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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TECHNIQUE

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Autobiography, 50:know beforehand what you should tell them. My technique has usually been to let people talkAutobiography, 63:and those whose heads [63] get affected and the technique employed for each is different. Many isAutobiography, 107:he is uneducated and not properly trained in the technique of citizenship it is again our fault. ItAutobiography, 123:is playing a losing game unless it changes its technique. I cannot understand why churchmen do notAutobiography, 155:time in my life I was up against the competitive technique of the Theosophical Society. It was,Autobiography, 166:proceeded to do so, following the very definite technique He had taught me. When I got myAutobiography, 167:might be said that I started with a clairaudient technique, but I very soon found, as our minds gotAutobiography, 241:elaborates a new school of healing. He gives the technique for building the path of Light betweenBethlehem, 6:and have omitted to teach the secret and the technique of the Christian life. We haveBethlehem, 16:taught by the Christ was that which embodied the technique of the new age, which was to come whenBethlehem, 43:We are primarily considering in this book the technique of the entrance into the kingdom of God.Bethlehem, 91:with the well-being of nations and men. That the technique employed and the methods used to enforceBethlehem, 109:into good. He met temptation with no great new technique or revelation. He simply fell back on whatBethlehem, 130:about; to proclaim that inclusive love and that technique of at-one-ment which all who would studyBethlehem, 144:as typifying man's emotional past, and the technique of its control is to be later superseded whenBethlehem, 283:today, its quality that of universality, and its technique that of loving service. Men everywhereDestiny, 52:which will be symbolic of the coming new age technique of government. The second Ray of Love or ofDestiny, 82:are just and wise, but their self-sufficient technique and their blindness to other peoples' pointDestiny, 126:is how to bring about the necessary changes in technique and method of development which theDiscipleship1, XV:made by the individual disciple, using the technique of detachment, of dispassion and ofDiscipleship1, 4:understand the true significance of the Aquarian technique of group love and work. Discipleship1, 6:of changing methods and of implementing the new technique of group work has to be carried out,Discipleship1, 41:outer groups. The expression of the particular technique which his group should eventually embody.Discipleship1, 43:for which we should look and what should be the technique to be applied in the New Age for theDiscipleship1, 48:making apparently serious errors in judgment or technique. Yet, brother of old, why are you so sureDiscipleship1, 61:a careful consideration of group purpose and technique. This technique will be different for eachDiscipleship1, 61:of group purpose and technique. This technique will be different for each group; by a dynamic,Discipleship1, 62:[62] following of the particular, indicated technique will the results be achieved. This techniqueDiscipleship1, 62:technique will the results be achieved. This technique must not be changed by anyone except myself.Discipleship1, 71:in the three worlds warrants definite changes in technique though not in the basic plans. All thisDiscipleship1, 81:rendered will assume a definite and an automatic technique of expression. [82] You might here askDiscipleship1, 83:of all souls contacted. Has accepted the occult technique of service. His service to humanityDiscipleship1, 87:because (if selflessly rendered) it embodied a technique which [88] automatically brought the heartDiscipleship1, 90:therefore, that you begin to master the technique. The stages are: A process of energy gathering. ADiscipleship1, 129:and a planned understanding behind my proposed technique of training. Will you, therefore, beDiscipleship1, 136:and gradually, the new concepts and the new technique of civilization and of group work - suitableDiscipleship1, 149:faced and solved - and solved on the basis of a technique of transmutation. There is little that IDiscipleship1, 161:and much clear thinking will be involved... The technique to be followed and the methods employedDiscipleship1, 178:which later we can study in greater detail: the technique of controlling one's own forces so thatDiscipleship1, 178:can be no undue or dangerous pressure, and the technique of employing pressure correctly so as toDiscipleship1, 179:of harmony through conflict, and your best technique is to produce this harmonizing influenceDiscipleship1, 217:all I have said on group activity and the technique of the new groups. This experiment in groupDiscipleship1, 267:ajna center). It is here that you have failed in technique.... Direct your thought energy (which isDiscipleship1, 269:of the daily demands can usually be met by the technique of an aligned personality and in your caseDiscipleship1, 270:be demanded by the personality. Understand the technique of an aligned personality, for theDiscipleship1, 272:love, right thought or meditation and right technique - the financial requirements [273] of the newDiscipleship1, 284:integrating action of the soul. The technique will differ in the varying cases, but the objectiveDiscipleship1, 285:inestimable value to you, for it establishes a technique and opens up a channel through which youDiscipleship1, 291:one. The training of the New Age, and the coming technique to use in fitting disciples for theirDiscipleship1, 301:two reasons: First of all, because, through this technique of instructions, you can receive someDiscipleship1, 309:- The necessity for integration. 3rd month - The technique of alignment. 4th month - TheDiscipleship1, 319:is entering upon a new venture. There is no old technique to master but only a new one to be learntDiscipleship1, 320:with your group, plus mastering the technique of the new work which they, too, are learning. DoDiscipleship1, 324:as true usefulness as e'en those hours when the technique of the Presence entered into yourDiscipleship1, 324:They lead towards the time when the technique is superseded by the Presence. The fiery force ofDiscipleship1, 349:another category of usefulness and serve as a technique for the development of the intuition andDiscipleship1, 353:knowledge, of your mental equipment, and of your technique in service, so that it will becomeDiscipleship1, 357:proceed, but seek to enter more deeply into the technique of understanding your brother's heart byDiscipleship1, 389:from standing in its light? Can you draw up a technique of meditation which will be for you the wayDiscipleship1, 406:We must work definitely and deliberately with a technique which will eventuate in soundDiscipleship1, 410:I am not suggesting that you should alter your technique of daily living, nor that your home orDiscipleship1, 422:also deeply studied by you and applied; but the Technique of the Way, the particular need which youDiscipleship1, 444:method of development, have I ever given the technique of observation a fair trial? Do I feel itDiscipleship1, 469:knowledge. This is an initial part of the technique of dissipating group glamor. Then sound the O.Discipleship1, 499:method of release, because it is the true technique for those whose two major rays in anyDiscipleship1, 544:work and the facilitating of its preliminary technique of service is the major task for all of youDiscipleship1, 546:in patience for a while, conform to my suggested technique for you and realization may eventuate asDiscipleship1, 551:governing law of the future and embodies the new technique. In past ages, it was the service ofDiscipleship1, 552:you can develop the needed understanding and technique is through meditation. To you, the way ofDiscipleship1, 552:(during the next two years) the mastering of the technique whereby: You learn to utilize theDiscipleship1, 552:of healing, its laws and methods. You master the technique whereby you can project your thoughtDiscipleship1, 592:have the new psychological outlook and a right technique of meditation. It is group work that theDiscipleship1, 596:Ones, but this objective has not colored your technique. You will know today how just thisDiscipleship1, 604:intent causes me no concern. It is your life technique that lies at the root of all the difficulty.Discipleship1, 613:[613] and blame themselves for lack of right technique. Why should they succeed where I, too,Discipleship1, 630:as they form the seed groups wherein the technique of the New Age may be expressed. Endeavor to getDiscipleship1, 642:five days. For you I would suggest a different technique. I want from you tensity, dynamicDiscipleship1, 682:it and this, again, is part of the new emerging technique of invocation and evocation. The life ofDiscipleship1, 696:the words focus and direction lie the key to any technique or method of contributing to what IDiscipleship1, 748:potency. Chelas on the thread employ a peculiar technique, according to their ray; they work alwaysDiscipleship2, XII:assigned meditations are included to show the technique of the training in individual cases, butDiscipleship2, 4:in inaugurating the New Age methods and technique and to train groups (for it [5] is a group age)Discipleship2, 5:constant individual training are no part of the technique of the Hierarchy - certainly not as farDiscipleship2, 5:disciples - such is the definite and ordained technique of the Hierarchy. But this is not theirDiscipleship2, 18:modes of training by using a part of the ancient technique, now becoming somewhat obsolete, andDiscipleship2, 23:is also being developed by the Hierarchy a new technique which - when perfected and understood -Discipleship2, 26:develop. It is a part of the true and emerging technique of the Path. I would like somewhat toDiscipleship2, 49:set of phrases already given. I will change my technique somewhat and in speaking the phrase eachDiscipleship2, 50:the life forces, processes and forms for the new technique of Approach to God or to the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 51:subjective life of humanity. 3. This leads to a Technique of Approach, based upon the realizationDiscipleship2, 53:to widen the teaching and I added to the earlier technique. In the religion of the future, threeDiscipleship2, 53:ages of fifteen to eighteen) in a preparatory technique of Approach. The stages in the secondDiscipleship2, 53:the right carrying out of the required assigned technique and a complete refraining from [54] anyDiscipleship2, 56:remembered that, on the side of the Hierarchy, a Technique of Approach to humanity will also beDiscipleship2, 82:test. Weaknesses of motivation, of purpose, of technique and of personality faults have beenDiscipleship2, 105:adhering to the desired and arranged cyclic technique binds all members of the Ashram into oneDiscipleship2, 115:which is divided into two parts - one aspect or technique will cover approximately the first sixDiscipleship2, 147:It is, in a way, a tiny reflection of the technique of the Hierarchy and the way the Masters workDiscipleship2, 154:the disciple and the initiate are learning the technique (through meditation) whereby the Mind ofDiscipleship2, 155:impression and stating what you know about the technique of impression. The "raincloud of knowable
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