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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TASKS

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Astrology, 79:by the intuitive student. Some of the tasks which I propose to undertake in this section of ourAutobiography, 6:her Master wanted done, to undertake certain tasks. A woman who was always scared of life (perhapsAutobiography, 294:work. This is one of the new and immediate tasks of the world disciples and spiritual workers, andBethlehem, viii:into the kingdom of God are the immediate tasks ahead, embodying our responsibility, opportunityBethlehem, 21:and hides. It assigns to the aspirant certain tasks which lead to his understanding, and producesDestiny, 49:for this is one of their main objectives and tasks. This must never be lost to sight. Much could beDiscipleship1, 52:for initiation and that is one of the tasks with which I am engaged at this time. I have,Discipleship1, 87:humanity. They can then be trusted. One of the tasks of all disciples is the evocation of the willDiscipleship1, 89:study recognizes theoretically. One of the tasks confronting disciples is to achieve factualDiscipleship1, 124:present looms." One of the most difficult tasks which faces any disciple is to exchange theDiscipleship1, 124:ancient thought-form, forgetting that one of the tasks of a disciple is to free himself from theseDiscipleship1, 136:the one who (freed from the more active tasks of the younger man who is starting out into the fieldDiscipleship1, 219:difficult because you have to add to these two tasks the work of shifting your soul ray from theDiscipleship1, 540:the goal and succeeded in fulfiling your group tasks in spite of continuous change of environmentDiscipleship1, 578:workers who are endeavoring to carry forward the tasks assigned to them. You pledged yourself inDiscipleship1, 581:criticize others, their personalities and their tasks. The new vibration to which your soul isDiscipleship1, 614:is based on the little things, the minor tasks, faithfully fulfiled, of the disciple who is freeDiscipleship1, 705:by the group potency. This is one of the major tasks of the Hierarchy. The Masters work in theDiscipleship1, 747:next step that man must take. The major tasks of the Master when a disciple first enters his AshramDiscipleship1, 751:Ashram and is entrusted with specific duties and tasks for which he is individually responsible toDiscipleship2, 105:of an Ashram. The planning and the assignment of tasks connected with the enterprise in hand isDiscipleship2, 185:and correctly employed. One of the principal tasks of the combined Hierarchy is the presentation toDiscipleship2, 270:the teaching upon the antahkarana. One of the tasks which I have undertaken is to awaken theDiscipleship2, 357:gave to you. One of the most difficult tasks which confronts the Master is to teach the disciple toDiscipleship2, 432:words in the hierarchical program. One of the tasks of a Master, in connection with his disciples,Discipleship2, 457:mode of expression. For disciples, only those tasks which call forth the full quota of innateDiscipleship2, 563:of the Master K.H. As you know, one of the tasks I undertook in this time of world crisis was toDiscipleship2, 631:the same time - the disciple fulfils his other tasks in the outer world, based on his rightDiscipleship2, 636:which you must grasp. You must then fit the tasks assumed and undertaken into the symbolic pictureEducation, vii:powerful drive we shall require for the great tasks that lie ahead of us. The time to resynthesizeEducation, 138:in its economic or esoteric aspects. One of the tasks of the educator of the future will be toExternalisation, 36:eventually, upon earth and this is one of the tasks of the group. It might be of service to you ifExternalisation, 47:major groups. We saw that each of them had three tasks to perform and we attempted a slightExternalisation, 191:security of any other nation. One of the first tasks of any future peace conference will be toExternalisation, 334:of the war - which will be one of the major tasks of the new group of world servers - let love beGlamour, 126:returns each time again to take up anew his tasks in the three worlds of activity; he thereGlamour, 185:way of intuitive perception. One of the major tasks of the Hierarchy is to seek for and find thoseGlamour, 199:emphasize this as disciples frequently undertake tasks for which they are not particularly fittedGlamour, 226:gained, the group can pass to the more difficult tasks and handle the glamors further removed fromHealing, 230:most highly evolved. This was one of the first tasks undertaken by the Hierarchy and the firstHercules, 4:of Discipleship. On it, he undertook certain tasks, symbolic in nature, and passed through certainHercules, 15:gifts and many words of sage advice, knowing the tasks ahead and the perils of the Way. MinervaHercules, 19:indwelling soul and equipped to undertake the tasks to which the man has pledged himself. There hasHercules, 28:of peace, there to he tamed and broken to their tasks. The people of that land, released from fear,Hercules, 96:silently behind locked doors. Forth to their tasks they venture not, nor till their land, nor sow.Hercules, 197:destiny. The human labors ended, your cosmic tasks begin." From out the Council Chamber came aHercules, 208:ancient myth that Hercules undertook certain tasks, symbolic in nature but universal in character,Magic, 133:after due [133] discussion, They apportion the tasks; then, to those who offer themselves forPsychology1, 173:This work is perhaps one of the hardest of the tasks which the Society of Organized Minds has everPsychology1, 382:for this is one of their main objectives and tasks. This must never be lost to sight. Much could bePsychology2, 80:that which is needed is one of the major tasks of a Master, and the power of a disciple to destroyPsychology2, 250:and technique of genius is one of the tasks of the new psychology. Genius is ever the expression ofPsychology2, 252:level of appearances. This is one of the major tasks of the Hierarchy, and involves the keenestPsychology2, 722:expressed. There are many such, and one of the tasks before the Council is to balance these forcesRays, 93:has added to His two immediate and constant tasks that of hastening the coming of the Avatar WhoRays, 159:Rules For Group Initiation One of their first tasks is to bring about a free flow and right energyRays, 303:the truth. How will you do this hardest of all tasks, O triumphing disciple? By letting it be seenRays, 332:both of them failed in their divinely assigned tasks. It is realized everywhere that new life mustRays, 659:recognition which will be one of the major tasks of the reappearing Christ and His attendantReappearance, 124:of them have failed in their divinely assigned tasks. It is realized everywhere that new life mustTelepathy, 51:on a large scale. This is one of the major tasks of the New Group of World Servers. [52] Telepathy, 87:he starts upon one of the major hierarchical tasks of mastering the Science of Impression. There
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