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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TASK

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Discipleship2, 702:and me, your Master. Do you realize what is the task that confronts me where you are concerned? ItDiscipleship2, 702:confronts me where you are concerned? It is the task of aiding you to transmute your personalityDiscipleship2, 702:Ashram into that of the Master K.H. Such is my task with several of you in this group; you and theyDiscipleship2, 702:your personality in order to help you with the task, the spiritual task, ahead of you. On myDiscipleship2, 702:order to help you with the task, the spiritual task, ahead of you. On my cooperation you can everDiscipleship2, 704:but humble, for he realizes the magnitude of his task; he appreciates the limitations of hisDiscipleship2, 706:which must perforce be removed. Study the task of living ever consciously in the Ashram and workingDiscipleship2, 706:to yourself by any flight of imagination the task ahead of the Arcane School, for instance, in theDiscipleship2, 710:a working disciple entrusted with a definite task by his Master, and working from within the AshramDiscipleship2, 710:karmic responsibility and a knowledge that the task undertaken is, by reason of soul injunction,Discipleship2, 719:- you, the true Being, need no instructions. The task of any Master is only to bring to theDiscipleship2, 720:and disciples and initiates - each aware of his task and equipment - proceed to carry out the phaseDiscipleship2, 721:[721] moves not. He writes, and measures to, the task assigned. A room in shadow, full of peace andDiscipleship2, 729:can do and be all these things, my brother. Your task is to demonstrate discipleship in the dailyDiscipleship2, 730:third ray soul and a sixth ray personality. Your task as regards the latter is to transit on toDiscipleship2, 734:you have a somewhat different problem. Your task is to use your mind for the unfoldment of theDiscipleship2, 743:your attention to directed service. Undertake a task for me and bring it to accomplishment. TheDiscipleship2, 748:polarization on to higher astral levels - a task that is occupying the attention of a very largeDiscipleship2, 748:absorb, transmute and transfer light. For this task you are peculiarly equipped and hence theDiscipleship2, 748:on, particularly if you proceed to labor at your task... preparatory to the reappearance of theDiscipleship2, 748:can act with potency and greatly help in the task of reaching others. This you can do, and alongDiscipleship2, 755:and why the loss of beauty that has been. Your task in life should make that knowledge possible.Education, 22:be found in any child, and with the interesting task of leading the youth of the world on from oneEducation, 35:establishing of right lines of energy. 2. The task of the new education is therefore theEducation, 43:This attitude of the human being and the task of bringing this condition of consciousness toEducation, 43:have been regarded for centuries as the task of organized religion, whereas it is essentially andEducation, 43:and inner spiritual existence. Education is the task of the [44] outstanding thinkers of the raceEducation, 49:of the great world religions. It should be the task of the higher education, giving purpose andEducation, 54:was completed (in the three races) the arduous task of vitalizing the threefold manifested worldEducation, 54:became a powerful, ruling factor. Now the task of vitalizing man with the energy of love isEducation, 57:throughout the world. What then will be the task of the churches in the future? And what will beEducation, 59:It will be apparent to you also that the task of the new education is to take the civilized massesEducation, 60:underlies the evolutionary process. The first task of the esotericist is to comprehend the natureEducation, 62:esoteric school is not called upon to deal. The task is to train students in the recognition ofEducation, 62:and determining. This is the esoteric task. Education, 64:in and through unprincipled substance. His task is to shift the focus of his attention away fromEducation, 64:form production on any specific level. It is his task to develop within himself the neededEducation, 66:of the planetary Logos as He performs a similar task in connection with the "three periodicalEducation, 72:which these modes of approach to the delicate task of fitting the human being for life, can throwEducation, 73:parents must be willing to cooperate in the task of providing right early conditions and rightEducation, 73:early Aryan in his consciousness, is a fruitless task and will do little really to help him. It isEducation, 74:young, ignorant though well-meaning person whose task it is to teach him the rudiments ofEducation, 88:knowledge, he will realize that his major task is to evoke out of his class of students a realEducation, 89:which destiny ordains that he shall fulfil his task of right relationship through the means ofEducation, 91:bewildered by the presented vision and by the task of approximating the cherished possibilities,Education, 92:are the two poles of a child's being. The task ahead of him is to develop consciously the middle orEducation, 95:balancing, and that out of the fulfilment of the task assigned to education will grow those moreEducation, 100:the citizens of most nations that the major task of the educational systems is to fit the child forEducation, 100:citizenship. By that they mean that it is the task of the State and of the taxpayers so to trainEducation, 100:distinguishes the modern State schools, whose task it noticeably is to prepare millions of youngEducation, 142:inevitably entails) proceed with their appointed task - a self-appointed task in every case - ofEducation, 142:with their appointed task - a self-appointed task in every case - of living and teaching the truthExternalisation, 25:in this effort to the extent of rendering the task of the Masters easier by their clarity ofExternalisation, 25:and the rededication of themselves to the task of service. To this effort I call you. It is aExternalisation, 31:even if unconsciously so, is part of the task which the first group, the Telepathic Communicators,Externalisation, 38:to this group (Glamor: A World Problem). The task of this group of disciples is closely connectedExternalisation, 38:disciples is closely connected with the astral task of the Hierarchy. This is, at this time, theExternalisation, 39:and are constantly occupied with this task. Their work in the new age is to be aided by theExternalisation, 39:be enabled to work. When this takes place, the task of dissipating the world glamor will be muchExternalisation, 39:either consciously or unconsciously. The second task of this group of disciples is to act as aExternalisation, 39:plane is itself an illusion. When the first task of the groups working with world glamor isExternalisation, 40:will then work free from its impression, and the task of freeing humanity from the thralldom of itsExternalisation, 40:a key position), which can gradually aid in the task of dispelling the great illusion and can actExternalisation, 40:necessarily a department of workers whose major task it is to work solely in the world of illusionExternalisation, 41:the problem facing the race today; hence the task of the Hierarchy to free the souls of men fromExternalisation, 41:group, we find ourselves concerned with the task of the magnetic healers of the world. This hasExternalisation, 42:from another angle it is far easier than the task of most of the other groups, because theExternalisation, 42:plane have to work upon that plane and their task is that of bringing through the energies of life,Externalisation, 42:level, do their necessary and magnetic work. The task of the healers, if successful, involves: TheExternalisation, 50:as yet, relatively so little evolved that the task of this group of workers must thereforeExternalisation, 54:between the educators of the time, those whose task it is to enforce the law, and the statesmen whoExternalisation, 56:and the lunar forces. This involves a difficult task and much understanding; the work to be done isExternalisation, 59:group members. Owing to the difficulty of this task, the members of this eighth group will beExternalisation, 59:if the plan works out as hoped and intended. The task to be undertaken by this group is to studyExternalisation, 60:As with the work of the other groups, the task to be carried out falls into three categories ofExternalisation, 61:- Section I - Introductory Remarks The Immediate Task September 28, 1938 The Hierarchy is deeplyExternalisation, 64:group has been organized to fulfil a specific task. This united group work has not yet beenExternalisation, 64:united group work has not yet been started. That task must be begun. Externalisation, 74:of humanity but that of the Hierarchy. The task of these Forces is the preservation of the formExternalisation, 79:you can gain some idea of the magnitude of the task with which the Hierarchy is confronted at thisExternalisation, 96:to hierarchical impression and dedicated to the task of bringing about the desired fusion or groupExternalisation, 104:forces in the three worlds, and this will be the task of the New Groups when organized andExternalisation, 106:ponder upon what I say with an open mind. The task of all aspirants and of all men of goodwillExternalisation, 122:men were undeveloped and not adequate to such a task, any more than is the mind of a little child.Externalisation, 128:Hierarchy of Light and it is with them that the task of stimulating the free expression of thisExternalisation, 132:and wise patience. The U.S.A. has a similar task to perform for the Americas, calling forExternalisation, 139:influence and power, must yet carry forward the task of binding men and women of every nationExternalisation, 139:selfish attitudes and by ancient hatreds. The task is also complicated by the activity of theExternalisation, 140:to that of a joint shouldering of the stupendous task of changing present conditions and ofExternalisation, 140:order possible and beautiful. This is no easy task. It is one which calls all men and women ofExternalisation, 141:and practical thing to do and the difficult task set before each of you who read my words. 2. StudyExternalisation, 143:active effort when the right time comes. To this task I call each of you. Later you can swing theseExternalisation, 145:used and, at the same time, carrying on the task of sending forth the potency, [146] hidden yetExternalisation, 148:indicated method of work, or fear the arduous task of carrying forward the stage of the plan whichExternalisation, 150:selfless - can institute and carry forward the task of invoking these higher spiritual forces, thusExternalisation, 152:personal karma greatly aggravates the disciple's task. When therefore, I call the world aspirantsExternalisation, 157:disciple to which I earlier referred, i.e., the task of emphasizing a significant understanding ofExternalisation, 163:then for the first time enter upon its destined task as the intelligent, loving intermediaryExternalisation, 169:field of hierarchical activity. This long task has at last achieved success. The Hierarchy andExternalisation, 170:"marriage in the heavens" takes place and the task of the creative process of incarnation or
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