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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TELLING

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Autobiography, 29:always stood up for me, and I can hear him now telling me (as he frequently did), "I bank on you,Autobiography, 55:to my theme. I had rehearsed that poetry with telling effect before my mirror. The first two linesAutobiography, 66:do that trip later. I found a wire awaiting me, telling me to get off at Bombay and take theAutobiography, 69:feeling myself again, he read me the riot act, telling me that I had no means of knowing that heAutobiography, 73:Sunday Bible class in Quetta one afternoon and telling the soldiers how the human being naturallyAutobiography, 85:to say, you know that, but the moment you start telling lies most of us will up and go. And weAutobiography, 96:the following morning from an army officer, telling me that he was in London and would I pleaseAutobiography, 105:the sight of Walter Evans and took pleasure in telling him so. She saw to it that I had the bestAutobiography, 110:where I had to wait till midnight and after telling me what I ought to know and giving me a cup ofAutobiography, 123:conditioned by the fundamentalist theology, kept telling me I was paying the penalty of myAutobiography, 128:hear a voice as I had at times heard a voice, telling me what to do. But I had no vision; I heardAutobiography, 165:He made this effort three times in spite of my telling him that he could find the Master right hereAutobiography, 182:they think you should be. I shall never forget telling an audience of around 800 people, one day inAutobiography, 182:on such trivial matters. I replied to her by telling her that I did not believe that the comfort ofAutobiography, 207:a letter from her which I could scarcely read, telling me about herself. The letter was mailed forAutobiography, 210:He shook his head and seemed quite bewildered, telling me that the Grand Duke had said that heAutobiography, 302:herself with running around to individuals, telling them what they ought to do or what she wantsBethlehem, 22:baptism to which John the Baptist referred us, telling us that the baptism of the Holy Spirit andBethlehem, 186:through the sequence of crucified Saviors, telling us again and again what God had done for theBethlehem, 226:experience the radiant light of divinity itself, telling us also to "let our light shine." (St.Bethlehem, 258:Then the Buddha came and spoke to the multitude, telling them what was the source of their miseryBethlehem, 261:to an end isolation and hatred and separation, telling us to love our neighbor as ourselves. HeDiscipleship1, 8:aspirants who claim that the Masters are forever telling them what to do and are guiding them inDiscipleship1, 48:Thus does the Bhagavad Gita express this truth, telling the disciple to mind his own business. Discipleship1, 69:of the Wisdom. In Atlantean days (I am here telling you something of interest and something whichDiscipleship1, 246:1936 I was correct, was I not, my brother, in telling you in an earlier instruction that changesDiscipleship1, 273:is not possible for me to continue ceaselessly telling you that which you already know in theoryDiscipleship1, 317:them a grasp of their personality problem by telling them the rays with which they predominantlyDiscipleship1, 331:of the "I" at the center of the stage. I am telling you nothing new when I say this, for you haveDiscipleship1, 371:to solve? There is nothing that I can do beyond telling you that once you have brought yourDiscipleship1, 422:say to you at this time. You know; you need no telling but, like all pledged disciples, you needDiscipleship1, 437:disciple. This I think you know without my telling you. But all these contacts involve the handlingDiscipleship1, 572:functioning through a first ray personality. In telling you this, I indicate to you your groupDiscipleship1, 617:you already intuitively know. I am, by doing so, telling you of your status upon the Path - that ofDiscipleship1, 662:demand to be liked. Can you change this? I am telling you nothing new. Among the chelas in myDiscipleship2, 434:there is little new in these things which I am telling you and that is somewhat true, but notDiscipleship2, 463:1943 MY BROTHER AND MY CO-WORKER: I am not telling your co-disciples whether you are on this sideDiscipleship2, 555:can reach you more easily than in the past. I am telling you this because I know it will reassureDiscipleship2, 655:which you must learn and master. I am not telling you what these lessons are, for the joy ofDiscipleship2, 737:There are deep significances in what I am here telling you and I beg you to strive to understand myExternalisation, 146:II - The General World Picture What I am here telling you refers not only to the use of the GreatExternalisation, 371:hate can be stemmed. It will not be stemmed by telling those who have suffered at the hands of theExternalisation, 494:averted. I may not say in what manner, beyond telling you that the Lords of Liberation took certainGlamour, 2:need for this study and corroborates what I am telling you. If you will seriously consider with meHercules, 61:good and of evil. This is a symbolic method of telling us the story of the appearance of mind, andHercules, 96:for it hath heard a voice, aye, many voices, telling you of need and urging you to venture forth.Hercules, 204:learn to listen in your mind to what the soul is telling you, and that you cannot do. Then you mustPsychology1, 184:initiated. Of this I may not speak beyond telling you that an illumination will be set up and aPsychology1, 326:to the intelligence of the average student by telling him that when a man really understands thePsychology2, 484:hear his Master's voice, giving him guidance, telling him what to do and outlining to him hisRays, 751:but the others are not so openly engaged in telling other peoples what they should do. Why, for
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