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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TALKING

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Astrology, 29:I would have you remember that I am talking entirely in terms of consciousness and of the responsesAstrology, 352:remains, producing the same basic illusion. I am talking here in terms of ancient facts and not inAtom, 37:functions, or makes itself felt. When we are talking in these lectures of energy and force, and ofAtom, 152:contradicted. We shall find some astronomers talking about "star-drift," and saying that the drift,Autobiography, 75:the managers, holding endless Gospel meetings, talking to the soldiers about their souls or theirAutobiography, 75:of the soldier very well and never found them talking as portrayed by Rudyard Kipling. In fact, theAutobiography, 80:the carving knife and begged him to leave off talking and do it. When he saw the knife he gotAutobiography, 89:His job is world direction. He never runs around talking sweet platitudes to perfectly mediocreAutobiography, 98:ill to combat those phobias successfully. After talking to me for a little while he got up from hisAutobiography, 105:with my husband and a couple of professors talking about the beautiful address we had had when Dr.Autobiography, 117:of this, is there? and I don't feel hilarious talking about it. A most peculiar and difficult yearAutobiography, 124:a theological training and I know what I am talking about. Intelligent young men will no longerAutobiography, 130:the factory was standing by listening to a group talking about me in this way and watching meAutobiography, 131:she did not see me. She was with a friend and talking in a loud, clear voice and I could hear everyAutobiography, 134:do not think anyone in the room knew what he was talking about. Nothing that he said made any senseAutobiography, 135:to read and I was in and out of their home, talking and asking questions, a great deal. My daysAutobiography, 206:wanted to hear and learn and it was worth while talking to them. I have always liked lecturing andAutobiography, 210:the things that matter." We spent about an hour talking about things spiritual and the need forAutobiography, 217:and spent a little time with us there, talking over many things, laying her various ideas beforeBethlehem, 150:behold, there appeared unto them Moses and Elias talking with him. Then answered Peter, and saidBethlehem, 246:our time clothed in white robes, singing and talking upon religious matters. We have outgrown theseDiscipleship1, X:stupidity has been demonstrated in writing and talking about the relationship of Master andDiscipleship1, 166:to use it (employing an American phrase) as a talking point. The above is simply a summation of theDiscipleship1, 493:and liabilities. There is too much loose talking re "calling in the soul" or similar terms. Yet itDiscipleship1, 538:and interests must continue to be met, but I am talking to you in terms of inner orientations,Discipleship1, 590:question. But work is done by action and not by talking. It is done by helping the people in yourDiscipleship1, 668:misled, is towards good and understanding. I am talking here in connection with world affairs.Discipleship2, 254:therefore, realizes what St. Paul meant when - talking in hierarchical terms - he said "All thingsDiscipleship2, 552:walking your group brothers, and all of you are talking on the way. You stand before the door, theDiscipleship2, 552:stand within the circle of those who talk and, talking, cannot hear the Master's voice." StandExternalisation, 129:national stakes and interests are all the talking points of the leaders today. But the real issueExternalisation, 183:is being recognized. The totalitarian powers are talking of the "new order in Europe"; theExternalisation, 234:and fanatical pacifism or through the loud talking and wishful thinking of those who hate war andExternalisation, 606:remoteness and vagueness and realize that I am talking of exact and literal happenings on ourFire, 981:of words and to refrain from ordinary methods of talking. Then the new language will be theirs andHealing, 255:me to do more specific teaching and more direct talking on these matters. Have you any idea of theHealing, 340:now to accustom itself to live in water. I am talking from the standpoint of the form. The intenseHealing, 427:of the mother, comes to know the Father. I am talking to you in symbols. Second: All the processesHealing, 447:in it for the entire twenty-four hours (talking in terms of physical plane time) instead of for hisHealing, 451:which has brought down fire from heaven. I am talking to you factually and not just symbolically.Hercules, 161:about the life of the soul, very [161] copious talking about things for which people may not as yetHercules, 168:we have problems presupposes our harmfulness. Talking about oneself, we are always occupied withHercules, 168:our own affairs. Casting pearls before swine: talking about the occult troubles for which theHercules, 200:and silence, where the assertive man, tired of talking of himself and pushing himself forward,Hercules, 203:of world servers? You will never get there by talking about it, or by theoretical appreciation ofHercules, 204:and really learn to meditate. I am not [204] talking of entering into the silence, of sitting downIntellect, 107:expressed in the simple words: Pay attention. In talking to people, in reading a book, in writing aIntellect, 130:" and "downwards," "higher" and "lower," we are talking symbolically. One of the first things aIntellect, 207:in home or office, social life or profession, talking to a friend, or whatever may be the activityIntellect, 254:themselves running hither and thither serving, talking, writing and working so that they end byMagic, 10:constant use, so that we will know what we are talking about, and the significance of the terms weMagic, 301:in it for the entire twenty-four hours (talking in terms of physical plane time) instead of for hisMagic, 362:the twelve-petalled lotus. We are of course talking entirely in terms of the form aspect here. TheMagic, 448:All the time, quite unrealizing it, man is talking in occult terms and evidencing an innerMagic, 555:to avoid the use of personal pronouns when talking pictorially and symbolically. If the studentMagic, 573:the scrutiny of the Inner Ruler and who - after talking or after joining in the give and take ofProblems, 14:with planning a better world and thousands are talking about the possibility. All ideas whichProblems, 91:appealing minorities; others are using them as "talking points" for their own ends or areProblems, 94:vision of a better world, who are thinking and talking and planning in terms of humanity, and whoProblems, 175:are reserved by the nations involved as "talking and bargaining points". The problem ofPsychology1, 57:of his entire evolutionary experience. Let us, talking necessarily in symbols, consider thePsychology2and consider this treatise on psychology, we are talking in symbols. This is necessarily so, for wePsychology2, 315:we remember [315] constantly that we shall be talking always in terms of consciousness and of soulPsychology2, 743:of immediate and practical application. They are talking of understanding and cooperation in allRays, 63:of the lower aspect of the personality (I am talking in symbols), that this flowering forth shouldRays, 134:which has brought down fire from heaven. I am talking to you factually and not just symbolically.Rays, 496:and interests must continue to be met, but I am talking in terms of inner orientations, dynamicReappearance, 54:remoteness and vagueness and realize that we are talking of exact and literal happenings on our
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