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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TECHNIQUE

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Discipleship2, 179:I - Heart Control - Transference You have here a technique whereby you create a line of relatedDiscipleship2, 186:makes their work possible; they will develop a technique of directed concentration which willDiscipleship2, 187:there be a reorganization of your meditation technique in these two directions. Your entireDiscipleship2, 188:man who is accustomed to pray, because the technique of meditation brings in the factor of mentalDiscipleship2, 196:Hierarchy, and you have also the hierarchical technique which enables that great Group to penetrateDiscipleship2, 197:the fourth kingdom of nature onward - that the technique of meditation governs all expansions ofDiscipleship2, 197:process of evolutionary unfoldment. It is a technique of spiritual apprehension, of focusingDiscipleship2, 199:requires. It is also - in a unique sense - the technique whereby the Masters themselves prepare forDiscipleship2, 199:sought also to initiate you into a planetary technique which all planetary beings must and doDiscipleship2, 202:I hope will remain in your minds, is that this technique of meditation is the outstanding creativeDiscipleship2, 295:take emotional aspirants and train them in the technique of mental polarization, prior toDiscipleship2, 300:can be brought about. There is a definite technique for producing this peculiar form ofDiscipleship2, 302:by means of hints. It is apparently a slow technique, but there is a point which esotericists wouldDiscipleship2, 306:"Points of Revelation" summarize a most definite technique in the training of disciples forDiscipleship2, 311:makes him sensitive to Impression. He knows the technique of Penetration, comprehends the processDiscipleship2, 318:himself beginning to realize that the entire technique of this unfoldment consists of a sequence ofDiscipleship2, 324:which is profoundly rooted in hierarchical technique. I said: That more rapid processes ofDiscipleship2, 346:page 308 can be regarded as a key to the entire technique. It is, however, a technique which isDiscipleship2, 346:a key to the entire technique. It is, however, a technique which is formulated by the initiateDiscipleship2, 347:stage of spiritual impact. The Outer Objective Technique: Penetration. Polarization. Precipitation.Discipleship2, 353:force. This is the relatively new spiritual technique, and it is a technique accepted by initiatesDiscipleship2, 353:relatively new spiritual technique, and it is a technique accepted by initiates and disciples ofDiscipleship2, 353:a major distortion of the process and of the new technique will appear in some form or other inDiscipleship2, 356:the disciples since the inauguration of the new technique. Since that time, disciples in all theDiscipleship2, 363:and of training in a certain definite esoteric technique which is essential for every worker in anDiscipleship2, 374:disciples are today learning three things: the Technique of Impression, the generating of energy,Discipleship2, 381:out to you that meditation was a planetary technique; in the same way, initiation may be regardedDiscipleship2, 390:the disciple, under the Law, has to master the technique of spiritual compromise, and secondly thatDiscipleship2, 391:Ashram" that activity which is required, and the technique and mode of bringing about still anotherDiscipleship2, 403:- add to his work with the Plan and its building technique, a capacity to work with divine PurposeDiscipleship2, 404:Redemption, under the hierarchical Plan, is the technique employed to redeem the world ofDiscipleship2, 448:to make discriminating choice as to activity and technique. You cannot possibly do everything thatDiscipleship2, 484:of response will be natural at first until your "technique of contact" is discovered by you andDiscipleship2, 484:in action. Each disciple develops his own technique. You have yet to discover yours. As with someDiscipleship2, 511:a part and is not based upon a silence and a technique which simply emphasizes mystery. The onlyDiscipleship2, 512:clear to you, for it concerns your established technique of service and your group activity. YouDiscipleship2, 573:The process is therefore one of a pronounced technique for the integration of soul and personality.Discipleship2, 593:spiritual strengthening of the world of men, the technique of their growth and the processes ofDiscipleship2, 608:that you will establish a teaching facility and technique for your next incarnation which willDiscipleship2, 664:personal processes have been duly taught) is the Technique of Magnetism, which is the clue to theDiscipleship2, 664:applied, that an Ashram is assembled. It is a technique which you must learn and are beginning toDiscipleship2, 674:I give you no outline. You have outgrown that technique and are capable - as a soul - ofDiscipleship2, 680:there is unity of approach and uniformity of technique, or else - you can create, engineer and runDiscipleship2, 707:weakness or to say that you made a mistake in technique or method or approach, in judgment or inDiscipleship2, 746:step. Now must come the mastering of the technique or method whereby (from that place) you moveEducation, 2:The three points of our general theme are: The Technique of the Education of the Future. TheEducation, 17:of expression; we shall attempt to study the technique whereby this world of quality (whichEducation, 23:individual will, intelligence, purpose and soul technique. Educators will have to work with thisEducation, 25:energies are controlling in each case. The technique to be later applied will then be built uponEducation, 29:come for a group understanding of this emerging technique, for a group bridging, leading to aEducation, 82:understanding point of view, plus an intelligent technique of conduct, are the natural results.Education, 89:If, during the next 150 years, we develop this technique of bridging the many cleavages found inEducation, 92:that the Way of Service is a scientific technique for the achieving of this balance. EducatorsEducation, 94:one hundred and fifty years ahead of us, the technique of bridging the various cleavages found inExternalisation, 10:of Mediumship to be seen? Few mediums know the technique governing the passing in or out of anExternalisation, 11:and by a more accurate understanding of the technique of their work and the organization of theirExternalisation, 13:the Path. I cannot here write concerning the technique of that training. The subject is too vastExternalisation, 13:position to one of potent assurance, proved technique, and spiritual expression. I appeal to suchExternalisation, 14:of the soul; training can be offered as to the technique of expression, and careful instructionExternalisation, 16:even if the terminology used may vary, and the technique of work is fundamentally identical. If theExternalisation, 16:recognize their real unity in goal, guidance and technique, and that their leaders should realizeExternalisation, 29:levels of consciousness) - can employ a new technique. Together and as a group they can becomeExternalisation, 37:of telepathic understanding. This is the normal technique of a divine and free manasaputra. This isExternalisation, 56:point out that we shall elaborate somewhat the Technique of the Presence of God, approaching itExternalisation, 56:new angle, that of the Group, and also upon the Technique of Light. Two lesser Techniques I have atExternalisation, 56:the nature of approaches to the other two - the Technique of Indifference and the Technique ofExternalisation, 56:two - the Technique of Indifference and the Technique of Service (See Glamor: A World Problem). AsExternalisation, 56:physical purpose. It is strictly magical in its technique, and this technique is intended toExternalisation, 56:is strictly magical in its technique, and this technique is intended to produce a synthesis betweenExternalisation, 61:be carried forward with spiritual insight, right technique and true understanding. Purity of motiveExternalisation, 310:a new vision, a new idealism, and a new life technique. Past ideals, past dreams and past effortsExternalisation, 334:second ray work; its quality is gentler, its technique is that of building and teaching, and itsExternalisation, 409:human and to instruct the masses of men in the technique of thus invoking the Approach. ThisExternalisation, 512:and whose uniformity in aspiration and in technique is one. These inner groups consist of occultExternalisation, 538:adjustments are proceeding with rapidity; the technique being employed is realignment, through aExternalisation, 564:the hierarchical center - a life, a plan and a technique which will train all who find their wayExternalisation, 573:public or on the control which the hierarchical technique evidently involves. The mode of this newExternalisation, 584:its major value. It is not indicative of a new technique of government in reality, and thisExternalisation, 603:use love instead of emotion as their general technique, and compose that great body of "illuminedExternalisation, 654:IV - Stages in the Externalization One major technique employed by the Hierarchy is a constantlyExternalisation, 686:contact with Shamballa - have to master the technique of relationship; this will entail much use ofExternalisation, 686:scale, with the souls of men, and upon the technique of expressing spiritually the nature ofFire, vi:more successful. But during the latter years the technique was so perfected and the ethericFire, 858:aware of it, and also aware of: Its purpose, Its technique, The effects produced within the lowerGlamour, 13:idea which it should express. There is however a technique of study which may be of service to youGlamour, 13:by which we are surrounded. It is largely the technique for which meditation should have preparedGlamour, 13:have prepared you. The difference between this technique and meditation work is mainly one ofGlamour, 15:causes, and its effects, and also deal with the technique whereby it [16] can be dissipated andGlamour, 22:to the fact that it is in meditation and in the technique of mind control that the thinkers of theGlamour, 42:Name Plane Opposite Objective Battleground Technique Illusion Mental Intuition Spiritual perceptionGlamour, 44:he knows better the means he must employ and the technique he must follow if he is to clear hisGlamour, 52:Through meditation, good intention, and correct technique, plus the desire to serve and to love, heGlamour, 54:and easily, and firmly established his technique of contact. Taken the first initiation. The wordGlamour, 59:unillumined mind. The cure is training in the technique of Raja Yoga. This results in the abilityGlamour, 68:problem which all of you have to face. [68] The technique of the dispelling of illusion, as used byGlamour, 73:dissipated by the Aryan race using the right technique. The individual who is learning to dissipateGlamour, 93:it. I have purposely not elucidated this technique as I sought to draw out your own ideas. I wouldGlamour, 140:our next section we will deal in detail with the technique of this scientific use of light and,Glamour, 142:or how accurate may be the grasp of the needed technique. Glamour, 148:of your analysis or the perfection of your technique.
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