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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TEACHING

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Discipleship2, 276:employed in the East. These have motivated the teaching along this line which has gone out in theDiscipleship2, 290:the right eye has been called, in the esoteric teaching, "the eye of buddhi." This directing agentDiscipleship2, 296:progress, and in the Masters' plans, in the teaching given, and in the training presented. ThisDiscipleship2, 303:in attitude, so that the possible and esoteric teaching may be recognized and absorbed. TheDiscipleship2, 308:will see, therefore, why I have included this teaching upon the Points of Revelation in what I haveDiscipleship2, 309:use of the spiritual eye) is already part of the teaching of modern philosophy and of many of theDiscipleship2, 310:knowledge as they do, may be specialized, and teaching can be taken in such isolated fields asDiscipleship2, 314:the rapid unfoldment of the next stage of the teaching of the Ageless Wisdom. I used a phrase in myDiscipleship2, 318:"occult thinking." The Masters do not convey teaching through the medium of hints which could beDiscipleship2, 318:at any time to be mysterious or to hold back teaching from the enquirer. Their method is, inDiscipleship2, 318:here usually a close adherence to the esoteric teaching of the time, and this method is essentiallyDiscipleship2, 318:is the imparting of a more advanced body of teaching. This teaching will only be recognized by aDiscipleship2, 318:of a more advanced body of teaching. This teaching will only be recognized by a few of the foremostDiscipleship2, 318:however, prove to be the ordinary form of occult teaching during the next developing cycle. It isDiscipleship2, 318:to do with the aid of A.A.B. There is also the teaching which is definitely given within theDiscipleship2, 319:esoteric statement he encounters in the current teaching; from this isolated hint he has toDiscipleship2, 319:can work until you receive the next sequence of teaching is contained in this paragraph and the oneDiscipleship2, 323:a relatively few short paragraphs much important teaching anent revelation and its processes andDiscipleship2, 324:hints are good illustrations of that method of teaching which is profoundly rooted in hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 339:the conclusion of a karmic cycle. The ordinary teaching on Karma (particularly as to the timeDiscipleship2, 343:the outer sides of life. The synthesis of the teaching or of the training given is something whichDiscipleship2, 350:time which has passed since H.P.B. brought this teaching to the modern world has changed all that,Discipleship2, 355:to you. A hint, like all else in the occult teaching, is capable of seven interpretations which canDiscipleship2, 356:These seven hints are used in all Ashrams as teaching measures, and when I first gave them to youDiscipleship2, 359:and provide in their entirety a sequence of teaching and of progressive unfoldment of truth. ThisDiscipleship2, 366:more that I need to say on this subject. Later teaching on the matter will be available nextDiscipleship2, 376:of Christ. They may know nothing of the occult teaching or of esoteric techniques, but theDiscipleship2, 380:life of the spiritual man. There is much teaching given out by the church upon the necessity of theDiscipleship2, 380:will to the divine Will; however, little or no teaching is given of the joyous use of the Will ofDiscipleship2, 396:It explains the necessity for the esoteric teaching anent planetary centers and the planes asDiscipleship2, 397:covered in my next communication, and then the teaching upon the Hints will be concluded. TheDiscipleship2, 397:teaching upon the Hints will be concluded. The teaching upon the Formulas was concluded in theDiscipleship2, 399:from the above how abstruse all this advanced teaching must necessarily remain - veiled andDiscipleship2, 400:third initiation will bring illumination of the teaching that the Monad is to the planetary LogosDiscipleship2, 400:this is especially true and correct where the teaching anent the third eye is concerned. InitiationDiscipleship2, 401:work out for yourselves after due study of the teaching. Passing on to the fourth Point ofDiscipleship2, 402:been travestied and distorted by the Christian teaching anent the "vicarious at-one-ment." ThisDiscipleship2, 403:Initiation - Part IX You get a clue here to the teaching which I have oft given to you, that theDiscipleship2, 422:of this can be given here in terms of the teaching to be found in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. As aDiscipleship2, 429:no practical knowledge of academic initiatory teaching but - if he loves his fellowmen and isDiscipleship2, 431:of polarization? These are aspects of the teaching which are of importance; otherwise you areDiscipleship2, 438:brothers, to give you - as far as I can - some teaching on the points of revelation which theDiscipleship2, 469:like yourself - is also on the difficult path of teaching and of world salvage. Discipleship2, 474:forget not, brother of mine, that the teaching ray conditions you and that there is a majorDiscipleship2, 474:you and that there is a major difference between teaching as a human being, no matter how good, andDiscipleship2, 474:as a human being, no matter how good, and teaching as an initiate; it is as a pledged disciple thatDiscipleship2, 493:and sources. It is the imparted truths, the teaching and the inspiration which is of moment andDiscipleship2, 493:Master D.K., am a member of the Hierarchy and am teaching you through your own soul on mentalDiscipleship2, 493:Appropriate it, my brother, and transmit the teaching to those you serve but be not occupied orDiscipleship2, 493:or interested in the sources or origins of this teaching. They matter not. Nevertheless, theDiscipleship2, 503:done - through my books and through all the teaching which you have attempted to embody - is toDiscipleship2, 503:you have attempted to embody - is to render the teaching of the other and older esoteric schoolsDiscipleship2, 505:the interest of the coming new world order, the teaching Ashrams are being strengthened by theDiscipleship2, 507:over the ground in preparation for the New Age teaching for the first time, and that that ground isDiscipleship2, 510:radio and through the translated material of the teaching I have tried to give; what you have sownDiscipleship2, 512:(I refer here not to the group which I am here teaching) just in so far as you feel yourself aDiscipleship2, 521:This is one of the paradoxes of the occult teaching which is not at all easily understood. ItDiscipleship2, 528:mystery, because there is no mystery in esoteric teaching, and this is a lesson which you sorelyDiscipleship2, 528:of truth, as you have done. He offers the teaching, and regards himself as only a student. So IDiscipleship2, 530:ideal. Ponder on this for it is basic in its teaching value for you if you grasp rightly theDiscipleship2, 547:directly for the clarification of problems, teaching or ideas. That will take place automaticallyDiscipleship2, 548:than a personal one. The previous two cycles of teaching to which you have all submitted yourselvesDiscipleship2, 548:All this is a part of a definite plan, and the teaching which I intend now to give will have aDiscipleship2, 548:the group also to read and study and apply the teaching from the group angle. There are, of course,Discipleship2, 549:speaks increasingly of "my work, my group, my teaching, my people, my plans," and in so doingDiscipleship2, 551:will, manifest itself in an increase of voiced teaching of those you seek to help, but its qualityDiscipleship2, 551:to help, but its quality will be different. The teaching of the ones you seek to help will blot outDiscipleship2, 555:very real. Draw, however, what you need for your teaching work from the ancient reservoir ofDiscipleship2, 556:impression that I had already given you as much teaching as would serve to carry you through thisDiscipleship2, 559:upon its significance, its usefulness and its teaching value in this coming postwar period. Read itDiscipleship2, 576:rays. This service and this expansion of the teaching is of importance and should constitute theDiscipleship2, 576:to provide some of the practical side of the teaching to be given by the Arcane School in the moreDiscipleship2, 576:which is so needed in connection with teaching to be given on the centers and their development. ItDiscipleship2, 583:me) are in a position, as a result of years of teaching and of practice, to control and regulateDiscipleship2, 591:and gives you - as you now read it - far more of teaching value than it did a year ago. TheseDiscipleship2, 594:but will miss the love and nonsense (frequently teaching nonsense) by means of which A.A.B. is aptDiscipleship2, 597:started for us. I refer specifically to the new teaching, embodied in the books which she hasDiscipleship2, 597:the Arcane School to the pattern of the new teaching which I have given and which will eventuallyDiscipleship2, 598:enabled her to demonstrate the quality of the teaching and that esoteric psychology which is theDiscipleship2, 598:he comes; when he earlier came he employed the teaching aspect of the second ray and not the WillDiscipleship2, 608:have acquired, so that the stream of outgoing teaching can become so direct that you will establishDiscipleship2, 608:can become so direct that you will establish a teaching facility and technique for your nextDiscipleship2, 609:the rays have their own Ashrams, but not all are teaching centers; this is a point to beDiscipleship2, 616:emphasis upon the esoteric aspect of all the teaching which you must increasingly give, and learnDiscipleship2, 625:your technical occultism and the ancient teaching anent the involutionary arc, wherein the variousDiscipleship2, 626:and of differentiation has played its part in teaching us the lesson of desirelessness, we findDiscipleship2, 629:much. But here I would remind you that all the teaching, training and experience which you haveDiscipleship2, 645:exoterically, and the true import of the teaching has been veiled. My task with you is not so muchDiscipleship2, 659:When such a disciple is naturally upon the teaching line as you are, he then handles opportunity onDiscipleship2, 664:group of chelas in my Ashram (as their teaching is carried forward after the preparatory personalDiscipleship2, 669:The next life will see a continuance of the teaching. You can, however, develop within yourself aDiscipleship2, 684:waste in useless gestures or loving phrases, of teaching so tactfully worded that much of itsDiscipleship2, 695:I would like to see you resume your work in the teaching group. You have the time, my brother, andDiscipleship2, 706:learning process which is so essential to all teaching-leaders. That, my brother, is what you canDiscipleship2, 707:Can you imagine your position when - from the teaching angle, the esoteric angle - you may have toDiscipleship2, 708:phase has not been lasting. You have a gift of teaching, clear insight and executive ability and aDiscipleship2, 709:needed in a leader upon the second ray line of teaching. You are one of the people (relatively few)Discipleship2, 710:energy to enhance and implement the use of the teaching ability; you have also a third ray contactDiscipleship2, 726:appreciate the significance of my books and the teaching that they convey, and to aid the effort ofDiscipleship2, 732:made this life, as a result of my corrective teaching and aid, has been largely negated by your
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