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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TEACHING

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Bethlehem, 258:the teachings earlier given will show that every teaching, and every suffering Son of God whoBethlehem, 258:He prepared the way for Christ, giving out the teaching that His particular age, period andBethlehem, 258:and secondly, He enacted in His life the teaching of the Mysteries, which however, before Christ'sBethlehem, 259:His great Brother laid down. He carried the teaching forward the next step, and made it availableBethlehem, 261:masses sufficiently developed to profit by their teaching on a large scale until that time. InBethlehem, 262:by a right understanding of Christ and His teaching, we could so expedite matters that the kingdomBethlehem, 262:was right in the position He took and in the teaching He gave as to the nature of man. The decisionBethlehem, 264:here, and the will to good is present. The teaching of Christ is not obsolete and out of date. ItDestiny, 4:to that which is higher and better. This teaching anent the seven rays remains a profitlessDestiny, 7:will depend the benefit you will gain from my teaching upon these points. It is a truism to remarkDestiny, 65:of this and the whole trend of the present teaching is directed to the awakening of humanity toDestiny, 106:an initiate will appear and will carry on this teaching. The remainder of this century must beDestiny, 116:once appear. This concept also lies behind the teaching which I have given anent the GreatDestiny, 118:its search for the Philosopher's Stone and the teaching as to the three basic mineral elements.Destiny, 127:of spirit and matter in their thought and teaching, thereby pushing apart religion and science. TheDestiny, 129:energy yet at the same time in correct esoteric teaching the higher impulsive activity is calledDestiny, 131:power and for this reason the emphasis in all teaching given to them is laid upon purity of motive.Destiny, 132:carrying it down on to the physical. The Eastern teaching affected Christianity and indicated andDestiny, 136:on and I am, therefore, including them in my teaching. Destiny, 144:indicates your unpreparedness for true esoteric teaching. Students need a greater sense of the realDestiny, 151:years has been on death; it has colored all the teaching of the orthodox churches; only one day inDiscipleship1inadequate to the onlooker. A good deal of the teaching given is new in form and some of it is newDiscipleship1, XIII:at any time. It is the subject matter of the teaching which is of importance and not the name ofDiscipleship1, XIII:from God at the time of the Creation. The same teaching can also be traced in the Holy Bible. UponDiscipleship1, XIII:are to be found on this ray. It is the great teaching ray. The third Ray of Active Intelligence.Discipleship1, 5:will teach you. Whether or not you profit by the teaching is entirely your own affair; that isDiscipleship1, 7:being of no importance to you at all. It is the teaching that I shall give you which will matter. IDiscipleship1, 7:suffice and let not curiosity blind you to the teaching. We stand together in spiritual enterprise.Discipleship1, 31:out in ordered sequence and provide a body of teaching and of truth which will serve the needs ofDiscipleship1, 31:next century by a newer and more adequate teaching. Next came a happening of vital moment - of moreDiscipleship1, 32:events taking place: The sending forth of the teaching for the New Age. This deals with the newDiscipleship1, 32:schools of esotericism which will embody the teaching for the new discipleship and make itDiscipleship1, 43:and interiorly ascertained who I am. If the teaching which I have given you and the books which IDiscipleship1, 45:the example of these teachers, through their teaching, through their successes and their failures,Discipleship1, 58:the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part VI The teaching has always been given that the discipleDiscipleship1, 58:and the disciple under training as is the teaching which I seek to give this group of my disciplesDiscipleship1, 73:form the nucleus of a reorganized unit. All the teaching on the groups of disciples, functioning inDiscipleship1, 73:and for general distribution later on. The teaching upon specific group work will be given up toDiscipleship1, 80:it will be possible to give definite teaching which will make this increasingly possible, but inDiscipleship1, 82:Inertia or slow reactions to the imparted teaching and to the presented opportunity. Discipleship1, 83:most needed by every disciple is to apply the teaching given to the idea of promoting andDiscipleship1, 83:"accepted by a Master." This thought and its teaching by many esoteric groups has been productiveDiscipleship1, 93:it is technically called) . These four lines of teaching are practically all that is given and allDiscipleship1, 93:dry. What I am seeking to do is to carry the teaching another stage outward and make exoteric whatDiscipleship1, 93:an unalterable rule that all true esoteric teaching begins with the universal and ends with theDiscipleship1, 114:It is in hints such as the above that the real teaching is given. So, my brother, go forward alongDiscipleship1, 114:wording of the above phrase because it has teaching value in it for all of you. Before I tell youDiscipleship1, 132:Take at least a year going over the earlier teaching re maya, glamor and illusion. You will findDiscipleship1, 145:- those groups which are coming forth along the teaching line [146] and which are constructingDiscipleship1, 154:to whom you have given much strength and teaching and whose tendency is to confuse acquiescence inDiscipleship1, 154:tendency is to confuse acquiescence in your teaching and acceptance of your strength for the moreDiscipleship1, 161:Europe. From the United States of America, the teaching must go out. But Europe is the field forDiscipleship1, 173:and over-eager for development and teaching; we have also to stimulate those disciples, who areDiscipleship1, 173:You have given your life to the craft of teaching and consequently there is now given to you a moreDiscipleship1, 177:group, is because this ray is pre-eminently the teaching ray, the ray that is sometimes called thatDiscipleship1, 177:which are brought into conjunction in every teaching process. These two lines [178] are the fiveDiscipleship1, 178:of the observer more required than in the teaching profession, and in no profession is the correctDiscipleship1, 183:yet it constitutes for you a problem. In teaching you, I seek to do three things: Give training inDiscipleship1, 204:to the life of spiritual values and to their teaching to others. Ponder on this. I am assigning youDiscipleship1, 204:with them to the next step and the next unit of teaching. I know you have thought much upon theDiscipleship1, 216:your idealistic tendencies to find expression in teaching. Idealism is the major gift of the sixthDiscipleship1, 216:is the major gift of the sixth ray force. Teaching is an expression of second ray energy. ThisDiscipleship1, 216:ray energy. This combination of idealism and of teaching is for you the way. From the angle of theDiscipleship1, 222:Earlier I have used a phrase to that effect when teaching you that "your intelligent mind canDiscipleship1, 238:have ever handicapped you. The effect of true teaching, emanating from mental levels, is toDiscipleship1, 240:your problem is not which of these two lines of teaching you will accept or which of certainDiscipleship1, 244:if you are ever to be of use. In an earlier teaching, I endeavored to awaken you to the risk ofDiscipleship1, 252:is ever present. In a life given to teaching (such as yours is), whether it is teaching physicalDiscipleship1, 252:to teaching (such as yours is), whether it is teaching physical plane matters or giving esotericDiscipleship1, 256:continuity and stability. I seek to word the teaching which I give to you and your co disciples inDiscipleship1, 256:may come to those for whom the specific teaching is intended, yet nothing need be said which wouldDiscipleship1, 270:and as a group in my Ashram, sufficient teaching and information to carry you along the Path for aDiscipleship1, 270:meditation three sentences out of that earlier teaching: Transfigure life in terms ofDiscipleship1, 274:of saying to you. You are responsive to much teaching upon the inner side and a form of definiteDiscipleship1, 284:you at this time, brother of old. You get much teaching from me subjectively [285] and during theDiscipleship1, 285:into your brain consciousness each day of that teaching is of inestimable value to you, for itDiscipleship1, 314:technically call that of the sannyasin, or the teaching disciple. In the olden times, such a manDiscipleship1, 314:the gleam, seeking the Master, and ever teaching as he went. Today, in the life of our WesternDiscipleship1, 322:last gave to you still carry for you the needed teaching - a teaching which, if followed, will leadDiscipleship1, 322:you still carry for you the needed teaching - a teaching which, if followed, will lead toDiscipleship1, 324:on the second ray of love wisdom. It is not the teaching aspect which is primarily yours but theDiscipleship1, 324:awakening aspect. The group meets ostensibly for teaching and you give them what they need but yourDiscipleship1, 343:value to the group and you can help me with your teaching capacity, for you are well grounded inDiscipleship1, 343:group work may even outweigh in its results the teaching which I may give to you. In the New Age,Discipleship1, 351:analytical personality. You can now receive the teaching with a sensitive compliance and aDiscipleship1, 353:in orthodox circles of the ray-gland-center teaching. I would ask you to let this knowledgeDiscipleship1, 357:service as time elapses. [357] The gift of wise teaching is your gift to my group - a wisdom,Discipleship1, 359:and more easily available document for the teaching of others. You have in it much of interest. ItDiscipleship1, 408:the group aims, objectives and this preliminary teaching. Seek to comprehend more intelligentlyDiscipleship1, 409:give you either the meditation or the personal teaching which I hope sometime to give to you. ThisDiscipleship1, 439:power and usefulness upon the mental plane and teaching you to work there as does the Christ, asDiscipleship1, 457:is one of the lessons which your soul has been teaching you during the past twelve months.Discipleship1, 459:if you took it for the theme of your study and teaching work. In teaching we learn. It would profitDiscipleship1, 459:the theme of your study and teaching work. In teaching we learn. It would profit your pupils muchDiscipleship1, 459:to your group but much may be given. In so teaching, your thoughts may take shape and these whenDiscipleship1, 476:in writing the fleeting ideas, the dimly sensed teaching and the intuitions which are sent to youDiscipleship1, 511:your co-disciples who may be interested in the teaching which I give you personally, is to cite toDiscipleship1, 514:that I am only re-emphasizing my earlier teaching to you. Of its value, I know you are assured andDiscipleship1, 554:to perform its intended function. Your grasp of teaching is so quick and so intuitive, and yourDiscipleship1, 576:One of the problems that faces every Master (teaching a group of disciples such as this) is how to
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