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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TEACH

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Magic, 382:physical incarnation throughout the world. They teach the meaning of the psyche, the ego or theMagic, 419:and leaving each worker free to teach his own group as he sees fit. The terms used, the methodsMagic, 420:narrow them down to the ancient disciplines, and teach them not to lay emphasis upon diet,Magic, 467:and lack of judgment evinced by those we teach. Say to a student: Practice with steadfastness theMagic, 492:push his idea of the work to be done. He has to teach himself to withdraw his attention from theMagic, 519:by all true teachers, as they endeavor to teach the nature of the magical work. Only the tested andMagic, 542:and it has interested those of us who teach and guide to note how much emphasis is laid uponMagic, 638:accomplished or the thought sent out. Those who teach are occupied with principles of truth, withMeditation, 5:of manifestation. Hence the effort made to teach all devotees simplicity, based on a trinity ofMeditation, 61:of Initiation. In this way what I will say will teach the majority who study these letters... TheMeditation, 105:when the wise Teachers move among men and openly teach in specific schools, many forms of brainMeditation, 109:develop the mental capacity of the student; to teach him concrete facts and science and thus toMeditation, 119:capable of logical reasoning. To do this we teach men to develop themselves, to do their ownMeditation, 134:as time elapses shall we find it necessary to teach you, the physical plane workers, how to shieldMeditation, 144:(working along the line of a man's ray) will teach him in graded steps to do this. You will noteMeditation, 154:forward on the Path. We cannot permit those we teach to do certain things, nor inform them alongMeditation, 177:his hands the rule over lesser lives, and will teach him that cooperation with the deva hosts whichMeditation, 298:in personal presence, able and equipped to teach the true scientific development which is the aimMeditation, 315:knowledge of the Hall of Learning, and able to teach and to compete with the trained teachers ofMeditation, 316:that of three women chosen for their capacity to teach, for their intuitive development and for theMeditation, 316:of meditation, and able to superintend and teach the pupils the rudiment of occult meditation, asMeditation, 319:with subhuman and superhuman evolutions, and teach him to wield the law and to transcend karma.Meditation, 327:will be developed by encouraging them to teach the younger brethren. A pupil passes out of thePatanjali, 138:providing media for experience-contacts and can teach no further lessons, evil enters in, for aPatanjali, 198:your own business" is the Western attempt to teach the same truth and convey the injunction that wePatanjali, 333:factor in the creative process and both teach that this word or sound is descriptive of the secondPatanjali, viii:problem before the adepts of that time was to teach human beings, who were then little more thanProblems, 61:of responsibility; no matter what he has to teach - history, geography, [62] mathematics,Problems, 122:of those people and organizations who attempt to teach religion, who claim to represent theProblems, 127:truth that theological seminaries must begin to teach, training their men to think for themselvesProblems, 137:which He promised should be theirs? Will they teach that the destruction of the old forms wasProblems, 137:and the failures of their representatives to teach the people aright be swept away? These were theProblems, 141:recognition! It is the task of the churches to teach men to unfold this latent power of recognitionProblems, 145:truths which the church will eventually endorse, teach and express through the lives and words ofProblems, 148:of brotherhood which the churches must begin to teach - not from the angle of a transcendent God,Problems, 148:They have failed to realize and, therefore, to teach that only as goodwill is manifested in theProblems, 153:salvation is not achieved as the churches teach; man is not the miserable sinner which the clergyPsychology1, xvii:is the first thing for which those of us who teach inevitably look. Let me remind those I reachPsychology1, 83:a worker on the inner side of life, am making to teach the newer psychology in this treatise, andPsychology1, 115:light and strength of their own souls. We who teach would break a law and hinder their developmentPsychology1, 117:later, as a result of his self-initiated effort, teach him to be a communicator, an intermediary.Psychology1, 124:origin in the etheric body or double. They will teach men to see etherically, by heightening humanPsychology1, 124:have their habitat on earth. They will also teach the sounding of the tones that correspond to thePsychology1, 124:its meaning is obscure. They will also teach men how rightly to nourish the body and to draw fromPsychology1, 125:more and more teaching will be given. They teach in three ways: By means of intuitional telepathy.Psychology1, 185:potent results. The urge to know and the urge to teach are assuredly related and a part of thePsychology1, 188:must be given a chance. If you cannot yourself teach or preach or write, give of your thought andPsychology1, 203:The artist on this ray would always seek to teach through his art, and his pictures would have aPsychology1, 286:that without it the soul remains in prison. They teach that through the marriage act, at-one-mentPsychology2, 12:passed beyond that stage, and of those who know, teach and demonstrate, so that the manyPsychology2, 26:the world problem, and correctly guide and teach the people. They should realize that, speakingPsychology2, 26:masses, should be the effort of all who teach. In the more advanced people of the world today, wePsychology2, 39:all that which seems to be, must be a Plan. Teach me the purpose of it all. How can I work,Psychology2, 175:and the immediate effect of the practice is to teach the disciple to distinguish between the pairsPsychology2, 181:dealt with as such by those who seek to train, teach and weld the group into an instrument forPsychology2, 199:of the law which elevates and lifts can teach the 'man of fire and son of water' to enter intoPsychology2, 327:there have been (as the occult books teach) the following stages: The stage of involution, or ofPsychology2, 462:in the training of young people) would teach them the needed care in the balancing of values, inPsychology2, 482:of an inner attentive ear, and yet who fail to teach the distinctiveness of the sources ofPsychology2, 489:is out of the physical body. What they say and teach (frequently good, usually indifferent inPsychology2, 571:beautiful, good and true. They then proceed to teach and proclaim what they have thus heard, seenPsychology2, 596:I have done - is to give certain directions and teach certain safe and generally well-known rulesPsychology2, 647:instruction which the men of good will will teach and live out in their daily lives, the necessityPsychology2, 659:the people new and better ideals. They seek to teach also the fact that the many national,Psychology2, 663:express those religious interpretations which teach the spirit of unity. The power which the NewPsychology2, 739:of hate and of death. As those who guide and teach upon the inner side of life look out upon theRays, 110:tendencies are obliterated) as it would be to teach the masses of men today techniques of willRays, 138:statements which (from the standpoint of those I teach) are not verifiable; they have to beRays, 138:definitely human evolution; the intention is to teach him to function on those planes of consciousRays, 317:"lifting up" of matter into heaven; it does not teach the eternal persistence of the physical bodyRays, 317:of the discarded physical body; it does teach the "livingness of Life" and the state ofRays, 329:and profit by what I am endeavoring to teach, let him love all men more deeply and let him see toRays, 356:Christianity (as the theologians believe and teach), but signifies the universal dissemination ofRays, 372:plane. This is of course beyond my powers to teach or to explain, as I am not yet a liberatedRays, 429:so. Strain, economic privations and anxiety may teach her; the result will be stability. In theRays, 485:have confidence in the experience of those who teach, and then wait patiently for results. Rays, 513:form, but it would not be possible for me to teach, through the medium of writing, their ancientRays, 652:meaningless, except as the ABC whereby he can teach the children of men. He realizes, through theReappearance, 100:enlightenment, and experience on Earth could teach Him no more, He looked ahead to the time whenReappearance, 110:do to all new teachers - no matter what they teach. The bulk of human beings are still too hungry,Reappearance, 115:a totally new experience and Christ will have to teach men how to handle happiness correctly, toReappearance, 115:joy. Christ, however, is not coming simply to teach men the need for right human relations; He isReappearance, 115:need for right human relations; He is coming to teach them how to establish it successfullyReappearance, 115:V - The Teachings of the Christ II. Christ Will Teach the Law of Rebirth This Law is the majorReappearance, 117:is perfect." (Matt., V, 48.) This time, He will teach men the method whereby this possibility canReappearance, 124:and this only the appearance of the Christ can teach and help us bring about. As an ancientReappearance, 131:threefold experience He went forth to love, to teach and to heal. Christ is the great dispeller ofReappearance, 137:are under public indictment as having failed to teach humanity to live rightly. These affirmationsReappearance, 142:people be met when the theological seminaries teach nothing new or appropriate to the day and age,Soul, 20:from the standpoint of a Behaviorist,' would teach that 'emotion is an heredity pattern-reactionSoul, 75:regarded it as the vital principle. The Hindus teach that the human soul is a portion of anSoul, 97:'Absolute Energy.' Many occult authorities teach that the principle which the Hindus term Prana isTelepathy, 40:will be enabled to suggest, to strengthen and to teach subjectively with no undue influence, noTelepathy, 106:the Path which it is his duty to understand and teach. There is no need for me to elaborate thisTelepathy, 151:in reality an ovoid (as the older occult books teach) but usually takes the form or general outline
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