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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TEACH

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Discipleship2, 446:my duty (as it is the duty of every Master) to teach all those who have just been accepted into myDiscipleship2, 446:of you indisputably are. I have therefore to teach each of you something as to the nature of thatDiscipleship2, 473:discipleship and can be regarded as one who can teach himself. The work outlined for you willDiscipleship2, 483:of your being. You must now fit yourself to teach adults in your next incarnation, and this willDiscipleship2, 508:handling the mechanics of the work whilst you teach and aid them in their spiritual undertakings.Discipleship2, 553:make pregnant every word you speak to those you teach and bring you to a point of group usefulnessDiscipleship2, 619:in the situation and yet - as you would yourself teach people - that personality attitude is theDiscipleship2, 768:Way must prove themselves and in their proving teach and lift those who would follow in theirEducation, 13:Those upon the teaching ray will learn to teach by teaching. There is no surer method, provided itEducation, 15:systems differ very considerably. All, however, teach these same fundamental things; they teach theEducation, 15:teach these same fundamental things; they teach the youth of the country to read and write and toEducation, 35:and develop the lower concrete mind. 5. It will teach the human being to think from universals toEducation, 35:the educators in the new age will endeavor to teach man the science of unifying the three aspectsEducation, 48:they must fit the child for citizenship, teach him his place as a social unit, and emphasize hisEducation, 48:geography and poetry will be taught. They must teach him certain basic and important facts ofEducation, 48:of ideals will be emphasized. They should teach the youth of the world in such a manner that heEducation, 58:Indicate, after due study, the right vocation. Teach the methods whereby the coordination of theEducation, 60:for all who endeavor to grasp esotericism, or to teach esoteric students, is to lay the emphasisEducation, 74:though well-meaning person whose task it is to teach him the rudiments of civilization - a certainEducation, 88:of responsibility; no matter what he has to teach - history, geography, mathematics, languages,Education, 89:demonstrate in their own lives what they teach. Finally the time will come, under these conditions,Education, 93:III - The Present Transition Period 2. To teach him that the life which he feels pulsing throughEducation, 97:in the methods which they employ to train and teach them when they are very young and in theEducation, 138:tasks of the educator of the future will be to teach the meaning of the Law of Rebirth, and thusEducation, 140:writings I have sought to do two things: 1. Teach the basic necessity for certain great fusions -Externalisation, 12:not employ it as a means of contacting those I teach, for I work from choice entirely on mentalExternalisation, 12:is inscribed and from which those of us who teach gather our data and much of our information.Externalisation, 13:to study, and think, and experiment, and teach, and learn until such time as the entire level ofExternalisation, 20:estimate truly the esoteric value of service and teach him above all to practice that harmlessnessExternalisation, 78:thoughts are present, and I am preparing now to teach you some of the first stages of group workExternalisation, 114:of any particular life has been intended to teach, his physical body and the inner form aspectsExternalisation, 177:throughout the world, and the endeavor to teach the meaning of the will-to-good. This is the mainExternalisation, 331:of the New Age and can therefore think clearly, teach the new ideals correctly, and aid in thisExternalisation, 508:Christ, and their work is to contact men and to teach them along certain lines. They will teachExternalisation, 508:and to teach them along certain lines. They will teach humanity to see etherically, and this theyExternalisation, 509:the above words will remain obscure. They will teach humanity how rightly to nourish the body andExternalisation, 509:become increasingly automatic. They will also teach human beings as individuals and as a race toExternalisation, 510:The church must show a wide tolerance, and teach no revolutionary doctrines or cling to anyExternalisation, 511:significance. The prime work of the church is to teach, and teach ceaselessly, preserving the outerExternalisation, 511:The prime work of the church is to teach, and teach ceaselessly, preserving the outer appearance inExternalisation, 515:Their work. What then can we do? First, teach the law of evolution and its inevitable corollary,Externalisation, 576:and conservative politicians and churchmen, and teach the youth of the age the new modes of living,Externalisation, 618:the men of goodwill everywhere must believe and teach in preparation for His coming. There is,Externalisation, 641:with you, they are your equals, and can probably teach you much. [642] And now: What shall I say toFire, 478:the only difference consists - as the textbooks teach - in the arrangement and the number of theFire, 1130:in this cycle (though not in all cycles) is to teach His pupil how to reconcile all these factors,Fire, 1131:find out each step of the way for himself, to teach him the constitution of his own body, theFire, 1141:are intended for: The little evolved. They teach great truths in simple form. The bulk of humanity.Fire, 1175:schemes. Each scheme exists in order to teach a specific aspect of consciousness, and eachFire, 1208:matter. I would only point out that just as we teach in the occult wisdom that there is a definiteFire, 1234:in mental matter is to train them to create; to teach people to know the nature of the [1235] soulGlamour, 11:its underlying idea, of what it is intended to teach, of the intellectual meaning it is intended toGlamour, 35:practical application of that which I seek to teach you. Forget not that as you look out upon theGlamour, 186:is known for its ability to amass money and to teach its adherents to do so and to achieveGlamour, 211:"killing out desire" as some schools of thought teach, but is a process of gradually eradicatingGlamour, 222:almost inevitably prove themselves unable to teach. Both these groups must, therefore, learn to useGlamour, 254:learned and well trained occultists. Anyone can teach breathing exercises. It is largely a matterGlamour, 261:centers. You can see, therefore, how much that I teach reverses the usual occult procedures. IGlamour, 261:I teach reverses the usual occult procedures. I teach no mode of awakening the centers becauseHealing, 228:days was, as I have told you elsewhere, to teach infant humanity the nature, meaning andHealing, 443:level, and - in this scientific sense - teach people to die. There is a technique of dying just asHealing, 491:which certain schools of thought in the movement teach and practice. The man, in his astral body,Healing, 578:of hierarchical effort in those days was to teach primitive man the uses and purpose of theHealing, 579:to be made. The initiate of that time began to teach his disciples that the physical body was inHealing, 646:far more harm than good. Only long practice can teach the healer the right amount of energy toHealing, 665:Christ whilst travestying His teaching, and to teach the fact of immortality, whilst ignoring theHealing, 694:In the meantime there are certain things I can teach you which will be profitable. They mayHealing, 714:easy for even a Master of the Wisdom to speak or teach, particularly in connection with the themeHercules, 20:becomes worldwide and who can both love and teach his fellowmen. So Hercules was trained in allHercules, 151:determined to kill the little self in order to teach it the meaning of resurrection. [152] Hercules, 191:frequently the cultivation of hatred. We have to teach people that they are human beings withInitiation, 60:efforts put forth by the Lodge in an endeavor to teach men the reality of that which is not seen,Initiation, 67:Just as we do not put university professors to teach the beginners, so the Masters themselves workInitiation, 72:them, and thus to expand their consciousness and teach them the difference between the real and theInitiation, 108:the Planetary Logos. These facts are imparted to teach two things, first, the unity of the method,Initiation, 166:mental pictures. The aim has been two-fold: To teach the student to visualize his thought-formsIntellect, 22:as to whether we have any true culture. We teach our children to memorize an enormous array ofIntellect, 25:them thus far we carry on the good work and teach them the real meaning of intellection as aIntellect, 25:a training whereby the intuition is released. We teach them to utilize their instincts andIntellect, 77:Meister Eckhart, page 114. Thus, East and West teach the same idea and in the same symbology.Intellect, 106:may be asked, what is the easiest way to teach oneself to concentrate? One might reply, in theIntellect, 115:in mental matter is to train them to create; to teach people to know the nature of the soul is toIntellect, 120:Educational methods as we now have them do not teach their students this preliminary technique,Intellect, 168:[168] "The great doctors of the mystic life teach that there are two sorts of rapture which must beIntellect, 169:the field of meditation, and who have sought to teach people along these lines are well aware ofIntellect, 191:of divinity in such a way that they can teach and outline, as well as declare and affirm. "TheIntellect, 216:and begin truly to meditate. It is easy to teach meditation to the interested business executive. Intellect, 223:hasten development, and any teacher who seeks to teach these exercises to large groups, as isIntellect, 252:the flame of love wherever they go; they will teach brotherhood in its true inclusiveness, and notIntellect, 252:true inclusiveness, and not a system which will teach brotherhood to a few and leave the restMagic, 5:fundamental postulates. These are intended to: Teach the laws of spiritual psychology asMagic, 55:individuals, the work required is twofold: To teach them how to link up the personal lower selfMagic, 65:be a constant interchange between those who teach and the disciple who seeks instruction! MuchMagic, 182:who said, "Know us for sane and balanced men who teach as we taught on earth, not flattering ourMagic, 203:detachment and so gain control of himself. We teach him that in place of a cross disposition thereMagic, 261:to increase his group consciousness, and to teach him the process of carrying forward interiorMagic, 302:level, and - in this scientific sense - teach people to die. There is a technique of dying just asMagic, 350:The Present Age and the Future Those who are to teach the world more about the Masters and who areMagic, 352:a synthetic form and he [352] becomes ready to teach and to impart to others the residue ofMagic, 376:(such as the Theosophical, in spite of denial) teach the fact of the self and the not-self, and
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