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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TEACHERS

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Statement:I am not an old man, as age counts among the teachers, yet I am not young or inexperienced. My workAstrology, 27:Wisdom correct what are deemed errors by the Teachers on the inner side of life, I am hoping thatAstrology, 58:and a definite reorientation takes place. The Teachers on the [59] inner side, therefore, study theAstrology, 89:of fire, [89] that the clairvoyant and the teachers of the race can appraise a man's position inAstrology, 235:of the best views of all the spiritually minded teachers in both hemispheres, embodying theAstrology, 280:have told you, Virgo is regarded by the esoteric teachers of the Hierarchy to be identified withAstrology, 373:world today if you could but see it as we the teachers on the inner side can see it, you wouldAstrology, 444:period and in this kali-yuga, as the Eastern teachers call it, it is an essential basic attitude)Astrology, 593:so oft emphasized in occult books and by occult teachers is distorted unless it is realized thatAstrology, 622:of this ray energy are the two best known world Teachers and Saviors from the human point of viewAstrology, 694:the 'four castes' in all parts of the world. Its teachers, ore spoken of as 'Graduates of the RuddyAtom, 156:some to be the little lost Pleiad. The Eastern teachers say that in the mystery of electricity isAutobiography, 28:one of an uncle and aunt. There we had French teachers as well as a chaperoning resident governessAutobiography, 63:better, such as Pegs for Preachers, Talks for Teachers, Discourses for Disciples, Outlines forAutobiography, 111:the vineyards or the fruit orchards and school teachers. The rectory was a small, six-room bungalowAutobiography, 152:be deeply spiritual. I thought the leaders and teachers were at least initiates of high degree. IAutobiography, 168:has written are regarded of importance by the Teachers responsible for the giving [169] out of theAutobiography, 185:blame their mothers, their fathers, their school teachers and their army officers, who have givenAutobiography, 187:The trouble with mass coeducation is that the teachers have too large classes and no child can getAutobiography, 191:always amused me. I'm not one of those occult teachers who claims to know exactly what the MasterAutobiography, 238:Them. They stand forth as the two greatest world teachers and saviors. One has guided the OrientAutobiography, 255:the false presentations given out by the various teachers and occult groups, plus the ridiculousAutobiography, 256:and on world service, and not on a group of teachers who, even if they have transcended the usualAutobiography, 264:esoteric sections have been disastrously guilty. Teachers will later appear who, will have a trueAutobiography, 265:learning to tread the Way correctly. Leaders and teachers in the present so-called esoteric schoolsAutobiography, 268:his fellowmen. This is a point oft overlooked by teachers, who lay the emphasis upon the personalAutobiography, 286:the senior students can become school workers, teachers, and as secretaries supervise the work ofAutobiography, 295:of God (if the words of Christ and all the world Teachers mean anything) the three divine aspects -Bethlehem, 6:the noble designation of WISDOM, the ancient teachers, the sages of India, the magians of PersiaBethlehem, 17:of individual attainment. He emerged (as all the Teachers throughout the ages seem to have done)Bethlehem, 25:portal as his equipment and destiny allow. The Teachers of the race, and the Christ, Who is theBethlehem, 34:to be brought to us, but the East had its own teachers, and each of the past civilizations upon ourBethlehem, 41:always, his own soul. Many esoteric schools and teachers direct their teaching and their aspirantsBethlehem, 47:slow process. Old truths enunciated by the world Teachers and Saviors are in process ofBethlehem, 56:to the environment and lives of the past world teachers and saviors, for there is a curiousBethlehem, 58:Charles Johnston, IV, 7, 8. Again and again such teachers have come forth, manifested as much ofBethlehem, 65:birth, is also a part of the life-story of other teachers sent from God. For instance, we read:Bethlehem, 93:and that the brilliant galaxy of World Teachers gave an ever-widening interpretation of Deity,Bethlehem, 120:used then, and being used today by many teachers and schools of thought. These are peculiarly theBethlehem, 120:of the world today. Upon this theory many teachers and groups thrive, and curiously enough, they doBethlehem, 194:inherited many of its interpretations, and the teachers and interpreters of the early ChristianDestiny, 122:fact must be ascribed today the appearance of teachers, claiming to teach magic, to bring aboutDiscipleship1, 6:has not hitherto been the problem of the Eastern Teachers, except in very rare cases. Those who areDiscipleship1, 9:As personalities, you matter not to us, the teachers on the inner side. As souls you are of vitalDiscipleship1, 10:each other, you can draw nearer to me and to the teachers on the subjective side of life and arriveDiscipleship1, 13:and masquerading entities personalize the teachers and the Masters and do so in their myriads. AddDiscipleship1, 30:and of urgency in service, I am one of several teachers who have pledged themselves for the nextDiscipleship1, 45:could work. Through the example of these teachers, through their teaching, through their successesDiscipleship1, 46:of service. I point out to you what we, the Teachers upon the inner side, seek to see accomplished.Discipleship1, 83:goal. Has accepted the Plan, as indicated by the Teachers of the race. He seeks to understand theDiscipleship1, 109:from within the disciple's own nature; we, the teachers, are only permitted to put the seal ofDiscipleship1, 154:work. This fits them to work as we, the teachers upon the inner side, have learned to work. We workDiscipleship1, 154:to be handled by our disciples and the lesser teachers. We confine ourselves to training thoseDiscipleship1, 187:to work our way, for this is ever what we, the teachers and guides on the inner side, have to do.Discipleship1, 193:that occult phenomenon, called by the oriental teachers, samadhi... Then meditate deeply during theDiscipleship1, 215:serve and love your fellowmen because we, the teachers on the inner side also serve and love them;Discipleship1, 225:heard it said that I am relieving some of the Teachers on the inner side and thus setting them freeDiscipleship1, 232:next life. One of the problems which we, the teachers upon the inner side, have always to face isDiscipleship1, 238:a glamorous light and such thought-form of the teachers are often to be found and are purely astralDiscipleship1, 242:activity - as are all the Ashrams of all the teachers - and shall some day achieve it, but in thisDiscipleship1, 362:recognition but that is ever accorded by us, the teachers on the inner side, when duly merited. IDiscipleship1, 371:a disciple. Disciples evoke from us who are the teachers upon the inner side of life many andDiscipleship1, 408:enable you later to be a server whom we, the teachers on the inner side, can more fully use. YouDiscipleship1, 474:the light; it is intent that counts with us, the teachers on the inner side, even if this intent isDiscipleship1, 497:your life service in the field wherein we, the teachers and initiates work. You will make mistakes.Discipleship1, 549:thus symbolically. Know you not that we - the teachers on the inner side - need those whose livesDiscipleship1, 737:much of the work being done by disciples and teachers at this time. Many other people are todayDiscipleship1, 770:but is a force with which the leaders and teachers of humanity must reckon. It affects the leastDiscipleship1, 787:the false presentations given out by the various teachers and occult groups, plus the ridiculousDiscipleship1, 788:and on world service, and not on a group of Teachers who, even if they have transcended the usualDiscipleship2, XIII:Those claiming to give such training are false teachers, often sincere but self-deluded. This alsoDiscipleship2, 255:Such are the problems with which the initiate-teachers are today faced. Just as the attitudes ofDiscipleship2, 258:also see why for centuries the emphasis of the Teachers of the Ageless Wisdom has been upon theDiscipleship2, 339:given to it by those early theosophical teachers who misunderstood and misinterpreted what H.P.B.Discipleship2, 429:and earliest amanuensis) and the many previous teachers of occult truth had given out nothingDiscipleship2, 518:they become the divine Psychologists and World Teachers. The Christ combined in himself all theseDiscipleship2, 528:your work is along the old lines - of superior teachers, gathering their groups around them, ofEducation, 8:concerning the periods indicated by such occult teachers as Steiner, for though the seven yearEducation, 9:and the practical impossibility of finding those teachers who work as souls and as minds. [10]Education, 78:as the most important concern of his parents and teachers (because he is the future in embryo), andEducation, 87:will take much time. We shall have to train our teachers differently and much time will be lost asEducation, 87:developed in joint conference by broadminded teachers and educational authorities in every country,Education, 88:have to be given in picking and training the teachers of the future. Their mental attainments andEducation, 89:every student passing through the hands of our teachers. All, however, no matter what their initialEducation, 89:yet the emphasis is not laid on it when training teachers or influencing parents. Much, very much,Education, 89:be carried forward progressively if parents and teachers demonstrate in their own lives what theyEducation, 102:spiritually-minded and highly evolved teachers who have - down the ages - set their mark upon theEducation, 120:but the emphasis has been overdone by the lesser teachers of the race, so that the racial attitudeEducation, 131:land are forcing upon their parents and their teachers the idea of their essential and determinedEducation, 132:thread through all esoteric thought. The ancient teachers of the race, sent out by the HierarchyExternalisation, 6:their own stupidity, or upon the backs of some teachers, groups or organizations. Much blame canExternalisation, 94:ability? These are the questions which we, the teachers on the inner side, are today askingExternalisation, 97:the Plan, they are in touch with the guiding teachers on the inner side - and are sensitive to theExternalisation, 105:to see the picture as it appears to us, the teachers on the inner side, and also in relation to itsExternalisation, 113:and responsibility; it can and does send out its teachers and disciples to educate and lead theExternalisation, 213:of the advancing decision. For decades, we, the teachers of the race of men, have watched certainExternalisation, 228:- but in terms of the whole, and as we, the teachers on the inner side, are forced to see it. IExternalisation, 235:at stake to take positive action. And we, the teachers on the inner side, who for aeons have aidedExternalisation, 273:For decades, I, as one of the spiritual teachers, along with many others, have sought to awaken allExternalisation, 405:These are the facts which the World Teachers have brought to us, suited to our need and capacity at
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