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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TELLS

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Statement:a Tibetan disciple of a certain degree, and this tells you but little, for all are disciples fromAtom, 13:with facts as he knows them, or as science tells him they are. This is a perfectly legitimateBethlehem, 5:to accept its presentation. Yet St. Augustine tells us that "that which is called the ChristianBethlehem, 37:the results are concerned, for as Dr. Schweitzer tells us: "The historical foundation ofBethlehem, 53:was indicative of the revelation. Christ Himself tells us that at the end of the age the sign ofBethlehem, 62:was so determined. The same writer quoted above tells us that: "On the fixing of the 25th DecemberBethlehem, 62:make these momentous decisions. Annie Besant tells us that: "He is always born at the winterBethlehem, 63:now celebrate the birthday of our Lord'; and he tells us that the night of December 24th-25thBethlehem, 66:light upon His task and its preparation. Isaiah tells us that "Bread corn is bruised," (Isaiah,Bethlehem, 80:His life challenges us and for which He Himself tells us to work. One wonders sometimes how rightBethlehem, 87:III, 15.) Christ had reached maturity. Tradition tells us that He [88] was thirty years old when HeBethlehem, 104:VIII, 12.) and to obey His command wherein He tells us to "let your light so shine before men thatBethlehem, 110:in the field of Christian interpretation today tells us that "all they who are destined for theBethlehem, 112:does not alter the fact that popular mythology tells of an invisible reality, and of mysteriousBethlehem, 130:so frequently the case today. Dr. van der Leeuw tells us: "If we would enter the kingdom thisBethlehem, 151:that men could not look upon it, and history tells that he had to use a veil to shield thatBethlehem, 151:us not lose sight of the fact that He Himself tells us that there is in us also a light, and thatBethlehem, 158:of that which has been intuited. Dr. Sheldon tells us with truth that "all of the finest humanBethlehem, 161:we might have "life abundantly," and St. John tells us in his Gospel that the new birth is [162]Bethlehem, 183:evolution of human souls. Clement of Alexandria tells us that "the path of souls to ascension liesBethlehem, 195:idea of blood sacrifice. As Dr. Rashdall tells us: "The various authors of the canonical books inBethlehem, 204:with sin and evil will, as Dr. Grensted tells us, serve... "in the main to reveal the fundamentalBethlehem, 210:and service Christ lost his life. Canon Streeter tells us that "the significance and value of theBethlehem, 215:is no sin. In this word from the Cross Christ tells us two things: That God is our Father, and thatBethlehem, 236:of three days was a familiar ceremonial. History tells us of many of these Sons of God who died andBethlehem, 237:of the early Church Fathers, Firmicus Maternus, tells us that the mysteries of Osiris bear a closeBethlehem, 248:the limitations of the flesh, is ours. Dean Inge tells us that "in so far as we can identifyBethlehem, 258:Most High," to come forth once a year, so legend tells us, in order to bless the world. That day ofBethlehem, 274:more inclusive. "Any reflection," Dr. Hocking tells us, "that can infallibly break the walls of theBethlehem, 280:little use for them, and the reason, Dr. Dewey tells us, is that "...adherence to any body ofDiscipleship1, XIV:problem of the evolving human being. The Tibetan tells the members of his group which five raysDiscipleship2, 21:Hence it is not a principle (as H.P.B. tells us in The Secret Doctrine) but is basically anDiscipleship2, 265:related to vision. At the same time this formula tells us that there are four eyes: "One made ofDiscipleship2, 474:whom he meets in his daily round of duty, that tells a different tale. No one is then unimportant.Discipleship2, 608:field of expression in the work for which A.A.B. tells me you are responsible. Use thisDiscipleship2, 718:with a more reliable physical instrument. A.A.B. tells me that it distresses you that you are whatFire, 1091:carefully in mind the words of H. P. B. where he tells students of the Secret Doctrine that theHealing, 368:Deity (the ether of space is an entity, she also tells us) and that the mystery of electricity,Healing, 566:This first clause of the fourth [566] law tells us that three aspects of divinity produce disease.Hercules, 23:Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Tradition tells us that he was physically bullnecked, as well asHercules, 63:and forced him to forget Nereus. The myth tells that Hercules eventually freed himself and resumedHercules, 66:the first decanate is Mercury for, as Alan Leo tells us: "Mercury in the outer world signifiesHercules, 69:In Canis Minor, the "underdog", the same writing tells us that the name of the brightest starHercules, 101:"my", and "mine". The Ageless Wisdom of the east tells us that the number five is the most occultHercules, 165:of existence. A quotation from a Hindu scripture tells us that there are three things which by theHercules, 176:for us. The Climbing of the Mountain Capricorn tells the story of the climbing of the mountain andHercules, 205:ancient tradition; for truth, as Bernard Shaw tells us, is "what you know by your experience to beHercules, 215:should receive our thought. The Tibetan tells us that all depends upon our degree of receptivityHercules, 216:Pisces." The Zodiac: A Life Epitome. Alan Leo tells us also: "...the constellations are groups ofHercules, 218:all appearance, the great illusion. One writer tells us that: "... to the astronomer the Zodiac isIntellect, 8:the processes of mentation. "Thinking," Dr. Jung tells us, "is one of the four basic psychologicalIntellect, 15:the work of religion and of science. Dr. Pupin tells us that "science and religion supplement eachIntellect, 29:finest "four-fifths of life" which Dr. Wiggam tells us, lies outside the realm of scientific [30]Intellect, 84:In that light all things are revealed. Patanjali tells us that "when the means to union have beenIntellect, 99:Eckhart, writing in the fourteenth century, tells us that! "St. Paul reminds us that we beingIntellect, 101:five senses, and transmitted by the brain. Hume tells us that the "mind is a kind of theatre, whereIntellect, 136:The ancient sage of India, Patanjali, tells us the same thing, when he says that, when "theIntellect, 136:union with itself. How? Another Hindu teacher tells us that [137] "the soul has the means. ThinkingIntellect, 151:of soul, mind and brain is complete. Patanjali tells us in his Yoga Sutras, "The Lord of the mind,Intellect, 152:of doing it. Dr. Winslow Hall in Illuminanda tells us of three ways, the way of Beauty, the way ofIntellect, 163:Philosophy of Change, page 21. The intuition, he tells us "is interested in purely intangibleIntellect, 186:Zen Buddhism at the Buddhist College at Kyoto, tells us about it in the following illuminatingIntellect, 186:it in the following illuminating paragraphs. He tells us that it was through "supreme perfectIntellect, 188:than any other group of thinkers. Shankaracharya tells us that: "The Yogi, whose intellect isIntellect, 190:pages 956, 258, 259, 260. Father Maréchal tells us that the "...psychological experience lived byIntellect, 202:for they were the results of ideas, and Hu Shih tells us in that interesting symposium, WhitherIntellect, 220:If the western scientist is right when he tells us that the human body is really an electricIntellect, 260:activity of some kind. The eastern teaching tells us that energy, usually directed to theMagic, 487:is of importance. Some brother comes to you and tells to you a fact about another brother - a factMagic, 545:the four". The Treatise on Cosmic Fire tells us: "This means literally that the magician must be inMagic, 586:they fail to act in detail as their inner voice tells them; they leave undone certain things whichMeditation, 129:employed; they catch a sound or a voice that tells them truths that they recognize as true. ThePatanjali, 194:of a great law. In Book IV. Sutra 17, Patanjali tells us that the perception of a characteristic,Psychology1, 66:of God Incarnate The Cosmic Christ The legend tells us that the six Brothers summarize HisPsychology1, 397:as taught by the teachers of the past, tells us that... "They turned their faces towards the gatesPsychology1, 397:Two - III. The Rays and Man The ancient legend tells us that the three went forth in sorrow andPsychology2, 139:contact with his soul, or because his intuition tells him that what the Group, which attracts him,Psychology2, 502:with dismay and disgust; most feelingly he tells the experience to the psychologist, and frequentlyPsychology2, 577:great world conflict of which the ancient legend tells us. It ended in the catastrophe of theRays, 234:moving upon its way towards us. This Rule tells us that "the group toils in Pisces." This simplySoul, 36:Psychology: Normal and Abnormal, p. 61. Dr. Cobb tells us: "...only three and a half grains of theSoul, 36:M.D., The Glands of Destiny, p. 5. Dr. Cobb also tells us in his Introduction that: "The action ofSoul, 38:the ductless glands often mentioned? Dr. Cobb tells us: "Glands may be divided into two mainSoul, 39:cooperation and interdependence. Dr. Berman tells us, "The body mind is a perfect corporation. OfSoul, 86:of the soul or conscious life. Dr. Hollander tells us that: "The reason why the ancientSoul, 151:and proven, for, as Dr. Pupin further tells us: "Yes, God's spiritual realities are invisible, but
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