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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TEACHING

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Magic, 9:matter are synonymous terms, thus echoing the teaching of the East, it becomes apparent thatMagic, 20:in the religious world as the esoteric teaching, the fundamental symbology and doctrines of theMagic, 24:in the above passage it frequently appears that teaching is carried forward to a certain point andMagic, 55:own nature. This involves some knowledge of the teaching of the past as to the constitution of manMagic, 86:information to the student, and is part of the teaching given in preparation for the firstMagic, 90:but this is not the primary objective of the teaching. Through the gradually growing synthesis ofMagic, 95:come down to us in the necessarily fragmentary teaching of the yoga of the centers) conveys to usMagic, 98:reach the head. All the above embodies a teaching and a theory. This, has to be wrought out in theMagic, 129:it that I am an Oriental, that I am on the Teaching Ray, and closely associated with the Master K.Magic, 173:through: A vivid dream experience. A symbolic teaching. A using of a thought form of the Master. AMagic, 175:they are frequently in error. Some receive teaching from discarnate entities of no higherMagic, 175:it is then possible for them to correlate the teaching given and, under the Law of CorrespondencesMagic, 176:to ascertain the accuracy of their teaching. Those who work unconsciously (I refer not to astralMagic, 178:divided between the one who imparts the teaching and the transmitting agent. The physical planeMagic, 188:a group, the longing to hear oneself speaking, teaching, lecturing, or writing are often wronglyMagic, 197:grasp the general idea and the skeleton of the teaching. Magic, 200:and were living out in your daily life the teaching so steadily imparted, you would be standing ereMagic, 202:and to rebuild his bodies. The whole of this teaching can be summed up in two words: Vice andMagic, 204:as it has formed the basis of much of the teaching in my other books and many of you are workingMagic, 221:In this instruction, I seek to give some clear teaching on this plane, for the moment a man canMagic, 240:He is the true Antichrist, and through false teaching and the working of so-called miracles,Magic, 240:the delusion of riches, of possession, of false teaching will increasingly hold sway but the termMagic, 288:to their higher repositories. I realize that the teaching given here is both deep and abstruse, butMagic, 288:by the fact that each ray holds within its teaching a different approach and a different method forMagic, 300:with it in consciousness. Old erroneous teaching as to Heaven and Hell, both equally unpleasant inMagic, 319:intact in nature. You say that this is a hard teaching and conveys but little to the averageMagic, 319:aspirant? Such is ever the way in esoteric teaching, but those who know will understand and forMagic, 326:are united in three basic aspects: In their teaching as to the nature of God and of man. In theirMagic, 329:and the stamp of their lives and words and teaching has been set upon the race and has persistedMagic, 331:and hence the necessity for the giving out of teaching which will enable the seeking aspirant andMagic, 348:the Path rests upon his attitude in making the teaching his own. It is only as we transmute theMagic, 351:before proceeding with any work of service. This teaching he brings over into his physical brainMagic, 352:the residue of knowledge of which he is sure. In teaching others comes further knowledge. TheMagic, 352:further knowledge. The definition of truth in teaching crystallizes the facts learnt, and, in theMagic, 356:Ten - The Present Age and the Future Much false teaching is going about these days in connectionMagic, 356:mind and the soul. It might be summed up in the teaching of one school which shall be nameless, asMagic, 356:many. But the reaction of men themselves to this teaching is an adequate answer. The sense ofMagic, 361:the concrete sense. We are told in the esoteric teaching that all three aspects of Divinity areMagic, 364:revolts or they are contradicted [364] by past teaching given by other of the Lodge's Messengers. IMagic, 379:which have come down to us in degraded phallic teaching, in Tantrik magic and the practices ofMagic, 381:path, and that plans must be made to impart teaching, and mysteries must be organized which wouldMagic, 381:subservient to those of the group. Gradually the teaching was reorganized, and the curriculumMagic, 400:can stand as the Great Ones stand, - lifting, teaching and helping. They recognize their peers andMagic, 408:are forced to use such unmeaning terms in Their teaching as Absolute Reality, and UltimateMagic, 427:be members of the one world Group? They have no teaching to give of a doctrinal nature and will notMagic, 429:personalities will be eligible to the teaching. The keynote of the new yoga will be synthesis; itsMagic, 429:agent. In the book Agni Yoga, some of the teaching to be given has filtered through but only fromMagic, 479:really underlies the misunderstood Christian teaching anent hell-fire and the lake of fire. TheyMagic, 485:there are the communications involved in occult teaching. The circle of those who apprehend them isMagic, 492:are more universally understood, any further teaching on the subject would be futile. In theseMagic, 523:and there has been given also some new teaching anent the emotional vehicle. In the next century,Magic, 551:hence, in training them to be creators and in teaching them to govern and control their ownMagic, 566:phrase and only of use to us through its teaching of differentiation. These three ancient fires areMagic, 568:are intended to be practical and to convey the teaching needed to those students who can readMagic, 575:words about the hands, for there is more occult teaching hidden in these words than is apparent onMagic, 575:of disciples. In all forms of esoteric teaching the hands play a great part and this for fourMagic, 589:on the subject of the centers and much erroneous teaching, [590] leading many astray and causing aMagic, 593:in the head. The Masonic tradition has the teaching clearly held in its beautiful ritual of theMagic, 595:centers is too great for general usefulness. The teaching to be given in any particular case andMagic, 601:series of instructions certain basic lines of teaching stand out with exceptional clarity, castingMagic, 601:grasp its outstanding points, its main lines of teaching, and the three or four propositions uponMagic, 606:it to the need of the world, and give out the teaching. They work [607] effectively but always fromMagic, 638:and masters out of everyday men and women by: Teaching them to know themselves. Setting them freeMeditation, 6:direct receiver and transmitter of the imparted teaching, and may reflect with accuracy the higherMeditation, 65:channel to be cleared for the transmission of teaching. A vacuum is created that correspondsMeditation, 102:and entirely correct, and is not a symbolic teaching but a plain statement of fact. Fire forms theMeditation, 140:further enlightenment. In the occult method of teaching step by step is given, point by pointMeditation, 221:and alignment before the transmission of the teaching to the dense physical brain can in any way beMeditation, 231:meditation and a receptiveness to the higher teaching, found their way out of the Hall of LearningMeditation, 237:My aim is but to indicate. The usefulness of the teaching I give depends upon the intuition of theMeditation, 249:in terms of sound and color. The religious teaching of the world and the inculcation of virtue willMeditation, 251:or the man imbued with what we call higher teaching, is the exponent of the powers attained byMeditation, 277:him on another step. Emphasize this point in teaching, for it carries with it an incentive toMeditation, 279:classes in the Ashram (the Master's hall for teaching) he is subjected to a more intensifiedMeditation, 302:seldom realized - the highest expression of the Teaching Ray upon the earth, is found what might beMeditation, 305:the Manu of that race and his brother of the Teaching Ray. Their headquarters are in China. TheMeditation, 313:the meditation that concerns the mind, and the teaching embodied in this book will be applied. ThisMeditation, 318:Probably these three will comprise the entire teaching staff, for the pupils under them will beMeditation, 325:was necessarily closely allied with the exoteric teaching of the world, and necessitated the schoolMeditation, 349:in the Atlantic Ocean, according to the occult teaching and Plato. Atlantis was the home of theMeditation, 352:body of a human being is, according to occult teaching, formed of two parts, the dense physicalPatanjali, 24:acquired facts, the consequence of reading or of teaching, and which is not purely based uponPatanjali, 29:been taught. "When withdrawn from traditional teaching, thy soul shall stand steadfast, firm inPatanjali, 30:desire, which is the outcome of traditional teaching, and of all formulations of doctrinal faithsPatanjali, 53:or of that official who is at the head of the teaching department, The head of the teachingPatanjali, 53:head of the teaching department, The head of the teaching department is a disciple of the Lord ofPatanjali, 66:has been taught. When withdrawn from traditional teaching thy Soul shall stand steadfast, firm inPatanjali, 79:body." It is interesting to note here, the Hindu teaching upon the uses of the tongue and thePatanjali, 79:the nose and the palate. The orthodox oriental teaching gives the following suggestions: MethodPatanjali, 93:will, if borne in mind, clarify much of the teaching of the sutras, and enable the student to applyPatanjali, 138:follows thought," and in line too with the teaching that the body of the Christ principle, [139]Patanjali, 166:can free himself. Hence the trend of Patanjali's teaching up to this point has been to indicatePatanjali, 172:and is attained progressively. The Hindu teaching holds that the states of mind-consciousness arePatanjali, 200:This sutra gives in unequivocal terms the great teaching that it is desire for form of some kindPatanjali, 203:this is the reason for the trend of the occult teaching at present developing. It is away from whatPatanjali, 203:Hence the necessity for the promulgation of the teaching given in the Yoga Sutras. They give thePatanjali, 208:which forms the esoteric basis of the inner teaching on Raja Yoga has some sentences which will bePatanjali, 217:led to much misunderstanding and much mischief. Teaching on the control of prana is prevalent andPatanjali, 220:the control of the bodily forces. The ideas and teaching conveyed fall into three parts: I. ThePatanjali, 221:It will be obvious that much of the teaching conveyed in this sutra can only safely be given
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