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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TASK

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Astrology, 54:duality" (love-wisdom) and that the major task of man is the "regulation of the pairs ofAstrology, 121:the soul from captivity and its return into the task of the world Savior. The great achievement isAstrology, 128:the Path of Discipleship and of Probation. The task of the disciple is to understand theirAstrology, 130:the two opposing lives together." It is the task of Venus to "reunite the severed lives but with noAstrology, 131:with the Great Illusion which it is the major task of man in this particular world cycle to masterAstrology, 131:It is the revelation of the Real which is the task all initiates undertake after the finalAstrology, 142:human body. It is, therefore, symbolic of the task of the liberated Aquarian who dispensesAstrology, 148:for aeons, and expresses the end of the enforced task and sacrifice and planetary service. ThisAstrology, 149:be illumined by the light of the soul. When the task of Saturn and of Mercury has beenAstrology, 178:to some new and higher objective, with the task of refocusing himself towards a higher goal andAstrology, 185:to the soul, for that is essentially the task of the Fixed Cross and the goal of the disciple. ItAstrology, 213:the other side through death or relinquishes his task in order to take up other duties. The bloodAstrology, 252:you at length this universal recognition of the task of Virgo; it is needless for me to do so as itAstrology, 264:It will be obvious to you that the task of Mercury in connection with humanity has gone forwardAstrology, 273:the light of day and of manifestation, then the task of that great center we call humanity will beAstrology, 273:cyclically and ceaselessly their appointed task. They, therefore, are primarily concerned with theAstrology, 279:of the two solar systems have done their task in: Preparing the vehicle of reception andAstrology, 295:by his environment but begins the arduous task of conditioning it in relation to the divine planAstrology, 299:time of the full moon, will be dedicated to the task of making contact, via the Hierarchy, withAstrology, 386:in his activity we find the key to the soul's task upon the eternal round of the wheel of life. YouAstrology, 394:tremendously increases the already difficult task of the Taurian subject. Only indirectly does theAstrology, 397:selfless service of the salvaging initiate. The task of the Taurian is a hard one for he embodiesAstrology, 401:stage of personality development and power. The task of Uranus, hidden in the depths, is to awakenAstrology, 401:which gives indication of the success of the task which the Uranian forces undertook. AchievementAstrology, 414:a law in nature, and it might be said that the task of the disciple is to become consciously awareAstrology, 445:to whose hearts and hands is committed the heavy task, incident to the reorganization and theAstrology, 473:will prove futile to accomplish their intended task. In studying the moments of crisis, it must beAstrology, 491:time, Virgo and Pisces are carrying the major task of transmitting second ray energy. Today theAstrology, 493:Divine Manasaputra) into the seat of power. This task is pre-eminently entrusted to the three greatAstrology, 498:life of humanity upon Earth - this is no easy task. We have completed what I felt possible toAstrology, 506:work further along and is occupied with the task of synthesizing into one unit of consciousAstrology, 507:fusion with the fifth body, the personality. The task of our planetary Logos and of all advancedAstrology, 532:It will be under the same "impression" for my task is not yet completed and this series of bridgingAstrology, 574:is but the beginning." [574] He recognizes his task of mediatorship which is the major task of theAstrology, 574:his task of mediatorship which is the major task of the Hierarchy, mediating between Shamballa andAstrology, 574:He knows that he must carry forward the dual task of invocation and evocation simultaneously - theAstrology, 575:awakening of mass aspiration you must add the task of evoking the response to world need in theAstrology, 589:Aspects of the Will We have now the difficult task of considering an aspect of divine manifestationAstrology, 619:the relation of the three constellations in the task of expressing Ray One: Astrology, 627:phenomenon, a Christ, the consummation of the task of matter and its elevation into heaven. InAstrology, 629:has - in this solar system - undertaken the task of developing conscious "awareness of Itself inAtom, 32:view, and in these talks I have set myself the task of working along this third line, for to me itAutobiography, 1:the spiritual guidance of humanity, and for the task of leading mankind out of darkness into Light,Autobiography, 255:that was intended. She has shrunk from the task, owing to the disrepute into which the wholeAutobiography, 270:own volition. It is his definite, self-chosen task. He has been serving to the best of his abilityAutobiography, 273:disciples. This is necessarily so as the task is much harder, involving the striking of such aAutobiography, 278:can cooperate intelligently with the immediate task. 7. The Energies and Forces, which are the veryAutobiography, 280:both yours and ours. You are undertaking a task for which your life and all previous lives (if youAutobiography, 284:the problem of personality integration or at the task of developing the mind so that it mayAutobiography, 285:upon its agent, the personality. It is our task to train him to know his own soul and to beAutobiography, 294:work of the Christ and His disciples and for the task of preparing the minds of men for His coming.Autobiography, 298:Ones with achieved status sufficient to her task and that through her the direct impact ofAutobiography, 299:philosophy and cosmic law, who was given the task of providing that bridging teaching necessary toAutobiography, 299:undertaking in many ways is as difficult a task as one might well imagine and for this the ArcaneBethlehem, 9:their reinterpretation in modern terms is our task. [10] A point of crisis and of culmination hasBethlehem, 14:in no way [14] detracts from the unique task of the Christ and the unique function which He cameBethlehem, 14:the love of God makes clear the magnitude of the task He undertook - a task far beyond the powersBethlehem, 14:clear the magnitude of the task He undertook - a task far beyond the powers of any teacher orBethlehem, 15:have been for two thousand years) with the same task of bringing enlightenment and salvation toBethlehem, 18:to human beings the perfection of the task which each man could carry forward within himself,Bethlehem, 18:of the human and the divine which it is the task of all religions to aid. Each of us has to makeBethlehem, 24:of every aspect of one's nature. It is no easy task. To face the inevitable tests with which oneBethlehem, 60:and of sacrifice, thus qualifying for the task of world Savior. They brought light and revelationBethlehem, 66:two verses in the Bible convey light upon His task and its preparation. Isaiah tells us that "BreadBethlehem, 77:in the Temple and the acceptance of the task to be accomplished, Christ returns to the place ofBethlehem, 89:His mechanism was adjusted and ready for the task, and thus enabled to give proof of thatBethlehem, 95:kingdom in nature. This constitutes the great task of Christ. Through the power of His realizedBethlehem, 102:was strikingly the case with Jesus Christ. His task emerged in its dread implications before HisBethlehem, 103:are related to the carrying forward of the life task. Life takes on true significance. This is aBethlehem, 119:dissipated. This work constitutes the major task of all aspirants to the mysteries. "Illusion" isBethlehem, 131:had been cast into prison, Christ took up the task laid down by him, and went on with the preachingBethlehem, 164:and what new knowledge must be acquired. The task of the disciple is the understanding and the useBethlehem, 186:then rose from the dead to tell us that the long task of evolution had at last reached its finalBethlehem, 205:our divinity or our erring lower nature. Our task in life is to express divinity. And that divinityBethlehem, 206:is beginning to grip humanity. Christ's major task was the establishing of God's kingdom uponBethlehem, 222:which indicates his willingness to undertake the task of Savior. It is characteristic of all whoBethlehem, 235:of unfoldment which it has ever been the task of the Mysteries of all time to reveal. Again andBethlehem, 246:among us, often unrecognized, but busy with the task of world salvage and service. There is noBethlehem, 270:[270] suffers, and he has also to practice the task of loving. This is not easy. It calls forBethlehem, 270:race, and for men and women who will work at the task of perfecting the self in order that they mayBethlehem, 272:transcend themselves, becomes his self-appointed task. The sharing with them of the benefits of theBethlehem, 276:him. The preparation for this kingdom is the task of discipleship and constitutes the arduousBethlehem, 280:we have followed the Christ in His stupendous task, and we have studied the task in its uniqueness.Bethlehem, 280:in His stupendous task, and we have studied the task in its uniqueness. He did something of suchDestiny, 30:incarnation now, and to them is committed the task of organizing the activities of the new era andDestiny, 42:upon that which is above. It is the supreme task of bringing together in accordance with theDestiny, 42:and the outer tangible worlds. Such is the task of the white magician and as evolution proceeds andDestiny, 61:of life. That motto is: "I link two ways." Their task, which will develop as they come to truerDestiny, 76:the question is: Can she achieve the terrific task of decentralizing herself, of sacrificingDestiny, 119:owing to the unpreparedness of man for the task [120] and his ignorance as to the Plan. The Lord ofDestiny, 124:the three subhuman kingdoms. This is the major task of service which the fourth kingdom, throughDestiny, 127:thereby pushing apart religion and science. The task of the new age workers is to bring these twoDestiny, 129:points of energy (mental and physical), the next task of the worker in magic will be to produce aDestiny, 138:that great divine Life continues His beneficent task. The second initiation is closely related toDestiny, 146:server) is starting upon his self-appointed task. Hence the anchoring upon earth of the New GroupDestiny, 146:resultant outer chaos and upheaval, is given the task of expressing steadfastness, service andDiscipleship1, 26:can strengthen the hands of those whose task it is to awaken the intuition in man. There are manyDiscipleship1, 36:Observers are asked to remember that their great task is to dispel the world illusion through theDiscipleship1, 38:with the building of the antahkarana and their task is that of linking the three points of mentalDiscipleship1, 38:of the Manu and the race of men. It is a noble task, my brothers, to be channels for the will of
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