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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TASK

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Glamour, 265:form side of life is not easily overcome and the task ahead of the disciple is a long and arduousGlamour, 266:secondly, as a disciple of Sanat Kumara. The task of Sanat Kumara in relation to the Masters is toHealing, 10:aspirant and disciple is inadequate to the task. Such terms as "cosmic evil, divine imperfection,Healing, 33:of knowledge on your part. This makes my task difficult. This teaching on healing is likewise theHealing, 112:a type of matter which is consecrated to the task of forming the outer expression of the inwardHealing, 154:a new activity on the part of mankind. It is the task of relating the three superhuman kingdoms toHealing, 157:of transmuting desire into love during the task of elevating the forces of the solar plexus intoHealing, 174:of solar plexus energy per se is the task of all aspirants to the Path of Discipleship at thisHealing, 218:unbalanced development, are not adequate to the task; they cannot protect the body from disease,Healing, 241:then leave to the intelligent investigators the task of studying effects, after accepting as aHealing, 248:and to those initiates to whom is given the task of promoting the evolutionary process within theHealing, 248:the subhuman kingdoms, and to the devas whose task it is to control the process. As you well know,Healing, 250:and what should be accomplished in the difficult task of offsetting conditions already prevalent onHealing, 254:cooperation. Neither group can do a complete task without the others; all are interdependent. [255]Healing, 279:full of prejudice and totally unequipped for the task in hand. Naturopaths of many kinds,Healing, 288:of karma to work with confidence either at the task of health or of release by death. If, however,Healing, 296:effect, dealing primarily then with the task of negating the cause by the opposition of a trainedHealing, 317:categories, leaving to the research scholar the task of eventually listing symptoms and assigningHealing, 372:limits. The completion of some self-appointed task within the field of karmic limitation and ofHealing, 372:planet. Is there any greater or more important task than to fulfil your task and carry it toHealing, 372:or more important task than to fulfil your task and carry it to completion in the place where youHealing, 372:career of a disciple within the limits of his task) and bring to your attention the need forHealing, 389:accelerated or, on the other hand, that the task of smoothing the way through the gates of deathHealing, 389:If I were asked to say what is the major task of all healing groups, such as the Hierarchy seeks toHealing, 462:when the will to live is strong or the life task remains as yet unaccomplished and is not correctlyHealing, 511:integration and expression, has undertaken the task of redeeming matter, and of raising substanceHealing, 512:is quite adequate to the slow and tedious task of evolving the bodies, developing theirHealing, 541:with its quality of infallibility. His first task is to investigate or "occultly see" the ethericHealing, 552:this case than in the more advanced type and the task of the healer consequently harder. He willHealing, 554:lies in the emotional or astral body, the task of the healer is not so easy; he has then to work,Healing, 559:in evolution of the man makes possible. The task of the healer is therefore to find out where thisHealing, 583:time began and the Hierarchy started its agelong task of influencing and stimulating the humanHealing, 589:these two have been and are occupied with the task of establishing, in due time and under theHealing, 605:and the healer is complete. Then the sole task of the healer is to hold the situation steady, giveHealing, 612:divine mechanism passed in preparation for the task to be undertaken in the present solar system.Healing, 616:facility or capacity (besides a self-initiated task and a preordained destiny) to work withHealing, 651:force. This is a point to be emphasized. The task of the healer is to preserve an attitude ofHealing, 656:the soul of the patient will be adequate to the task. All that is needed is that the aura of theHealing, 657:nothing to disturb his personality vehicles. His task was accomplished when he made his own soulHealing, 666:Threshold is to the spiritual aspirant. The main task of the spiritual Hierarchy has ever been toHealing, 701:the healing work, let him confine himself to the task of acting as a channel for the energy of loveHealing, 702:him, should then prepare himself for the healing task by a minimum of five hours of most carefulHealing, 703:The healer must ever bear in mind that his task is either to heal - under the karmic law - or toHealing, 704:still needed on earth to complete his assigned task. Then the Master of the Ashram may add HisHealing, 708:seen), the emotional nature, which it is the task of the third aspect of divinity [709] to control.Healing, 712:consummation and in emergence. This is the prime task and the prime reward of all true [713]Hercules, 14:soul of yours, you shall discover as you do your task, and find and use the nature which is yours.Hercules, 27:cried Hercules, "come forth and aid me with this task," calling the friend he greatly loved and whoHercules, 27:stand beside his friend and with him faced the task. Laying all plans with care, these two followedHercules, 28:forward. But Abderis was weak and feared the task. He could not hold the mares, or harness them orHercules, 28:and discouraged, Hercules returned unto his task. He sought the mares again from place to place,Hercules, 28:and said: "Labor the first is ended; the task is done, but badly done. Learn the true lesson ofHercules, 28:but badly done. Learn the true lesson of this task and then pass on to further service to yourHercules, 28:discipleship, we shall tell the story of the task which Hercules undertook, and the test to whichHercules, 30:labor, little realizing the magnitude of his task, and unprepared for failure. The delightful partHercules, 38:through the first wide open Gate to labor at his task?" "He rests, Oh, great presiding One, andHercules, 38:how we are not told) Hercules entered on his task to seek and find the bull, and lead it to theHercules, 40:of man and yet a son of God. I have performed my task. Take now the bull into the Holy Place andHercules, 41:this Holy Place. "Depart in peace, my son, your task is done." The Teacher saw him coming and wentHercules, 41:these empty hands, because I have fulfiled the task to which I was assigned. The sacred bull isHercules, 41:"Labor the second is performed, and easy was the task. Learn from this task the lesson ofHercules, 41:and easy was the task. Learn from this task the lesson of proportion. Strength to perform theHercules, 41:of proportion. Strength to perform the arduous task; a willingness to do the task which taxes notHercules, 41:the arduous task; a willingness to do the task which taxes not your powers; such are two lessonsHercules, 47:reap", and where they undertake the stupendous task of working out their own salvation. just asHercules, 54:the laborer arose and prepared to enter on his task. "Send out the word to guard the sacred tree.Hercules, 60:labor, Hercules is faced with the tremendous task of bringing together the two poles of his beingHercules, 61:into the Temple of the Soul, now sets him the task of fetching the golden apples from the garden ofHercules, 63:and staggering under the weight of the task he had undertaken. Hercules is so overcome by theHercules, 80:to the teacher of his life. "I have fulfiled the task, set by the great Presiding One. Simple itHercules, 103:Eurystheus imposes upon Hercules the tremendous task of slaying the Nemean lion, which wasHercules, 126:boar outdistanced him. Hercules pondered on his task and sought within himself for subtle skill. HeHercules, 130:pleasure must be dissipated before the greater task of self-mastery, i.e., the capturing of theHercules, 131:of laughter. Not only does Hercules perform the task assigned; he makes the ferocious boar anHercules, 137:the vision they convey ... This is a difficult task of discrimination. To be adaptable, yet toHercules, 143:Fighting so formidable a foe is indeed a heroic task for a son of man even though he is also a sonHercules, 144:- Labor VIII The Nine Heads of the Hydra The task assigned to Hercules had nine facets. Each headHercules, 144:Astrology, p. 205 et seq.) The dimensions of the task which Hercules undertook are thus plainlyHercules, 145:the lives of countless men and women. Thus, the task of destroying the first three heads continuesHercules, 149:reason and compassion, it loses its power. The task of translating [150] the energy of cruelty intoHercules, 155:the mind reveals direction sure." he added. "The task awaits. Through Gate the ninth you now mustHercules, 155:Hercules, and pondered how he might achieve the task assigned, how rid the place of theseHercules, 179:on his will to collaborate in the transcendent task. Let him remember that the law is, and alwaysHercules, 181:disbelief. "You say that you will do this mighty task without reward?" the King declaredHercules, 181:of all its fetid murk. Within a single day the task impossible had been performed. When Hercules,Hercules, 182:on penalty of sudden death. Having performed the task assigned, the son of man who also was the SonHercules, 193:look for recognition; you won't get it. The hard task of the pioneer in any field of thought, ofHercules, 196:drove the sleek, red cattle. Difficult was the task. Again and yet again some cattle strayed, andHercules, 205:newly emerging mystic and knower is given the task of this sounding. "What we find in the mystic isHercules, 227:and that he is fit to undertake the tremendous task provided for him in the next sign. Hercules, 228:Archer), where we have the consummation of the task begun in Aries, which was the right use andInitiation, 54:frontier, and to him is committed the arduous task of eventually guiding India out of her presentInitiation, 125:all gainsaying, and can apply himself to his task with a clear knowledge as to the why, the how,Intellect, 33:as a "spiritual revaluation of human life. Its task is to reorient the individual, to enable him toIntellect, 65:if we want to make practical progress, for the task ahead of the investigator is an arduous one; heIntellect, 70:the seeker after true knowledge takes up the task and carries the work forward. Dr. Bennett of YaleIntellect, 71:32, 101. To take the mind and bend it to its new task as a revealer of the divine is now theIntellect, 91:R.J. Campbell state succinctly our story and our task. He says: "For the purpose of realizing theIntellect, 137:is the means. When thinking has completed its task of release, it has done what it had to do andIntellect, 234:is to go steadily forward, doing the demanded task "without attachment" as the Hindu aspirant calls
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