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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TASK

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Discipleship1, 726:can provide the answer. In the mastering of the task of karmic adjustment, the guiding disciple isDiscipleship1, 726:to good karma as well as bad. It is the task of the helping disciple to guide the chela in theDiscipleship1, 729:not the ready and the truly dedicated. [729] The task of the Master is to stimulate as many asDiscipleship1, 729:is still struggling with the first stages in the task of understanding the fires of the mind; theseDiscipleship1, 729:released disciples are more concerned with the task to be carried on and with the work to be done.Discipleship1, 729:to offset their influence and to this extent his task is harder, but he knows that they are on theDiscipleship1, 733:the use of the experience is at fault. It is the task of the accepted disciple to aid in theDiscipleship1, 733:by the answering of their own questions; the task of the Master is not to answer questions which,Discipleship1, 737:the Master; it is primarily and technically the task of the Master to evoke the direct response andDiscipleship1, 738:work done and progress made. He has instead the task of watching closely their note or vibrationDiscipleship1, 744:work and the Ashram life. He is engrossed in the task and the opportunity and not with the MasterDiscipleship1, 747:Do you, in reality, know what your life task is? Have you tried to carry this out in your currentDiscipleship1, 750:attention from vital efforts to the unimportant task of helping a disciple. [751] An acceptedDiscipleship1, 751:of his devotion to the Master. It becomes the task of more advanced chelas to protect the MasterDiscipleship1, 760:directions. When their status is not that, their task is to act as channels for the distribution ofDiscipleship1, 762:of paramount importance to the Master in the task of training the disciple for hierarchical work.Discipleship1, 771:attitude. To this group comes the difficult task of standing firmly on the physical plane againstDiscipleship1, 787:that was intended. She has shrunk from the task, owing to the disrepute into which the wholeDiscipleship2, 4:in this future work. As I enter upon the task of preparing you for future increased usefulness andDiscipleship2, 13:mind are united in service. I ask aid in the task of reconstruction. I ask for your consecratedDiscipleship2, 13:instruction with the simple statement as to the task which all disciples of the Masters throughoutDiscipleship2, 13:you also should consciously consider. It is the task of confronting the Dweller on the Threshold inDiscipleship2, 22:Such, brother of mine, is our appointed task. Out of all that might be said or written by me willDiscipleship2, 23:in the Ashram and in the Hierarchy itself. My task is to aid you in fusing the inner and the outerDiscipleship2, 23:in the Ashram life and in the Hierarchy. Your task is to develop sensitivity in these three classesDiscipleship2, 24:and directing power of his soul, because the task to be done is always too big for the personality.Discipleship2, 31:is clearly illumined in your minds. What is the task which confronts you, both as individuals andDiscipleship2, 31:as individuals and as a group? It is a fivefold task: To confront and deal adequately with your ownDiscipleship2, 33:the French nation has well fitted him for this task; his heart of love and his very profoundDiscipleship2, 37:record these words? To help you in your task, I am giving a list from which I will choose eachDiscipleship2, 38:are pledged disciples, therefore take up your task and move forward. You are members of the NewDiscipleship2, 38:and I stand also by your side. That there is no task which is insuperable, and no way that is tooDiscipleship2, 40:need much wisdom. You will have to assist in the task of preventing the relapse of a tired humanityDiscipleship2, 45:in the light of the emerging opportunity. My task is not to change you or to give you orders andDiscipleship2, 45:to give you orders and commands. I have only one task, and that is to find and test out those whoDiscipleship2, 46:Presumably, you have all been working at the task of building the antahkarana, the channel ofDiscipleship2, 47:in due time and leaving your mind free for the task in hand. I could perhaps word it another way.Discipleship2, 48:with the divine circulatory flow. It is the task of the disciples of the world to restore this flowDiscipleship2, 61:Masters, tinder the pressure of their enormous task of world reconstruction, find the needed timeDiscipleship2, 72:continue with this enterprise? It is for you a task of perseverance and of faith. You may not inDiscipleship2, 75:J.W.K-P., who has handled a profoundly difficult task for me with beauty, understanding, judgmentDiscipleship2, 76:Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. IV.) Then her task for me will be accomplished. D.E.I. is noDiscipleship2, 82:in the affairs of the Arcane School. That is the task of those whom A.A.B. will choose to carry on.Discipleship2, 84:who have done a more consecrated and selfless task than have you, though there are a fewDiscipleship2, 96:which I will dictate. The purpose of this task (shall I call it this?) is to clarify your minds asDiscipleship2, 97:my unifying desire. Will you not aid me in my task? Will you stand with me in the hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 99:Question 6 What part in my plans and in the task assigned to my Ashram are you prepared to take?Discipleship2, 100:it and make it effective? What is the main task of the Ashram at this time? Do you know the type ofDiscipleship2, 101:and that esoteric psychology which is the major task in each Ashram and particularly in the secondDiscipleship2, 102:an integral part of this group which had the task and the responsibility of being one of the firstDiscipleship2, 104:at first hand the immediate evolutionary task which the Hierarchy is undertaking. He is not calledDiscipleship2, 104:making his fullest possible contribution to the task in hand. Personalities do not enter in. YouDiscipleship2, 125:consciousness. Beware of doing this because the task of each of you is hard enough without beingDiscipleship2, 138:action of all work previously done) to begin the task of bringing through the inspiration andDiscipleship2, 141:but you will definitely be cooperating in the task of externalizing the Ashram and furthering theDiscipleship2, 158:love and not enough has been realized as to the task confronting the Hierarchy [159] as itDiscipleship2, 159:aspiring and suffering humanity to whom the task is committed and, my brother, humanity is adequateDiscipleship2, 159:and, my brother, humanity is adequate to the task. This statement is borne ever in mind by thoseDiscipleship2, 159:energies in the human kingdom. That is their task. From that point, humanity takes over theDiscipleship2, 164:and women of goodwill perform a conscientious task. Evil is not yet sealed. The spread of theDiscipleship2, 172:use of the new Invocation to aid in this task of preparation. Those of you who are disciples willDiscipleship2, 173:perhaps in need of explanation. It speaks of the task of the Plan as implemented by humanity toDiscipleship2, 177:meditation, in which the group was given the task (or rather the spiritual enterprise) of launchingDiscipleship2, 177:the Great Invocation. The magnitude of this task you have never realized and you have done littleDiscipleship2, 186:scientist from this type of error. Part of my task within my Ashram is to train disciples toDiscipleship2, 186:nor have they truly shouldered their task or recognized its defined [187] importance. Their workDiscipleship2, 194:picturing will give place to reality. The task - and it is a real one - of building the antahkaranaDiscipleship2, 203:today, the group is newly organized and the task of invocation and evocation is for the first timeDiscipleship2, 218:work of the new creation is going forward, the task of reconstruction, leading to a completeDiscipleship2, 218:The work of bringing order out of chaos. The task of preparing the way for the reappearance of theDiscipleship2, 222:but it will be. [222] Nevertheless, the task is well in hand and is engaging the attention ofDiscipleship2, 231:which you will do will hinder and not help. The task of the group of World Servers is not theDiscipleship2, 232:the sphere of influence of these Ashrams. Their task is largely a meditative one, carried on inDiscipleship2, 233:upon all lesser groups of lives by those whose task it is to wield the divine laws and enforceDiscipleship2, 234:is through the application of economic help; the task of these lesser disciples is to prove to theDiscipleship2, 234:can have a share also in this great meditative task. One of the things which I set myself toDiscipleship2, 235:upon their own thinking. This is the immediate task of the New Group of World Servers, cooperatingDiscipleship2, 235:the race of men must be found. This is no easy task, brother of mine. Men are frequently soDiscipleship2, 235:time in doing that which is not their destined task because in so doing they satisfy theirDiscipleship2, 236:personality and is occupied with the task of rendering himself sensitive to the higher spiritualDiscipleship2, 236:be done by the New Group of World Servers. The task is, through meditation, to establish theDiscipleship2, 245:avail themselves of the privilege. Our first task is therefore to attend to these requirementsDiscipleship2, 280:of the subject, inadequately. The primary task of the Master is to aid the disciple to develop theDiscipleship2, 282:the plan. The power which he can bring to the task is drawn from his comprehension of the purposeDiscipleship2, 283:of the sound 0M. This is a still more difficult task; little human thinking has been applied as yetDiscipleship2, 287:planetary substance. When he "took over" this task, he, esoterically, had no choice, because theDiscipleship2, 287:the Law of Sacrifice - he will complete the task, no matter how many aeons it may take. TheDiscipleship2, 287:the night of pralaya descends upon his finished task." Thus and only thus can the light of theDiscipleship2, 288:"taking over," through identification, of the task of salvage, of revitalizing and of presentingDiscipleship2, 295:far more rapidly than had been anticipated. The task of the Masters before the eighteenth centuryDiscipleship2, 299:step by step, in the process of aiding in this task of revelation. More light on this subject willDiscipleship2, 300:pause and consider, you will realize that the task of the Master in the past, as he sought toDiscipleship2, 300:enable him to share in the great hierarchical task of illumining, precipitating, and lifting. TodayDiscipleship2, 302:That disciples in all Ashrams have the task of "modifying, qualifying, and adapting the divineDiscipleship2, 306:new impulsive causal area. Difficult though this task may be (and, my brother, is), it is of majorDiscipleship2, 310:'taking over,' through identification, of the task of salvage, of revitalizing and of presentingDiscipleship2, 313:most urgent and the most difficult part of his task is correctly to apprehend the precipitatingDiscipleship2, 314:of mankind to "share in the great hierarchical task of illuminating, precipitating and lifting."Discipleship2, 320:[320] That disciples in all the Ashrams have the task simultaneously of "modifying, qualifying andDiscipleship2, 330:shoulder untidily the protection; it is not the task of the Master, but is carried forward under
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