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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TEACHES

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Astrology, 7:its full implications as yet. The Ancient Wisdom teaches that "space is an entity." It is with theAstrology, 10:Analogy as an interpretive agency. Esotericism teaches (and modern science is rapidly arriving atAstrology, 415:for - as you know - the Ageless Wisdom teaches that there is: Electric fire - will - monad -Atom, 13:name for this school is that of Materialism. It teaches that "the presentation which we have inAtom, 103:taught in the East, and "esoteric philosophy teaches that everything lives and is conscious, butAutobiography, 269:and in his Master's Ashram. The esoteric school teaches him how to achieve this, how to makeAutobiography, 271:and methods break and drop away. He teaches certain unalterable occult principles to which theAutobiography, 281:may be approached and entered. The Arcane School teaches the practical belief that the "souls ofAutobiography, 282:emphasizes no theological dogmas, but simply teaches the Ageless Wisdom, as recognized in all landsAutobiography, 289:of the Arcane School IV. The Arcane School Teaches that the "Souls of Men are One" This truth growsBethlehem, 9:story, that fivefold sequential myth which teaches us the revelation of divinity in the Person ofBethlehem, 27:of the process whereby they can pass (as Masonry teaches) through that mysterious door, between theBethlehem, 83:in these words: "Macarius, following Methodius, teaches that the very idea of the IncarnationBethlehem, 238:a little-known sermon of the Buddha, in which He teaches His disciples the significance of theBethlehem, 249:of soul-making," as Keats calls it, and which teaches that we return again and again to physicalDestiny, 143:ray is, in the last analysis, the ray which teaches the art of living in order to produce aDiscipleship1, 188:alone; and being in a position of the one who teaches and who gives, you stand somewhat isolatedDiscipleship1, 653:around you, yourself as the one who talks and teaches and writes, yourself as the one who yearnsDiscipleship2, 483:involve every aspect of your being. The disciple teaches principally by what he is and by givingEducation, 13:thoroughly upon the sincerity of those whom he teaches. Nevertheless, criticism and the pointingEducation, 146:Antahkarana 7. The Science of the Antahkarana teaches certain fundamental truths about the thread,Externalisation, 571:which confront him seem impossible; he teaches truths whose first effect is necessarilyFire, 122:manifestation. 56 Root-race. The Secret Doctrine teaches us that in this evolution or Round on thisFire, 410:out of these three primary entities. Algebra teaches us that the number of combinations of things,Fire, 717:fourth races. 39 Root races. The Secret Doctrine teaches that these seven groups of human unitsFire, 1194:remains in his Nirmanakaya. The esoteric school teaches that Gautama, Buddha with several of hisGlamour, 196:focused light as it dispels individual glamor teaches the disciples the early stages of theHealing, 193:He begins with the psychology which the soul teaches and commences with the causes which areHealing, 400:tangible form exists and persists, but also teaches that after death and the subsequentHealing, 404:the term "immortality" infers timelessness and teaches that this timelessness exists for that whichHercules, 205:grass and trees, the insects and the infusoria, teaches us deeper lessons of love and faith than weIntellect, 119:and western methods becomes apparent. One school teaches its students to gain control of theMagic, 352:and passes an initiation. The whole group he teaches is benefited by his step forward, for everyMagic, 425:not by an outer activity. An ancient Scripture teaches this truth in the following terms: [426]Magic, 429:the key to the yoga of devotion. Patanjali teaches us the yoga of the mind. In the Gospel story weMeditation, 129:his, coupled with the necessary information that teaches him to work with the law. In the followingMeditation, 276:body and its expansion and development, and teaches the pupil to understand the law of his ownMeditation, 280:bodies and the awakening of the inner fire. He teaches the pupil the meaning of the centers andMeditation, 311:and incapacity to learn the lesson that failure teaches. When failures are regarded as valuablePatanjali, 94:formulation of the truth. (See Sutra 7.) He teaches that meditation is of two kinds: With an objectProblems, 132:constant presentation of a narrow theology which teaches nothing new but produces fresh quarrelingPsychology2, 591:in the last analysis, the Science of Energy and teaches the method whereby energy can beRays, 317:he supposedly died upon the Cross. Resurrection teaches essentially the "lifting up" of matter intoSoul, 98:things having life, and as the occult philosophy teaches that life is in all things - in every AtomSoul, 122:to as the instinctual brain. Bhagavan Das teaches us that: "It is worth noting that in SanskritTelepathy, 162:The symbolism of the Rod of Initiation teaches us that (during the initiatory process) this Rod,
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