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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TELEGRAPH

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Externalisation, 213:by the radio, telephone, the press and the telegraph. The needed choices can now be made inIntellect, 111:five senses as avenues of perception, and they telegraph constant information to the brain. ThroughIntellect, 180:world is knit together through the radio, the telegraph and television. Man is omnipresent, and theMagic, 407:modern transportation, and the telephone and telegraph are the servants. A widespread philanthropicPatanjali, 36:of sense-perception so that they no longer telegraph to the mind their reactions to that which isPatanjali, 163:senses and [163] all his channels of contact, telegraph constant information and reactions to theProblems, 5:of drums or bonfires have been replaced by the telegraph, the telephone and the radio; the woodenProblems, 75:paralleled this also, giving us the telegraph, the telephone, the radio and today, television andPsychology1, 50:or interaction. The radio, telephone, telegraph and the power to travel. Lower Expression: The usePsychology1, 411:Means of communication or interaction. Radio, telegraph, telephone and means of transportation.Soul, 34:us. Messages are carried along the millions of telegraph lines of our nerves to the central powerTelepathy, 19:telepathy - train travel, stations everywhere - telegraph Mental telepathy - ocean travel, ports on
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