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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TANGIBLE

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Glamour, 149:center. Glamor is subtle and emotional. Maya is tangible and etheric. [150] Such are the forces ofGlamour, 244:as the Manipulator of energy, the Creator of the tangible and the intangible worlds, the PervaderGlamour, 247:aware that the dense physical body (the outer tangible appearance) is only an automaton, obedientHealing, 82:etheric body, plus the inability of the outer tangible form to respond adequately to the inner andHealing, 83:providing five major points of contact with the tangible world, but it also enables a man toHealing, 103:[103] and as if he were working in his group in tangible form. This real linking is brought aboutHealing, 141:interlocking directorates. This is a relatively tangible network of energies and forces which areHealing, 141:the man. 3. The endocrine system. This is the tangible and exoteric expression of the activity ofHealing, 196:as a system built up in response to a [196] tangible environment yet holds sway in the West. TheHealing, 196:of threads of energy) underlying the more tangible nerves, we shall have moved forward in ourHealing, 243:within the patient's own interior mechanism - tangible or intangible - and those which are in theHealing, 273:profession will then be away from the outer, tangible, physical effects and to the inner causes, asHealing, 348:but this connotes a definite stage of almost tangible proof. When unduly potent, they produce acuteHealing, 377:People frequently are so preoccupied with the tangible instrument on this side of the veil thatHealing, 377:hear sounds which lie outside the range of the tangible. You say that the spirits state that theyHealing, 379:the focused direction of thought. From then on tangible rapport with the spirit world will beHealing, 400:of conscious life as long as the physical, tangible form exists and persists, but also teaches thatHealing, 401:average human being to life, withdrawn from a tangible vehicle; it ignores all evidence to theHealing, 454:attention is no longer directed towards things tangible and physical, but is turned upon anotherHealing, 460:I am dealing with a subject of which there is no tangible physical proof. Occasionally men areHealing, 466:forces for several inches external to the tangible body. It is at this point in the experience ofHealing, 478:disappeared which was an integral part of the tangible appearance of our planet. That which hasHealing, 531:recognize the facts anent the objective and the tangible; this is not as yet being done;Healing, 583:active energies in all that is manifested and tangible upon the physical plane as well as on allHealing, 586:the appearance of the third form of energy - the tangible and the objective. Life will eventuallyHealing, 588:of divinity, produce the soul and then the tangible manifested world; then there is demonstrated inHealing, 597:in this case, and to the healer, means the outer tangible form; there are other significances, butHealing, 614:right point of view. The endocrine glands are a tangible part of the physical body; they areHealing, 655:The means of contact are subtle and not tangible. The energy released follows a direct line ofHercules, 10:are now penetrating. Everything outer and tangible is a symbol of inner creative forces and it isHercules, 11:to reject the lure and the pull of the outer tangible form. The second key thought can be expressedHercules, 115:any other expression of divinity and so make tangible and objective that for which the wholeHercules, 151:God is in my fellow man, in this physical, tangible world in which I live, and if I have no form,Intellect, 96:a divine thought, idea, or truth and are the tangible manifestation of a divine concept. When a manIntellect, 131:transcendental. We proceed upon hypothesis. The tangible and the objective are temporarilyMagic, 20:world, whether viewed as that which is tangible, or as that which is sensitive and coherent, orMagic, 28:is regarded by the majority as really solid and tangible, yet possessing some mysterious powerMagic, 31:in connection with the solid mechanism of the tangible form, through the spleen. Magic, 86:life, and desire for the acquisition of the tangible. The relation between the mind and the brain,Magic, 105:that do not emanate specifically from the tangible world. The dark light of the tiny atoms of whichMagic, 142:the efficacy of sound in producing all that is tangible and visible. The Hindus say veryMagic, 169:not know; he expects that it may be so, but no tangible assurance is given; from a study of himselfMagic, 239:hours have been expended on realities and on tangible happenings, and how many on illusoryMagic, 283:as a form or aspect of matter and as relatively tangible as the outer objective form. To him theMagic, 332:on the atom and on atomic forms) produce the tangible concrete shapes to which we give names in theMagic, 448:of producing outward manifesting results and tangible effects. Given aspiration, however, andMagic, 450:is regarded by the majority as really solid and tangible, yet possessing some mysterious powerMagic, 453:in connection with the solid mechanism of the tangible form through the spleen. It is not, ofMagic, 458:idea out of the Universal Mind into the world of tangible forms. These are: The energies emanatingMagic, 492:of the soul, and not by personality desire. The tangible results are ever dependent upon theMagic, 496:attention is no longer directed towards things tangible and physical but is turned upon anotherMagic, 549:of Reality what we call the dense physical body, tangible and objective, is but an illusion. We areMagic, 566:of the dense physical sheath, the instrument of tangible organic manifestation. We can also studyMagic, 611:sounds which will produce concretion and the tangible appearance of form. The Secret DoctrinePatanjali, 23:as follows: The thought images of that which is tangible, [24] objective and which has been knownPatanjali, 25:not regarded as a principle, but simply as the tangible outcome of the activity of the realPatanjali, 32:is formlessness or freedom from objective and tangible manifestation, and the true significance ofPatanjali, 34:is but a symbol of an inner reality, our whole tangible objective world being built up of form, ofPatanjali, 67:through the lens of the eye, the aspect of the tangible form, upon [68] the wonderful film whichPatanjali, 96:the consciousness of the atoms composing any tangible form, and can advance further and enter intoPatanjali, 98:[98] senses; i.e., the rose is the objective tangible form; its scent is the "thing subtle" back ofPatanjali, 99:innermost: The gross - form, bhutas, rational tangible sheaths. The subtle - the nature orPatanjali, 142:practice and through subjection to a world of tangible forms, our physical plane activities arePatanjali, 157:which deal primarily with man's reaction to the tangible objective world. The five elements: ether,Patanjali, 157:channels through which identification with the tangible world becomes possible. The five organs ofPatanjali, 162:fall into five groups of thought forms: The tangible objective forms in the physical world of everyPatanjali, 188:sense. Every sheath has its densest and most tangible form and this must be kept clean, for therePatanjali, 196:correctly the amount of the divine which a form (tangible, objective, or of words) clothes. ItPatanjali, 196:the ability of the aspirant to construct a form (tangible, objective, or of words) which willPatanjali, 197:has reference not only to the taking of things tangible and physical, but has reference also toPatanjali, 211:veiling a divine thought, idea or truth, the tangible manifestation of a divine concept. The goalPatanjali, 234:and not the object. His meditation excludes the tangible. 21. By concentrated meditation upon thePatanjali, 265:Characteristics of the form. In this phrase the tangible outward aspects of the form are seen. ThePatanjali, 271:the cosmic AUM, just so long will the objective tangible solar system persist. The followingPatanjali, 279:with effects. He perceives that which causes the tangible to appear, that is the thoughts whichPatanjali, 280:and not the object. His meditation excludes the tangible. All that he is "awake" to in hisPatanjali, 280:is the cause of the eventual appearing of forms, tangible and objective, on the physical plane.Patanjali, 281:standpoint of the occultist and not the dense tangible sheath. The yogi, through concentration andPatanjali, 282:withdraws itself out of the matter aspect (the tangible objective form), that form is no longer toPatanjali, 366:and yet the light is seen. To him, the tangible but demonstrates the intangible, and both revealProblems, 93:however, are still material, physical and tangible and are presented idealistically but withProblems, 157:their part in demonstration of the world of non-tangible life and values; all these factorsPsychology1, 11:is constructing something that is relatively tangible and governed by certain building laws. ThePsychology1, 18:or objective expression; it is that illusory tangible outer appearance which is animated by life.Psychology1, 38:mind body or nature. Thoughts become to him so tangible that he is swayed, turned and influenced byPsychology1, 48:and the emerging Life aspect behind the tangible manifestations. They correspond, in the humanPsychology1, 52:factor unifying the inner quality and the outer tangible form or appearance. This work goes onPsychology1, 56:them: The soul of all the atoms, composing the tangible appearance. The personal soul or the subtlePsychology1, 56:spirit, soul and body, through the medium of a tangible form. In the process of differentiationPsychology1, 69:Life, and how His energies (having produced the tangible objective worlds) are turned to thePsychology1, 93:all we can really know with certainty is the tangible world of phenomena, with its forms, itsPsychology1, 94:link the intangible world of true being with the tangible world (so-called) of form life? WhenPsychology1, 98:veil which separates the world of external and tangible phenomena from that of subjective being andPsychology1, 131:and of greater prominence than the dense tangible physical body. This is the body of light in whichPsychology1, 177:so widening his horizon that a synthesis of the tangible and the intangible will take place. ThisPsychology1, 193:by this the world of external appearance and of tangible forms. The quality that emerges throughPsychology1, 224:in the concrete world. We are considering the tangible and objective world. The internalPsychology1, 229:of dense objective or solid matter - is the tangible result of the interplay of the energies andPsychology1, 229:substance has been condensed into the dense tangible objective world. This - under the evolutionaryPsychology1, 330:whereby he grows is the world of experience, the tangible physical plane world. There he dwells in
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