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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TASK

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Magic, 64:if we are to appreciate intelligently our task and its effects. Magic, 177:and therefore employ their concrete minds at the task of stating this knowledge in terms that willMagic, 177:from the curious and the blind. This is a hard task to accomplish, for the concrete mind expressesMagic, 177:the abstract most inadequately and, in the task of embodying the truth in words, much of the trueMagic, 223:can long hold the man who has set himself the task of treading the razor-edged Path which leadsMagic, 306:an equipment which seems [306] inadequate to its task, and in many cases has its roots in the factMagic, 306:renders himself still more inadequate to the task. It is a vicious circle of effort and must beMagic, 328:of the old form; to them is given the task of defining the old truths so that the mind of the raceMagic, 330:inner group of Knowers who are working at the task of swinging the thoughts of men into rightMagic, 409:to deal with the situation and adequate to the task of unification and synthesis. This period hasMagic, 413:of workers along various lines, and set them the task of elevating humanity and expanding the humanMagic, 447:work on the astral plane and the magical task of motivating those thought-forms which are to be theMagic, 535:along this line? What can the individual do? The task of humanity falls primarily into threeMagic, 571:plane of a personality adequate for its creative task and capable of those forms of activity,Magic, 583:to lose sight of the personal lower self in the task of world guidance, under soul impulse, whichMagic, 583:him to efficient expression in his personality task (imposed by karmic limitation and inheritedMagic, 585:alone and who have intelligently taken up the task of treading the Path. Magic, 585:discrimination and train him in the arduous task of distinguishing between: Instinct and intuition.Magic, 585:of the solar Lord. It is no easy or flattering task to find oneself out and to discover thatMagic, 587:it must be carefully borne in mind that the main task of the aspirant is the handling of energies,Magic, 588:affairs. Steadily They have been working at the task of clarifying world matter, and bringing aboutMagic, 607:threads of developing life steadily pass. Their task is exceedingly hard, far harder than that ofMagic, 633:The intermediate group has a most difficult task to perform, for where there is no clear vision theMeditation, 42:assigning of meditation. Complex you feel the task to be? Fortunately the Hall of Wisdom equips itsMeditation, 42:the Hall of Wisdom equips its graduates for the task. At this particular period the aspect of theMeditation, 101:one flame which burneth up the whole." It is our task now to deal briefly with the dangers thatMeditation, 102:severed him from physical plane existence. The task ahead of everybody is to take that body,Meditation, 102:to the need of the inner spirit. This is a task of large dimensions and involves time, sternMeditation, 106:from those centers; this is no easy task for it means working against the results of agelongMeditation, 258:reiterates from day to day the arduous task of concentration and of mind control, there stand onMeditation, 265:given a broad outline of the magnitude of the task that lies ahead of the man who proposes toMeditation, 276:and makes it easier to progress in the task of vibrating to the higher measure of the subtlerPatanjali, 63:dealt with in the commandments), only when the task of purifying and regulating the threefold lowerPatanjali, 161:of some kind and must be regarded as such. The task of the occultist is to work with the forcePatanjali, 248:It is inanimate. When thinking has completed its task of release, it has done what it had to do andPatanjali, 396:which are found within himself, and secondly the task of insulating himself or isolating himselfPatanjali, 419:obeys its injunction, working steadily at the task of spiritual living in a world consecrated toProblems, 7:distorted, misapplied and misinterpreted and the task of the New Group of World Servers is toProblems, 7:with the divine circulatory flow. It is the task of the disciples of the world to restore this flowProblems, 16:ancient glory be recognized, that her ancient task of representing the major, civilizing influenceProblems, 29:themselves and within each other. To sum up: the task of every nation is, therefore, a twofold one:Problems, 31:for which answers must be sought and found. The task looks hard indeed. Yet there are enoughProblems, 34:must build upon the old foundations. It is the task of the educators to prevent this. Let us beProblems, 36:and the arts have been prostituted to the task of giving man a comfortable and if possible aProblems, 40:demanded and the well-nigh impossible task of salvaging the children and youth of the world, themProblems, 41:their own special cultures and their lands. The task of the Great Powers (with their vastProblems, 41:to cooperate with these people. It is not their task to impose upon them what they, from theProblems, 56:much that they can do to help. It is surely the task of the higher education, giving purpose andProblems, 61:knowledge, he will realize that his major task is to evoke out of his class of students a realProblems, 80:Christ's work, for simple spiritual living. The task facing the men and women of goodwill in everyProblems, 83:the men of goodwill and the work of those whose task it is to educate not only the children and theProblems, 115:of human beings peopling our earth; their task is hard and from the point at which they must work,Problems, 120:fanatic, or a staunch nationalist have a hard task in developing true goodwill within themselves.Problems, 134:well-nigh impotent by the very magnitude of the task with which they are faced, [135] for the issueProblems, 141:of the habit of spiritual recognition! It is the task of the churches to teach men to unfold thisProblems, 141:be directed; the carrying forward of this task would truly restore the churches and obliterate allProblems, 152:divine truth? Can they in reality take over the task which they loudly proclaim is theirs andProblems, 158:the unifying of the great divine Approaches; the task ahead of the churches is to prepare humanity,Problems, 163:is fully expressed and through humanity whose task it is intelligently to work out God's plan inProblems, 177:for the use of humanity. This will be a lengthy task but it will be possible when world need isProblems, 181:of the men of goodwill. This is the initial task. The power of such a group, backed by publicPsychology1, 60:seven Rays, Breaths and Heavenly Men have the task of wrestling with matter in order to subjugatePsychology1, 74:Builders; They will enter on Their work when the task of the wreckers of form has beenPsychology1, 116:and with no desire for any self-appointed task; with no longing for glittering promises of futurePsychology1, 129:A world Savior has been, for many lives, at the task of salvaging. When a man is two-thirds of thePsychology1, 133:Thus the Lord of Power or Will performs the task of destruction, thereby bringing beauty into beingPsychology1, 150:As to the significance of the word "life" our task is well-nigh insuperable, for no human beingPsychology1, 150:and language itself would be inadequate to the task. Life is not what anyone has hitherto surmised.Psychology1, 178:with the work of government and with the task of producing a new synthesis, and thus the force ofPsychology1, 188:worries and suspicions, in the urgency of the task to be done, and spread the cult of unity, ofPsychology1, 198:factor here, and to man is committed the task of leading the animal kingdom towards liberation - aPsychology1, 254:two aspects of divine energy will he realize his task and carry it to completion. The same divinePsychology1, 313:in ever greater fullness. To man is given the task of raising matter up into heaven, and ofPsychology1, 313:of the evolutionary cycle, and such is the task of the immediate future. The true drama of thisPsychology1, 315:will submerge their personal interests in the task immediately ahead, we shall have what I mightPsychology1, 354:time, the assets brought by the aspirant to the task of achieving discipleship likewise steadilyPsychology1, 365:the New Age were trained and prepared for their task by the influence now going out. Today aPsychology1, 365:are predominantly seventh ray executives, whose task it is to reorganize the world as a whole uponPsychology1, 367:permitted to have the general outline of their task committed to them by their own souls, workingPsychology2, 8:through form, is necessarily, therefore, the task of revelation, and as far as man is concerned,Psychology2, 10:group. Today, the masses are occupied with the task of becoming conscious of themselves, and arePsychology2, 11:their subsequent preparation for initiation. The task of the intelligent parent today and of thePsychology2, 12:activity and synthesis. This is the predominant task of the New Group of World Servers. It shouldPsychology2, 59:Three things emerge in connection with the task of the soul as it appropriates sheath after sheathPsychology2, 67:right down the ages, and it is the major task undertaken by disciples at this time. It might bePsychology2, 73:of the New Group of World Servers, whose arduous task calls for our sacrificing effort. ConsciousPsychology2, 73:written and read; they embody, however, the task of all disciples at this time. Where thisPsychology2, 74:of the human nature, the more rapidly will the task of salvaging the world proceed. The morePsychology2, 74:the Hierarchy of the planet resume Its ancient task and status in the world, and the sooner willPsychology2, 107:intact. Secondly, pursue your own duty and task, shoulder your own responsibility, and then leavePsychology2, 114:There are, therefore, to be found in this great task the following relations and groupings. ThesePsychology2, 122:Cross work, in educational uplifts, and in the task of ameliorating distressing world conditions.Psychology2, 127:pour through it. This is the first and hardest task, and with this task the aspirants of the worldPsychology2, 127:is the first and hardest task, and with this task the aspirants of the world are at this timePsychology2, 132:efforts will be turned in two directions: To the task of helping others to "stand in spiritualPsychology2, 132:do it. One point might here be made clear. The task of those who are working under the Law ofPsychology2, 141:for these two types of work carry forward their task as a unit. The idea to be dominant in thePsychology2, 141:the work of the Hierarchy at this time, and the task of the New Group of World Servers is primarilyPsychology2, 142:of the New Group of World Servers. The major task of the fourth ray aspirant is to harmonize thePsychology2, 145:of any one individual. This is the major task today of the seventh ray disciple, and to this end he
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