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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TECHNICAL

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Astrology, 27:enter into no definitions in connection with technical astrology, nor shall I use the manyAstrology, 27:technical astrology, nor shall I use the many technical terms. If, in the presentation of this vastAstrology, 28:non-sacred), are effective (using the word in a technical sense) in relation to the external life,Astrology, 81:out. [81] Before proceeding with the more technical aspects of our subject, I would like toAstrology, 81:of the sun along the path of life." This is a technical phrase and refers to the activity of a sun,Astrology, 202:the new astrology and to provide some measure of technical information from the point of view ofAstrology, 554:not "mount this Cross of Right Direction" in a technical sense until he has attained some measureAtom, 23:repulsion." I would like, if possible, to avoid technical terms, because they are used by oneAtom, 78:of consciousness. We next arrived at a more technical discussion of the subject of substanceAutobiography, 136:people read a sentence. I forget what is the technical name for this visual capacity. Lots ofAutobiography, 140:I laugh with amusement at my ponderous use of technical phrases of Sanskrit words and of theAutobiography, 183:me weary, tired and sick it is the academic, technical occultist. The second group that makes meAutobiography, 191:apt to assume that if you write a book on such a technical subject as meditation that you know allAutobiography, 237:century. It is of a profundity and a depth of technical knowledge which lies beyond theAutobiography, 267:to control and direct his lower nature through a technical understanding of its constitution and toAutobiography, 283:work, to have assimilated a certain measure of technical and academic knowledge, to have certainAutobiography, 288:they then become the agents. Discipleship is a technical phrase indicating aptitude for teaching, aBethlehem, 168:this as they have struggled over the more technical aspects of Christ's life. What He illumined inDestiny, 109:values. I am not using it altogether in the technical sense, which involves a recognized relationDiscipleship1, 87:these items of information? They are of little technical use to you and really increase yourDiscipleship1, 115:I have accepted you into my own group in the technical sense and you are now an accepted discipleDiscipleship1, 116:Since June, 1935, we have set ourselves one technical achievement and one that still remainsDiscipleship1, 175:early "excitements" (using that word in its more technical, psychological sense) which would giveDiscipleship1, 183:things: Give training in the initial steps of technical discipleship so that a good foundation ofDiscipleship1, 332:to you, take the matter up with R. V. B. Your technical knowledge of these terms may not beDiscipleship1, 439:Your physical problem (e'en when you give it a technical name) is far more concerned with theDiscipleship1, 537:love, is what you have to give your group. The technical foundation of truth is there but being theDiscipleship1, 688:to do. A man becomes a World Disciple in the technical sense when the vision is to him an importantDiscipleship1, 704:of chelas at the beginning of their technical training is of a very varied nature and the AshramDiscipleship1, 756:of your intuitive understanding - is to put into technical and academic terms (therebyDiscipleship1, 764:center. These details, brother of mine, are of technical interest, are purely academic andDiscipleship1, 767:stage of discipleship. The "Master's Heart" is a technical term, indicating the sources of life andDiscipleship2, 451:of major importance. I use this word in its most technical sense and as the Masters use it whenDiscipleship2, 513:one because as an accepted disciple in the technical sense of the word, the characteristics of theDiscipleship2, 576:- you are equipped to provide that measure of technical knowledge which will guarantee the sanityDiscipleship2, 582:of loving service. Here lies your major technical lesson. Your line of least resistance is that ofDiscipleship2, 624:This thought leads us into the world of the most technical esoteric psychology. It is veryDiscipleship2, 625:question, my brother, you have forgotten your technical occultism and the ancient teaching anentDiscipleship2, 668:of high or low degree (yet all accepted in the technical sense) are rendered singularly sensitiveEducation, 18:then a genius makes his appearance. This is a technical piece of information for those students whoEducation, 34:apt to resent and regard as unnecessary the more technical and intellectual presentation of a truthEducation, 34:vision. I therefore beg of you not to resent the technical formulation of truth, for if educationEducation, 50:abnormally intelligent, and what you (in your technical parlance) call their I.Q. is frequentlyEducation, 75:What then can be done? What, apart from the more technical approaches outlined by me in earlierEducation, 108:and Ideologies Before we take up the more technical side of our work, I would have you for a momentExternalisation, 43:when he knows something of illumination in the technical and academic sense, and of the power ofExternalisation, 140:organization; emphasis has been laid upon technical theology; the spirit of goodwill was notExternalisation, 198:will be for men of vision, of wide sympathy, technical knowledge and cosmopolitan interest. TheyExternalisation, 366:Please bear this in mind. I am not writing for technical experts and trained advisors to theExternalisation, 370:be the determining factor and not the will of technical, political experts, or of some ruling classExternalisation, 621:quality, that of activity or (giving it its technical term) its rajasic quality, and this leadsExternalisation, 643:energy passes through the groups or (to use a technical word which is relatively unimportant)Fire, 77:saving others" - by the mere force of will and technical observances, attains to a kind of nominalFire, 162:with the fires of his body without the needed technical knowledge. He may, by his efforts, succeedFire, 620:and of substance itself, we come down to more technical details and to the more detailedFire, 722:the five planes of human endeavor. In a strictly technical and lower sense, a Master in physicalGlamour, 9:becomes evident the value of a certain amount of technical or academic occultism) that the planeGlamour, 28:three things. I am going to be brief and technical in teaching this group, for my time is short andGlamour, 28:for my time is short and you have an adequate technical knowledge with which to understand thatGlamour, 215:and mental ways in order to aid in the more technical work. Ponder on the implications in thisHealing, 44:if I do two things. First of all, give you some technical information in connection with theHealing, 48:and lengthy training, and a higher standard of technical knowledge should be required. Medicine isHealing, 86:in any system of occult healing, and the technical matter to be covered is, in the last analysis,Healing, 110:medical, surgical and neurological training of a technical nature is combined with an equally soundHealing, 135:my thesis if it is kept relatively free from the technical terms and the academic attitudes of theHealing, 161:ray, and becomes an accepted disciple in the technical sense. The Master is Himself the heartHealing, 168:rebels against the effort needed to master the technical side of healing. It is so much easier toHealing, 320:and to this fever, according to its symptoms, a technical name will be given by the medical [ 321]Healing, 500:disease or as senility (using that word in its technical and not in its colloquial sense), and theHealing, 519:The disciple who has eliminated (in the technical sense as well as in the mystical sense) the holdHealing, 529:This, as you can appreciate, connotes much technical knowledge. Added to this, the healer must alsoHealing, 530:remedies and modes of handling disease. To this technical knowledge and understanding they will addHealing, 593:center. The impact of the "energy" (note the technical accuracy of my phrasing) of the centersHealing, 604:appraisal of possibility and a scientific and technical understanding of protective measures willHealing, 617:blood stream. It is not my intention to be over-technical in my consideration of this subject; IHealing, 652:dealing with the case; he will supply the technical knowledge, and thus prevent the healer fromHealing, 689:all His bodies, and - from His point of view and technical understanding - it must be borne in mindHercules, 20:of much theory, they have a relatively wide technical knowledge of the nature of the Path and ofHercules, 105:family composed of individual units. Another technical term for this third outpouring isHercules, 110:of ascension. I would like here to give the technical, perhaps more scientific, interpretation ofHercules, 157:stage of our development. If you want a more technical word, use disciple; it is a hiding word,Initiation, 10:the right to be called a "spiritual man" in the technical significance of the word. He is enteringInitiation, 89:subplane, and is therefore adept, - to use a technical phrase, - on the five lower subplanes of theIntellect, 132:and transcendental things, constitutes in the technical language of mysticism the state ofIntellect, 237:with it, will serve a purpose similar to a technical outline. Any noun, for instance, when properlyMagic, 5:the students can follow and comprehend certain technical terms that I may be led to use. I am notMagic, 200:requisite. Right motive. Service. Meditation. A technical study of the science of the centers.Magic, 253:and the hands conferring." These points are of technical interest to the experienced worker inMagic, 339:as we now know them. Philosophy in its technical sense as the love of wisdom will increase as menMagic, 362:also. I realize that this is all intricate and technical. It has its place and value however, andMeditation, 56:[56] first Breath. It is the dominant note (in technical musical terminology) of the solar system,Meditation, 241:color is dealt with in correct fashion and with technical knowledge and at length, the resultsMeditation, 271:to his Master's Heart. Later I will explain the technical meaning of this phrase, when dealing withMeditation, 272:upon his taking initiation. Initiation is a technical matter and can be expressed in terms ofMeditation, 272:a man has acquired - through diligence - the technical requisites for initiation before becomingMeditation, 273:the past few days been studying, though not so technical as some of the earlier imparted data, yetMeditation, 317:and advanced. This latter part will be largely technical. The first point I seek to make here isPatanjali, 13:does not occur; the thought conveyed is more technical, and is usually translated as "not painful."Patanjali, 85:occultist uses the word "dream" in a much more technical sense than does the westerner and thisPatanjali, 201:paraphrase of Sutra 40 does not adhere to the technical translation of the Sanskrit words on
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