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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TALKED

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Astrology, 254:lies behind all that I have given you. We have talked of the two ways of proceeding around theAstrology, 542:The evil men who guided the destiny of Germany talked of world groups and of the European Order ofAutobiography, X:Thursday afternoon December 15th, 1949. As we talked together that last afternoon she said, "I haveAutobiography, 26:curtsies and thus endured the misery of being talked to and inspected until our governess came toAutobiography, 26:what will people think or say? You will be talked about if you do so and so; that is not the sortAutobiography, 36:I said nothing but simply listened whilst He talked quite emphatically. Having said what He hadAutobiography, 37:Their existence, I met one of Them and that He talked with me. The value is to be found also in theAutobiography, 38:purpose in mind. So much nonsense has been talked along these lines and so many claims made byAutobiography, 53:seemed to require. I hesitated and wondered and talked it over with my aunt, and she also hesitatedAutobiography, 54:current papers, play chess and checkers and be talked to by us if they were feeling lonely, fed-upAutobiography, 65:but I was appallingly shocked at them. They talked about gambling and racing; they drank a lot ofAutobiography, 75:to see me when I was in London in 1934 and we talked of those far away times. He is doing well. IAutobiography, 84:sent there. Surely, if it existed, it should be talked about particularly since God used hell soAutobiography, 84:I spouted my piece; I declaimed vociferously; I talked and I emphasized the dire need of myAutobiography, 89:to handle a situation, in spite of all the bunk talked by nice, well meaning devotees. The MasterAutobiography, 90:fail. I've always been annoyed at the rubbish talked by people about "recovering their pastAutobiography, 97:at him through the lace curtain and laughing. We talked for two hours and she told me to leave theAutobiography, 105:III Since then I have thought and read and talked about this [106] problem of the minorities. IAutobiography, 114:of them. I found more people in the parish who talked my language, but it was a bad time in manyAutobiography, 139:I learnt that when I, in my orthodox days, talked about Christ [140] and His Church I was reallyAutobiography, 155:"Oh, then, He must be my Master, for I've talked with Him and been under His guidance ever since."Autobiography, 166:got my opportunity for an interview with K.H. we talked the whole thing through. He assured me thatAutobiography, 199:background for we here in America have always talked more freely to strangers than has ever beenAutobiography, 208:case of Foster Bailey, my husband. He and I have talked this over and decided it would not beAutobiography, 218:must do what you think best for the girls." I talked it over most carefully with Foster and weBethlehem, 23:lies ahead of them. There is much foolishness talked these days in connection with initiation, andBethlehem, 94:of God? What do these words mean? We have talked of the kingdom of Heaven in terms of separation.Bethlehem, 179:in our racial history wherein He walked and talked and lived an ordinary human life? Did He serveDiscipleship1, 525:the May Full Moon, you may find that we may have talked the matter out, the glamor may haveDiscipleship1, 585:made it possible for them to serve; you have talked to groups on service and yet with no results,Discipleship1, 590:will meet the present need around you? You have talked much. Can you now begin to work? Of yourDiscipleship2, 158:it; too little understood; too much has been talked about love and not enough has been realized asDiscipleship2, 257:me freely in your waking consciousness and talked with me face to face may be due to the fact thatDiscipleship2, 406:on Initiation - Part X Part X For years we have talked about group initiation, and it remains asDiscipleship2, 715:you can shoulder should be, I feel, talked over with A.A.B., but only if you so desire. If you willEducation, 5:enough humanity has always realized this and has talked therefore in terms of "achieving unity" orExternalisation, 346:casual use of a current word in my mind when I talked to all of you in terms of goodwill and of theExternalisation, 423:meet the need of the most intelligent. I have talked in terms of the union of Eastern and WesternExternalisation, 444:precede the discussion of peace. The world talked itself into a dreamy state of idealistic rhapsodyGlamour, 253:Breath There has been a great deal of nonsense talked and taught about the science of the breath.Hercules, 125:centaurs, known unto the gods. They stopped and talked and for a time Hercules forgot the object ofProblems, 147:of Man Much has been written, preached and talked about brotherhood. So much has been said and soPsychology2, 39:bring about that order that his soul craved. He talked with all he met, but his bewildermentPsychology2, 90:(when such a thing was deemed impossible) they talked in terms of the mastery of oceans. We areRays, 214:Some would do a great deal better if they talked more than they do - along right lines. The silenceReappearance, 121:Chaps. 2 and 3) God Himself walked among men; He talked with them and there was no barrier between
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