meditate, think, talk and prepare the way for the coming of theReappearance, 174:is the proof, for, although there was much talk of "saving the world for democracy" and "fighting aTelepathy, 9:another group heart. The phrase "heart to heart talk," so often used, is usually a misnomer at thisTelepathy, 72:of the Universal Mind. The light and futile talk of certain writers and thinkers anent the cosmicTelepathy, 148:the horse on which you ride, the man to whom you talk, are sharing with you the vast circulatory
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