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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TEACHING

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Rays, 114:Hitherto it has been the goal of all the teaching given anent the Path of Discipleship, but theRays, 114:Path of Discipleship. On that path, the major teaching given in the future will concern: TheRays, 114:lies hid; it will take the place of the teaching upon the soul for the neophytes and disciples ofRays, 119:Ashram of a Master. From the angle of the old teaching, the Ashram of the Master and the focus ofRays, 121:and occult training, and yet convey the needed teaching. They will seek to relate the One, theRays, 122:in the esoteric curriculum. Today, the true teaching of meditation and the construction of theRays, 122:Triad and the personality are the most advanced teaching given anywhere. Humanity is, however,Rays, 124:these are given in a different manner and the teaching is imparted in the inner Ashram. Therefore,Rays, 131:You will see, therefore, the significance of the teaching now being given out anent the building ofRays, 133:as it is drawing today - that the new and fuller teaching, the greatly extended horizon and theRays, 133:and much proved by those who believe this teaching. Before proceeding to a discussion of Rule VII,Rays, 133:discreet esotericist and occult student; this teaching has now seeped down into the consciousnessRays, 135:give place to the Hierarchy, with its emerging teaching - clear, factual, intuitive andRays, 139:of truth. Christ gave the clue to this teaching when He said "I am the Way, the Truth and theRays, 139:know much, because upon the Way a vast body of teaching has been given, and that teaching, ifRays, 139:a vast body of teaching has been given, and that teaching, if followed, brings a man into theRays, 161:one of the best recognized facts in the occult teaching. In the three worlds, the correspondence toRays, 178:- one that has always been implicit in the teaching but one entirely and completely untouched asRays, 181:and to respond to the pull of illusion." In this teaching, you have presented to you, though in aRays, 195:Bear ever in mind the symbolical nature of this teaching. The veils are not actually existing veilsRays, 205:in Palestine) the Christ demonstrated - for the teaching of humanity - the at-one-ment of love andRays, 211:indication that the group is ready for further teaching, for an intensification of its groupRays, 221:today are largely the result of the old order of teaching and are the flower of the processes toRays, 230:The Masters are not openly lecturing or teaching in the great cities of the world; They workRays, 250:some remarks. There are certain phases of teaching and knowledge which I have given to the worldRays, 250:by me to the public. If these new phases of the teaching have been later given to the public byRays, 250:Human and Solar. If the dates of any given teaching are compared with that given by me, it willRays, 251:in the order of their relative importance: The Teaching on Shamballa. Little has ever been given onRays, 251:on this subject. Only the name was known. This teaching includes: Information as to the nature ofRays, 251:towards the Way of the Higher Evolution. The Teaching on the New Discipleship. This has beenRays, 251:older schools of occultism are concerned. The teaching includes: A presentation of the new attitudeRays, 252:of spiritual selfishness and separateness. The Teaching on the Seven Rays. The fact of the sevenRays, 252:and formed in an elementary form some of the teaching given in the Esoteric Section; the names ofRays, 252:have endeavored to show the importance of this teaching from the psychological angle, because theRays, 252:the new psychology is in the making. If esoteric teaching is eventually to be public in itsRays, 252:along the lines of psychology because esoteric teaching in its fullest and deepest sense concernsRays, 252:One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation The Teaching on the new Astrology. This teaching too hasRays, 252:The Teaching on the new Astrology. This teaching too has gone out to a few hundred students beforeRays, 254:Discipleship in the New Age (Vol. I and II). Teaching upon the new world religion, with itsRays, 255:- under instruction from the Hierarchy. The teaching I gave there is very abstruse; little of itRays, 255:and provide the immovable background for later teaching. I would have you remember that theRays, 255:teaching. I would have you remember that the teaching which I have given out has been intermediateRays, 255:under my instruction, was preparatory. The teaching planned by the Hierarchy to precede andRays, 255:an initiate will appear and will carry on this teaching. It will be under the same "impression,"Rays, 262:See you not how the different phases of the teaching lead from one to another and provide a greatRays, 263:will give you some idea of how abstruse is the teaching conveyed in the rules for initiates. TheRays, 313:vibration. Theoretically, and as a result of the teaching of the Ageless Wisdom, the spiritual manRays, 314:the Hierarchy, for He was found by His parents teaching the priests, the Pharisees and theRays, 318:of the Jews. In the coming cycle, this distorted teaching on death will assume its rightful placeRays, 318:over the soul; the great goal of all religious teaching will be the resurrection of the spirit inRays, 323:of the Mysteries. I will give some definite teaching on the Centers from the planetary angle andRays, 325:advanced stage of unfoldment. I gave you the new teaching anent the antahkarana or the mode andRays, 325:but monad, soul, and personality. This teaching has carried all that has hitherto been given, downRays, 325:Initiations - Part Two - Introductory Remarks Teaching anent the five initiations which confrontRays, 325:mankind faces; still others have accepted this teaching and have come to regard the initiations asRays, 326:three phases of information: I. I gave out teaching which indicated the mode of bridging the gapRays, 326:for the inpouring of higher energies. Here the teaching of the conscious building of theRays, 327:be a little more definite in this new section. Teaching, if true, must be in line with the past andRays, 329:a thing to do. Let him refuse to step down the teaching to the level of his physical consciousness.Rays, 331:rightly interpreted and correctly presented, the teaching which humanity needs in order to progressRays, 331:to the platform upon which the restored teaching can be based, and the structure which can express,Rays, 331:can disclose; they contain within their teaching and formulas the key to the science which willRays, 336:By means of this diffusion and scattering, the teaching is protected and cannot constitute a dangerRays, 336:the immediate future will have to search out the teaching in all the many volumes and hunt mostRays, 342:attention, and so correcting the erroneous teaching of those trained under orthodox (so called)Rays, 364:comparative work and this mode of analogical teaching, and that is that the word "spiritual" refersRays, 369:and towards which it looks for guidance and teaching. This is an interesting point which I offerRays, 381:that time on - has conditioned all religious teaching. The withdrawing Masters had Their Paul toRays, 390:For this reason, it is now possible to give out teaching hitherto regarded as too advanced. ThereRays, 409:on Cosmic Fire. In what I have to say, the teaching is carefully guarded. Two things should,Rays, 410:you study closely the three presentations of the teaching (in Initiation, Human and Solar, ARays, 413:also the particular training, and to this the teaching in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire now applies. HeRays, 423:altogether. If you will study the more abstruse teaching (more veiled and more symbolic than this)Rays, 425:passage from A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, for this teaching anent the seven Paths is as a climaxingRays, 444:Building the Antahkarana With the introductory teaching on the science of the Antahkarana we shallRays, 464:This is the concept which lies behind this teaching and behind the symbolism of the Path. Before aRays, 474:This will constitute an intensely practical teaching for which all that I have hitherto givenRays, 474:- educators will be thinking, speaking and teaching in terms of bridging, and thus approachingRays, 482:which must be scientifically used, this whole teaching will prove futile. Secondly, it must beRays, 498:by the Hierarchy. This does not mean that past teaching is abrogated, but it is shifted back to theRays, 498:stages on the Path of Discipleship, whilst the teaching given in those stages now becomes the workRays, 511:Hence the giving out to the public of the teaching upon the antahkarana. You will find below, inRays, 511:You will find below, in tabulated form, the teaching anent the six stages so that you may have aRays, 519:it might serve a useful purpose if I gave more teaching anent Invocation and Evocation inRays, 524:Himself before humanity; He then gave the teaching which summarized all the past and indicated theRays, 524:past and indicated the new aspects of the future teaching. He opened the door to the Way of theRays, 526:qualities, and who could therefore step down the teaching that the World Savior came to give, andRays, 528:goal. You will note here that I have carried the teaching (earlier given upon the subject) into theRays, 533:two others; these are expansions of the implied teaching. The initiations, covered by the termRays, 536:of Initiation The emphasis in the earlier teaching was upon character as the determining factor inRays, 544:dealt adequately in other writings and in the teaching on the antahkarana. I will confine myselfRays, 544:of the disciple's unfoldment; there again, the teaching hitherto presented by occult groups inRays, 544:him from the Master. Aspirants must not confuse teaching given to them by the Master in the work ofRays, 547:into the Ashram. You can see why, therefore, the teaching anent the Antahkarana was deemed by us toRays, 552:center) and the throat center, and of the teaching anent the raising of the energies from thisRays, 556:that this has never before been done? The teaching hitherto given out on initiation has beenRays, 557:is this statement which lies at the heart of the teaching on Laya Yoga or the Science of theRays, 559:a vast period of time. Except in the occult teaching and the Archives which remain in the custodyRays, 601:mind and must necessarily limit the scope of the teaching which I am able to give you. Let me nowRays, 616:the result of three activities: The work and the teaching of the trained disciples and initiates,
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