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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TAUGHT

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Problems, 128:Christ) should flower forth in all its glory; He taught that service was the keynote of theProblems, 144:status through spiritual living will be taught, and the fact of the existence of those who haveProblems, 157:intelligent; the vagueness of the meditation, taught and practiced in the East and in the WestProblems, 176:the children and the youth of the world must be taught [177] goodwill to all men everywhere,Problems, 177:and possible. Sharing and cooperation must be taught instead of greed and competition. There mustProblems, 178:and regularly, the general public must be taught an internationalism and a world unity which isPsychology1, xviii:ahead, and we are today seeking those who can be taught to work in group formation and who canPsychology1, 50:Higher Expression: The process of initiation as taught by the hierarchy of adepts. LowerPsychology1, 111:the life-essentials, and to meditation. What is taught should matter. The aspects of truth which IPsychology1, 116:Why should we, when enough has been printed and taught to occupy the attention of the aspiring manPsychology1, 173:true development of humanity. The people must be taught that the longing to increase possessions isPsychology1, 194:we are lost in a world of energies. We have been taught to picture to ourselves a world ofPsychology1, 195:they function as one. Therefore the aspirant is taught to turn within; to study motives; toPsychology1, 256:animal life of the period, and though instinct taught the animal-men to take certain precautions,Psychology1, 361:be regarded as synonymous ideals. The sixth ray taught the meaning of sacrifice, and of thisPsychology1, 397:to hold safe their gains. Ancient tradition, as taught by the teachers of the past, tells usPsychology1, 411:Higher expression: The process of initiation as taught by the Hierarchy of Masters. LowerPsychology2, 103:treatise on the soul and its unfoldment, we are taught to "perform action without attachment," andPsychology2, 125:the urge to group good. It cannot, therefore, be taught or imposed upon a person as a desirablePsychology2, 177:One can therefore easily see why aspirants are taught to pledge allegiance to their Higher Self,Psychology2, 236:There is no other evil. [236] We have been taught much anent the great heresy of separativeness; itPsychology2, 408:training in mind control and when that mind is taught to direct the desire nature and the brain,Psychology2, 429:of why and wherefore and to what end (if wisely taught from early days), will do much for the race,Psychology2, 447:strictly human. [447] Developed as a mystic and taught to recognize the higher aspect and itsPsychology2, 483:of a definitely opposite condition. He is taught that there are no wrong conditions except as hePsychology2, 484:the truth [484] about man's innate divinity are taught and emphasized, but, in both cases, the manPsychology2, 514:other forms of treatment, the patient will be taught methods of divorcing himself temporarily fromPsychology2, 514:this mystical or spiritual potency; or he may be taught how to deflect these forces which artPsychology2, 514:even distribution of energy. He will also be taught how to use them effectively in outer service.Psychology2, 520:we are concerned and how little is yet known and taught anent the centers and their forcePsychology2, 588:plus certain postures, and other methods taught by ignorant teachers at this time, I would suggestPsychology2, 597:energy. In spite of the fact that he has been taught for centuries that the kingdom of God isPsychology2, 597:attention to the Personality of the One who taught them a major truth. At no time did He desire orPsychology2, 638:objectives of the thinkers, and are by them taught to the great middle class, and thus worked upPsychology2, 665:they will eventually gather around them must be taught, and learn through the eye, through thePsychology2, 673:regularly and systematically, they must be taught the principles of brotherhood, of anPsychology2, 673:The individual in every nation and group must be taught to play his important part with good willPsychology2, 674:of antagonisms of every kind; they must be taught the manner by which these basic ideals of worldPsychology2, 676:Group of World Servers No idle pacifism will be taught. It is no mystical dream which waits for GodPsychology2, 682:language of brotherhood and kindness will be taught, and thus mutual confidence and a spirit ofRays, 8:the exactitude of the truth that the great Lord taught when He pictured the man who swept hisRays, 30:For long, aspirants have noted and have been taught the effect of the will upon the astral, orRays, 31:most elementary of the initial tensions, and is taught upon the Probationary Path. It leads to theRays, 42:if aspirants did not realize it; they have been taught the fact of the light in the head, which isRays, 49:in a dark world. This, the aspirant is taught, becomes possible when contact with the soul has beenRays, 113:all aspirants very properly pass, they were taught to "see the vision" - a vision of the goal, ofRays, 113:has now definitely dawned, the neophyte will be taught to see the picture whole, to think in theRays, 160:will be apparent. The Secret Doctrine has ever taught that mankind has a special function in savingRays, 180:is to be correctly understood. You have been taught that illusion is the characteristic [181] whichRays, 236:and prepared for initiation; they have been taught to develop the initiate-consciousness; they haveRays, 324:the elements of true esotericism will be taught, though they will not be then regarded as esoteric.Rays, 358:fact oft forgotten, but which has been known and taught ever since modern occultism began toRays, 405:decision it is to tread the second Path are taught the control and direction of systemic energiesRays, 485:except to the trained disciple who has been taught to penetrate into the world of meaning and toRays, 498:complete change in the approach to divinity as taught by the Hierarchy. This does not mean thatRays, 513:supreme importance. Today, disciples are being taught to work far more upon the inner planes ofRays, 513:vocal cords and his mouth. Students have been taught that the AUM sounded inaudibly and listenedRays, 514:be better understood when the nature of man (as taught in the occult sciences) is admitted byRays, 614:Christianity," for true Christianity, as Christ taught it, is free from theological abuses and mustRays, 632:mind - Intelligence This must be remembered and taught, and men of goodwill everywhere should workRays, 662:books which I have given to the world I have taught much anent initiation; I have sought to bring aRays, 663:quite unready for their next step and must be taught and prepared to take it. Yet they are "setRays, 669:a measure of real understanding. You have been taught that the activity or the inactivity of theRays, 683:devotion to an [683] individual, to a Master (as taught by the Theosophical Society) or to someRays, 702:teaching that "Christ descended into hell and taught the spirits which are in prison" for threeRays, 732:and imprisonment. Evolution, men will be taught, is in itself an initiatory process leading fromReappearance, 19:but also the fact that much is today known and taught about the Kingdom of God, or the SpiritualReappearance, 20:of human trouble and pointed to the cure. He taught: Cease to identify yourselves with materialReappearance, 23:of conferences now so busily organizing. Christ taught us when He came before the true meaning ofReappearance, 50:- Chapter III - World Expectancy 2. Christ taught also that the Kingdom of God was on Earth andReappearance, 63:been born in an unnatural manner, as having taught and preached for three years and then as havingReappearance, 106:Truths can be summarized as follows: the Buddha taught that misery and suffering were of man's ownReappearance, 107:He knew the workings of the Law of Evolution. He taught them that service was the key to the lifeReappearance, 108:nothing for the separated self. Thus the Christ taught, loved, and lived, carrying forward theReappearance, 109:one who advertised himself; if He preached and taught, He would attract primarily those who thinkReappearance, 116:If the goal of right human relations will be taught universally by the Christ, the emphasis of HisReappearance, 125:and misleading the people. Christ Himself taught that just before He came, this state of affairsReappearance, 137:central spiritual Reality. The theologies now taught by the ecclesiastical organization (both inReappearance, 140:an aching heart) that the simplicity which He taught and the simple way to God which He emphasizedReappearance, 174:or in small) had been properly appreciated and taught in homes and schools, we would not have hadSoul, 74:brain; thus Pierre J. G. Cabanis (1757-1808), taught that the brain secretes thought as the stomachSoul, 75:gave the same teaching. In China, Lao-tse taught that the spiritual soul is united to theSoul, 77:of his time, and (quoting Dr. Hollander) taught that: ...the Soul has no parts, yet GregorySoul, 87:Ages, believed firmly in "animal spirits." He taught that these animal spirits passed into theSoul, 88:ventricle by a narrow passage. He also [88] taught that the cellules of the brain are the seat ofSoul, 88:of the brain. Telesio in De Rerum Natura "taught that the soul was the subtlest form of matter, aSoul, 136:for soul expression. In this way we are taught that man can arrive at a definite knowledge of theTelepathy, 23:can be definitely impressed by the Master and taught the technique of contact. Later, the group ofTelepathy, 72:Within the Ashrams, advanced disciples are taught how to discover within themselves and to use thisTelepathy, 82:Purpose of Sanat Kumara. This you know. I have taught you much along this line in A Treatise on theTelepathy, 91:reality the technique whereby Humanity has been taught by the Spiritual Hierarchy from the momentTelepathy, 117:Upon this I need not enlarge; all that I have taught you is [118] related to the awakening of this
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