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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TEARS

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Astrology, 82:down and feels his way (with pain and many tears) on to another Cross - a Cross of blinding light,Autobiography, 32:exciting time. We started with a riot and me in tears, but [33] at the end of three months we wereAutobiography, 55:fright, gave those men one look, burst into tears and bolted off the platform. I swore that wildAutobiography, 56:[56] off the platform and was dissolved in tears in my room. I had failed, both Jesus and myself,Autobiography, 57:the effect upon me was to make me laugh till tears ran down my face. Like many good speakers whoAutobiography, 93:cried on deck; I debarked at Marseilles with the tears dripping down my face. I cried on the trainBethlehem, 185:eyes, His body gleams amid eternal snows, His tears fall from the skies. I see His face in everyBethlehem, 269:of God in incarnation, dwelling in this vale of tears, or as it has been called, this "vale ofDiscipleship2, 408:human world and leads all men into the vale of tears, of woe, of discipline and of loneliness, isDiscipleship2, 654:of darkness, gloom and heavy rain - a rain of tears. There, in the center of a fire I stand, myDiscipleship2, 654:the gloom; enter the mist; dry up the rain and tears and find yourself upon the other side, andExternalisation, 247:side of life, you will find no time for idle tears or for vague, sympathetic talk, because you willExternalisation, 371:and she will have to pay in sweat and toil and tears for her evil deeds. But this payment should beExternalisation, 616:Because men's eyes are blinded with the tears of self-pity and not of contrition; because theHealing, 441:Can you not visualize the time when, instead of tears and fears and the refusal to recognize theHercules, 68:ways Of my own mind; and in the mist of tears I hid from Him, and under running laughter. UpInitiation, 210:and leave the fourth behind? They pass through tears, through clouds and mists; they suffer andInitiation, 212:spheres, the merging of the seven; the end of tears, of sin, of strife, the shattering of forms;Intellect, 167:veers, I weave no thought of passion, nor of tears, Unfettered I of time, of habitude. I know noMagic, 499:Can you not visualize the time when instead of tears and fear and the refusal to recognize theMeditation, 291:discomfort, if felt in the forehead it may cause tears and weeping, if at the top of the spine orPatanjali, 288:until the pain that caused it is removed. These tears, O thou of heart most merciful, these are thePsychology2, 134:expression of the force which is driving him; he tears down and destroys just as fast as heRays, 764:knows and sees yet understands; the need of tears of crystal to wash away a brother's sins; theReappearance, 163:Because men's eyes are blinded with the tears of self-pity and not of contrition; because the
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