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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TEACHING

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Autobiography, 250:years in one section of the fourth degree. The teaching on glamor has been given as some of theAutobiography, 255:Actually I am not doing so. The spread of the teaching alters circumstances and the need ofAutobiography, 255:members, nor do They exclude from the teaching those who disagree with the organizational policiesAutobiography, 256:and having watched the ill effects of the usual teaching given anent the Masters, A.A.B. has goneAutobiography, 259:been four methods employed in transmitting this teaching from the Tibetan to the general public. 1.Autobiography, 259:is given with very great rapidity and the detail teaching is impressed upon her consciousness withAutobiography, 260:Bailey could not herself have formulated this teaching, for it deals with cosmic processes of whichAutobiography, 262:gathered around some teacher and some body of teaching. The teacher supplies them with his personalAutobiography, 262:nature of the secret doctrine, of the esoteric teaching and of the inner government of the world.Autobiography, 262:consciousness and form. None of this is esoteric teaching. Devotion to the Masters has been taught,Autobiography, 263:loyalties and misapplied and misinterpreted teaching. They have, however, been useful as signpostsAutobiography, 263:shifted to a higher level than at present. The teaching must be divorced from its presentAutobiography, 264:highest ideals, and upon the presentation of a teaching which will evoke both the respect and theAutobiography, 265:precede practice. These schools will advance the teaching beyond the point reached in the earlierAutobiography, 265:these themes will help us to know what esoteric teaching is and aid us to work as esotericists,Autobiography, 271:will gather around him those who can help in the teaching, and upon the wisdom and theAutobiography, 272:fellowmen and are impelled thereto by a love of teaching, a measure of love for humanity and someAutobiography, 273:with disfavor and criticism on other schools, teaching exclusive adherence to the leader andAutobiography, 274:reject those who respond to the newer esoteric teaching and force them out of their groups. The newAutobiography, 274:means of this rejection and in response to the teaching, proclaimed by the more powerful and moreAutobiography, 274:and instituting new and more suitable methods of teaching occult truth. The Arcane School is a partAutobiography, 274:They do much temporary harm as they distort the teaching and give false ideas about the Masters andAutobiography, 275:years, the esoteric doctrines and the secret teaching of the Ageless Wisdom - given to the publicAutobiography, 275:veiled and hidden by a vast body of secondary teaching which has sidetracked the interest of theAutobiography, 276:but only as a foundation for the new unfolding teaching. Breathing exercises are only given afterAutobiography, 277:and prepares the student to profit from the teaching to be given in the Schools for Initiation. TheAutobiography, 279:can profit by the wealth of literature and teaching which the remainder of this century willAutobiography, 279:of all, to gain a general idea of the esoteric teaching; he will then know along which of the manyAutobiography, 279:must go; he has to learn to apply the teaching in a practical way, transmuting theory into practiceAutobiography, 280:of the Arcane School? What is the nature of its teaching? What are the principles governing theAutobiography, 281:of truth or lead to a distortion of the esoteric teaching; neither must they assume undueAutobiography, 282:student passes from one degree to another. No teaching is given at any time in the development ofAutobiography, 282:living, upon the mental grasp of the occult teaching and upon those rules and processes which willAutobiography, 283:to yourself and to us that you have grasped the teaching by writing your study papers; learn toAutobiography, 285:and concern, and we feel that, given the right teaching, he will make his own adjustments in theseAutobiography, 285:to help the student to bring in that control by teaching him the ancient rules governing the PathAutobiography, 286:and we approve of the attempt to spread the teaching of the Ancient Wisdom. We regard it as aAutobiography, 286:this way, for the need of the world for this teaching is very great and many hundreds can beAutobiography, 286:This they can do if they show a grasp of the teaching, are intelligent and love their fellowmen. InAutobiography, 287:the Spiritual Hierarchy to which the Christian teaching of the Kingdom of God surely refers. IfAutobiography, 288:Those who still question, but who accept the teaching as a working hypothesis. Both groups are thenAutobiography, 288:is a technical phrase indicating aptitude for teaching, a willingness to implement the Plan forAutobiography, 288:of the Imam Mahdi. The universality of this teaching, plus the general expectancy is a majorAutobiography, 289:the laws which govern the Kingdom of God. Much teaching has gone out during the past three hundredAutobiography, 295:Upon these eight fundamentals all the esoteric teaching rests. There are necessarily subsidiaryAutobiography, 295:again accepts or not as he likes. Such are the teaching on Reincarnation, governed by the Law ofAutobiography, 298:slipped by and I have learned to profit by the teaching I have personally received from her, I haveAutobiography, 299:was given the task of providing that bridging teaching necessary to the guidance of theAutobiography, 299:been. The time had come for the next expanded teaching to be given out. D.K. stood next to K.H.Autobiography, 301:need for an esoteric experiment along second ray teaching lines, which could attempt to carry aAutobiography, 301:in the esoteric field was a type of discipleship teaching and action which would help to offset theBethlehemthe historic figure of our Lord and upon His teaching can alone inspire in this Twentieth CenturyBethlehem, 3:it a mystical tale of great beauty and of real teaching value but nevertheless of no vital importBethlehem, 3:which could be founded upon the ethical teaching of the [4] Sermon on the Mount are frequentlyBethlehem, 4:of His story remains as yet unsolved, though His teaching upon the Fatherhood of God and theBethlehem, 5:footsteps back to the Father's home, and the teaching which brings revelation have ever been theBethlehem, 6:Vol. III, p.55. We know much of the exoteric teaching. Orthodox and theological Christianity isBethlehem, 6:great religions. When, however, the inner wisdom teaching is forgotten and the esoteric side isBethlehem, 7:of Christ's accomplishment and the significant teaching it holds for the individual and for theBethlehem, 9:shades of consciousness - we can appropriate the teaching with a clearer vision and a wiser use ofBethlehem, 12:upon their essential divinity. Both the Hindu teaching and the Buddhist faith have emphasized themBethlehem, 12:in the Making, by A. N. Whitehead, p. 55. The teaching of Lao-Tzu can also serve the same purpose.Bethlehem, 13:the unity, and at times the uniformity of the teaching as it is given in both the East and theBethlehem, 13:in the fourth initiation of the Oriental teaching which is called the Great Renunciation. There isBethlehem, 16:- this was the message of the Christ. In the teaching of the Buddha we have the three ways in whichBethlehem, 16:disciple for the Christ life. Upon this racial teaching follows the work of the Christ withBethlehem, 19:of the ram or the scapegoat in the Old Testament teaching, and the keeping of the Passover feast.Bethlehem, 19:in Himself the message of the past, and gave the teaching for the present, so He also pointed toBethlehem, 25:within could be put into symbolic form for the teaching of the "little ones," and could later beBethlehem, 25:esoteric groups are not the custodians of the teaching of initiation, nor is it their prerogativeBethlehem, 26:they have stressed adherence to authoritative teaching and rules of life, and have not primarilyBethlehem, 33:does preserve secret within itself the sacred teaching, but it inherited that teaching from theBethlehem, 33:the sacred teaching, but it inherited that teaching from the past. It may personalize itselfBethlehem, 39:And what is true of Him is true also of the teaching He gave. In Christianity the past is comprisedBethlehem, 41:subject as a whole. So much peculiar and unsound teaching on the matter is being given out at thisBethlehem, 41:Many esoteric schools and teachers direct their teaching and their aspirants towards some greatBethlehem, 56:to bring that detail into conformity with the teaching of the past, as to the environment and livesBethlehem, 68:Today the masses are on a journey. Today the teaching of the Path and of the Way to God isBethlehem, 92:and summarized for us by Christ in His life and teaching. Christ gave the greatest of all ideas -Bethlehem, 98:is exact, according to the ancient mystery teaching. A close study of this symbolic rendering of aBethlehem, 120:first, a wisdom which concerns itself with the teaching and helping of others, a freedom fromBethlehem, 122:feeding of the multitude. He gave much time to teaching them the rules of the kingdom of God. MenBethlehem, 131:field different. Christ went about doing good, "teaching in the synagogues, preaching the gospel ofBethlehem, 157:in all His divine humanity." - The Mystery Teaching in the West, by Jean Delaire, p. 121. It isBethlehem, 160:interesting to note that the major part of the teaching (as given in St. John's Gospel and in manyBethlehem, 167:His service consisted primarily at this time in teaching and speaking. But such is the wisdom andBethlehem, 183:men can function as individuals. Christ, in His teaching, emphasized the significance of theBethlehem, 190:looks to the resurrection as its pivotal teaching. The need of a death unto things material, theBethlehem, 193:necessity for the purification by blood. This teaching of purification through the blood of bullsBethlehem, 193:These mysteries, in their turn, inherited the teaching, and thus formulated their doctrine, whichBethlehem, 195:past two thousand years. Christ did give us the teaching that we must die in order to live as Gods,Bethlehem, 195:and service, and the logical outcome of His teaching. Pioneers and those who reveal to men theirBethlehem, 195:by Him for the sake of the principles of His teaching. It was the crowning act of His most heroicBethlehem, 199:and trembling." (Phil. II, 12.) In the Jewish teaching a man suffers for the sins of his forebearsBethlehem, 199:of physical inheritance. Under the Christian teaching, Christ, the perfect man, suffers with God,Bethlehem, 211:have characterized the official rendering of His teaching, down the ages. Christ died in order toBethlehem, 226:This latter is the outer and more obvious teaching - but it is the inner meaning which reallyBethlehem, 236:serve to indicate the antiquity of the Mystery Teaching which, with unbroken continuity, hasBethlehem, 237:Osiris bear a close resemblance to the Christian teaching, and that after the resurrection ofBethlehem, 249:five initiations into liberation. Much of the teaching given in the occult and esoteric books is
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