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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TEACHER

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Fire, 1150:(in the technically occult sense) by some teacher greater than he. Fourth, a disciple may, throughFire, 1236:B. The Bodhisattva. (The Christ. The World Teacher.) b. A European Master. c. Master K.H. d. MasterGlamour, 46:and penalties, or the unquestioned rule of some teacher. In its highest forms we have theGlamour, 46:of an orthodox teaching and from the rule of a teacher. He stands (as far as he can tell) free fromGlamour, 47:given up the authority of a teaching and of a teacher, he has to learn to accept the authority ofGlamour, 49:work. It is not the imposed conditions of any teacher of any rank. It is not the exchange of theGlamour, 50:an arbitrary Board of Directors, such as a group teacher or teachers (of whom I might, of course,Glamour, 75:as great a spiritual experience and as potent a teacher in life expression as the more elevated andGlamour, 77:aspirant. They are devoted to a cause, to a teacher, to a creed, to a person, to a duty, or to aGlamour, 186:Christ, the Master of all the Masters and the Teacher alike of angels and of men, and from theGlamour, 254:timed and spaced according to the wish of the teacher. Where there is persistence in effort,Glamour, 254:will usually be undesirable because the average teacher emphasizes the technique of the breath andGlamour, 255:of the oriental. In the East, the problem of the teacher or Guru is to take negatively polarizedHealing, 306:normally under instruction. However, the teacher may invite the asking of questions and forHealing, 306:together. Because through the questions, the teacher himself can enter into a closer rapport withHealing, 479:be framed as follows: Why does not the Tibetan Teacher take up definite or basic diseases, and dealHealing, 629:student - not to the mode of presentation of the teacher. This rule runs as follows: [630] RuleHealing, 688:can happen becomes apparent to every advanced teacher of occultism and esotericism when heHealing, 688:subconscious, from their own souls, or from some teacher (not a Master) who is attempting to helpHercules, 2:the place of death and sacrifice. The watching Teacher saw a man emerge from out this crowd, mountHercules, 2:of the Lord and heard a word go forth: "Obey the Teacher on the Way. Prepare for the last tests.Hercules, 2:love to serve the men of earth." Then to the Teacher went the final word: "Prepare the candidate.Hercules, 3:credulity and superstition. The problem of every teacher today is to discover new ways in which toHercules, 7:play in the eternal Enterprise. A great eastern Teacher has expressed in connection with the zodiacHercules, 14:the Disciple - The Myth He stood before his Teacher. Dimly he understood that a crisis was uponHercules, 14:to change of speech, of attitude and plan. The Teacher looked him o'er and liked him well. "YourHercules, 14:and effulgence of the soul. What is the soul, O Teacher? Tell me truth." "That soul of yours, youHercules, 14:and she has made me what you see. Likewise, O Teacher of my life, I am also one of twins. There isHercules, 14:who thinks, and feels and lives. "One thing, O Teacher, I must tell to you and thus deceive youHercules, 15:your freedom and your deep desire to serve." The Teacher sat in silence and Hercules withdrew andHercules, 15:the Council Chamber of the Lord, spoke to the Teacher and bade him call the gods to witness theHercules, 15:and start the new disciple on the Way. The Teacher called. The gods replied. They came and gave toHercules, 16:thus he stood equipped. The gods stood round his Teacher, and watched his antics and his joy. HeHercules, 16:my high deeds." And then, and only then, the Teacher said: "Go forth to labor." The Tibetan (DjwhalHercules, 28:the Gate himself. But Abderis lay dead. The Teacher looked him o'er with care and sent the horsesHercules, 28:as savior of the land. But Abderis lay dead.The Teacher turned to Hercules and said: "Labor theHercules, 38:20th) The Myth The presiding One spoke to the Teacher of the man whose light shone forth among theHercules, 40:"Within myself I felt the urge and sought my Teacher. Told by the great Presiding One, He sent meHercules, 41:in peace, my son, your task is done." The Teacher saw him coming and went forth to meet him oil theHercules, 41:"You came with empty hands, oh, Hercules," the Teacher said. "I have these empty hands, because IHercules, 41:the grass and rested from his labor. Later the Teacher turned to Hercules and said: "Labor theHercules, 54:the son of man who is a son of God. He and the Teacher saw the third great Gate, opening before theHercules, 54:word went forth to seek for them he sought the Teacher, asking Him the way to go and find theHercules, 54:tree and pick the apples. "Tell me the way, O Teacher of my soul. I seek the apples and I need themHercules, 54:and I will go!" "Not so, my son", replied the Teacher, "the way is long. Two things alone I willHercules, 55:discouraged, still he sought on every hand. The Teacher, watching from afar, sent Nereus to see ifHercules, 55:Returned at length with sadness to the Teacher, Nereus spoke of failure. "The first of the fiveHercules, 55:of the five lesser tests is passed," replied the Teacher, and failure marks this stage. LetHercules, 56:the eighth Gate. Prepare again to wrestle." The Teacher, gazing from afar, saw all that happened,Hercules, 56:believe. He speaks fair words saying: "I am the teacher. To me is given knowledge of the truth andHercules, 57:he grew, until there came a day when his loved teacher bound him to an altar and kept him boundHercules, 57:of God, he broke his bonds, seized the false teacher (who had seemed so wise) and bound him to theHercules, 57:word, but left him there to learn. The watching Teacher, from afar, noted the moment of release,Hercules, 58:of time, he again started to make his way. The Teacher, watching from afar, spoke to his seekingHercules, 58:and returned from whence he came. Before the Teacher then he stood and rendered due account of allHercules, 58:account of all that had transpired. To him the Teacher gave the word of cheer and then withHercules, Known:was a mere mortal. He claimed to be a great teacher. He was fluent in speech and captivating inHercules, 63:up his will and his mind and accepted him as his teacher and guide. Finally, when Busiris hadHercules, 67:influence of two teachers: Nereus, the higher teacher, and Busiris, the lower or psychic teacher;Hercules, 67:teacher, and Busiris, the lower or psychic teacher; and thus we again have emphasized both theHercules, 73:to attract the interest of aspirants. Any teacher who has worked with those who are seeking the WayHercules, 74:clutches of Busiris, who claimed to be a great teacher. For a long period of [75] time Hercules wasHercules, 77:the Council Chamber of the Lord, spoke to the Teacher, standing by his side: "Where is the son ofHercules, 77:and with what service is he now engaged?" The Teacher said, casting his eye upon the son of man whoHercules, 79:of God and leave it there with them." "Why so, O Teacher wise? The doe is mine; mine by long searchHercules, 80:the Gate again and found his way, back to the teacher of his life. "I have fulfiled the task, setHercules, 81:stood a slender fawn. "Did I perform the test, O Teacher wise? The fawn is back upon the hill whereHercules, 81:holy place; again and yet again." Then said the Teacher to the son of man who is a son of God:Hercules, 95:the sons of men, who are the sons of God. The Teacher stood at his right hand and listened to hisHercules, 95:and watched his thoughts. He said then to the Teacher who stood close to his hand within theHercules, 96:listening for a voice. "What do I here, O Teacher of my life, armed, as you see, with the fullHercules, 96:of a lion I hear, upon the evening air?" The Teacher said: "Go, seek the lion which ravages theHercules, 99:lion's skin beneath the feet of him who was the Teacher of his life, and gained permission to wearHercules, From n:Myth The great Presiding One called unto him the Teacher watching over Hercules. "The time isHercules, From n:Can he now pass the sixth great Gate? And the Teacher answered: "Yes." He was assured withinHercules, 113:aghast at that which he had done, he heard his Teacher speak: "My son, why slay that which isHercules, 114:One looked on. And from his post beside, the Teacher too looked on. Through the sixth Gate againHercules, 114:and seeing both the girdle and the maid, the Teacher spoke and said: "Labor the sixth is over. YouHercules, 117:the sexes is now at a climax." This time the Teacher did not say merely that the work was badlyHercules, 118:rescued Hesione and earned from the [118] Teacher the words: "Ponder anew upon the ways of life,Hercules, 125:For this, let him prepare with care." And the Teacher, noting on his tablets the purpose of theHercules, 125:rare and the test of courage unafraid. The Teacher had instructed him to seek a boar, and ApolloHercules, 127:his seventh labor and returned unto the Teacher of his life. And the great Presiding One within theHercules, 127:met and known and rightly understood." And the Teacher said: "The seventh labor is completed, theHercules, 129:that again Hercules made a dire mistake. The Teacher had told him to "take time to eat", butHercules, 129:path before us of pitfalls. But then the wise Teacher, when assessing the labor, passed lightlyHercules, 140:in radiant calm, said but a single word. The Teacher heard the golden command, and summonedHercules, 140:"The light now shines on Gate the eighth," the Teacher said. "In ancient Argos a drought occurred.Hercules, 140:"One word of counsel only I may give," the Teacher said. "We rise by kneeling; we conquer byHercules, 141:each assault. Then Hercules remembered that his Teacher had said, "we rise by kneeling." CastingHercules, 142:a rock. Returning, Hercules stood before his Teacher. "The victory is won", the Teacher said. "TheHercules, 142:before his Teacher. "The victory is won", the Teacher said. "The Light that shines at Gate theHercules, 155:21st) The Myth Within the place of peace the Teacher stood, and spoke to Hercules. "O son of GodHercules, 155:"O son of God who art also a son of man," the Teacher said, "the time has come to tread anotherHercules, 156:darkening landscape. When Hercules returned, the Teacher greeted him: "The birds of slaughter haveHercules, 169:of dark," the great Presiding One declared. The Teacher understood. "The son of man who is also theHercules, 169:dangers you have braved, O Hercules," the Teacher said, "and much has been achieved. Wisdom andHercules, 169:a prey to vast and unremitting suffering?" The Teacher gently touched the forehead of Hercules.Hercules, 169:whom you have seen is called Prometheus," the Teacher said. "For ages has he suffered thus, andHercules, 171:reached the world of living things, he found his Teacher there. "The light now shines within the
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