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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TEMPORARILY

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Astrology, 17:point achieved so that when the life energy is temporarily exhausted and the "death of theAstrology, 37:and with the human personality which veils and temporarily hides the Christ principle behind bothAstrology, 114:has only stated a partial truth and is only temporarily true from the standpoint of the modernAstrology, 223:that Cross (no matter in what sign his sun may temporarily find position), is ever Aquarius-Leo.Astrology, 250:Libra; this is the sign of interlude and Mars is temporarily quiescent, prior to gathering hisAstrology, 282:the Son of Mind, descends into the depths and is temporarily veiled or hidden. I would recommend toAstrology, 373:and teachings, nations also are misled - again temporarily - and the Shamballa force is wronglyAstrology, 491:of the pairs of opposites are much lessened temporarily. Gemini, therefore, is the inactive pointAstrology, 558:I say will remain far-off in the realm of the (temporarily) unattainable. Will it clarify theAstrology, 685:on the different rays or streams of force become temporarily intermingled. In all these trianglesAutobiography, 10:indicates a way out, or fails and we go down, temporarily at least. It is in this fashion that weAutobiography, 34:vain and idle young girl into a worker and - temporarily - into a fanatic? Autobiography, 69:some of the things I would have to know in temporarily taking over from her. My major troubleAutobiography, 100:am conscious of the fact that my sense of humor temporarily failed me, and when that happens toAutobiography, 215:were. I had to suffer at their hands by being temporarily regarded as an out-of-date parent. I hadAutobiography, 251:centers for service in as many countries had temporarily to be dropped - but only temporarily, myAutobiography, 251:had temporarily to be dropped - but only temporarily, my brothers, for goodwill is the "savingAutobiography, 288:out of the life of the Arcane School, at least temporarily. In the higher degrees, the ArcaneBethlehem, 79:talk are the rocks on which many an aspirant temporarily founders. Bethlehem, 124:power (because it stated a truth) that the devil temporarily could not reach Him. He practicallyBethlehem, 126:of depression or of blindness in which we may temporarily find ourselves. But the doubt in theBethlehem, 146:We shall cherish these bodies, through which we temporarily function, as the custodians of theBethlehem, 200:and no national situations, no matter how temporarily material they may appear to be in theirBethlehem, 248:occurs when the sense of values is distorted or temporarily non-existent. In an attempt to meetBethlehem, 263:of the necessary stage of individualism; we have temporarily lost sight of the deeper truths, theDestiny, 9:important fact that all these ideologies may be temporarily adapted to the groups or nations whoDestiny, 36:plan that matter and substance should temporarily control and that spirit should learn to "mount onDestiny, 76:crystallization and the death or obscuration temporarily of the then emerging soul aspect (speakingDestiny, 79:into sentimental personality devotions, account temporarily for the mass negligence to assertDestiny, 94:the effects will be destructive and may temporarily hinder divine Purpose. Nevertheless, even forceDestiny, 127:must also recognize that orthodox religion has temporarily separated the two great concepts ofDestiny, 143:Fifth Ray and the Lord of the World have decided temporarily to withdraw this type of force. ItDiscipleship1, 9:and others will have to slow down theirs temporarily to the pace of the majority. This will happenDiscipleship1, 30:of you are linked with your own Master, though temporarily working in my Ashram; your contact withDiscipleship1, 46:upon the inner side, seek to see accomplished. Temporarily and of your own free will, you haveDiscipleship1, 56:and on one plane or another, the emphasis may be temporarily so strong in some one direction thatDiscipleship1, 92:I may not describe to you, or he drops back temporarily into the life condition of the lower man;Discipleship1, 96:be super-critical of a fellow disciple who was, temporarily, not living up to his initiationDiscipleship1, 97:and as if all relationship had been, at least, temporarily severed. Where accepted disciples areDiscipleship1, 113:an interlude or cycle of experience which may temporarily negate your present cycle of influenceDiscipleship1, 131:express yourself in a chosen line of activity, temporarily lifted you out of the group life andDiscipleship1, 137:that at the end of a few years you will regret temporarily falling in with my plans for the group.Discipleship1, 148:the manifested world. For you, at this time and temporarily, I suggest an unthinking, detachmentDiscipleship1, 234:that the achievement of intellectual balance can temporarily upset the truer balance of the wholeDiscipleship1, 236:the plain speaking and truth - no matter how temporarily humiliating you may find it to be. If allDiscipleship1, 244:which you sought to attract and which has been temporarily attracted. You lose so many people outDiscipleship1, 289:but they do matter in time and space and temporarily, where your band of group brothers areDiscipleship1, 290:assigning you no work, and you are regarded as temporarily suspended from the group. I ask naughtDiscipleship1, 304:your karma and circumstances at [304] that time temporarily militated against that happening (andDiscipleship1, 330:and they do it with such potency that they temporarily handicap their service. Or, secondly, theyDiscipleship1, 341:criticism or to walk with humility on the Way temporarily has glimmered this disciple and directDiscipleship1, 343:be of value to the group. Secondly, if you will temporarily abandon your attitude of mentalDiscipleship1, 418:of a man's own nature) that the aspirant is temporarily submerged by these forces and by the [419]Discipleship1, 420:no immediate drastic action or change. You are temporarily [421] marking time, but you can steadilyDiscipleship1, 423:a while, so as to give your tired nerves and the temporarily disturbed nervous system time toDiscipleship1, 426:a hot day which draws upwards the mists and thus temporarily forms a fog between itself and theDiscipleship1, 457:First there was the glamor which descended temporarily upon the group, and the effects of this areDiscipleship1, 544:of you during this next period of work. NOTE: Temporarily, this disciple withdrew from the group ofDiscipleship1, 559:walk with others." This he failed to learn and temporarily at least his work in the Ashram is inDiscipleship1, 593:aroused to such an intense activity that it gets temporarily out of calm control. Too much is seenDiscipleship1, 595:from the above instruction that the disciple was temporarily suspended from active work in theDiscipleship1, 635:plane who are enticed by astral phenomena and temporarily sidetracked by the glamor. The astralDiscipleship1, 739:esoteric link always persists, though it may be temporarily negated in the need of the larger groupDiscipleship1, 784:centers for service in as many countries had temporarily to be dropped - but only temporarily, myDiscipleship1, 784:had temporarily to be dropped - but only temporarily, my brothers, for goodwill is the "savingDiscipleship2, 29:who still remain your group brothers though temporarily in pralaya, warmly in your hearts. HoldDiscipleship2, 32:personnel of the group. L.U.T. has been dropped (temporarily and for this particular incarnation)Discipleship2, 39:happened in the case of several who have been temporarily suspended from active work in my Ashram.Discipleship2, 93:into the Ashram. They are: B.S.W., who was temporarily sidetracked for a few years prior to hisDiscipleship2, 126:and preparing you for initiation when you may temporarily fail to understand the reasons for theDiscipleship2, 308:moments, and these frequently increase, at least temporarily, his bewilderment. But during theDiscipleship2, 330:incoming energy is concerned. When a disciple is temporarily bewildered, this safeguarding becomesDiscipleship2, 353:constitute a great obstruction (apparently and temporarily) to human progress. It will be in theDiscipleship2, 381:only serves to eliminate them from the group temporarily, but it does not thereby hold back theDiscipleship2, 399:is the third eye which - for a moment - is temporarily suspended from its task of directing energyDiscipleship2, 419:use the words: Meditation and Concentration. Temporarily, and in order to move forward and at theDiscipleship2, 458:our agents who is worthy of all aid, and though temporarily in my Ashram, is a powerful worker inDiscipleship2, 488:and registered expansion of consciousness is temporarily withheld until a better physical vehicleDiscipleship2, 505:realized. He is a disciple of the Master M., temporarily working in my Ashram. You have beenDiscipleship2, 524:disciple has created so many thought-forms that temporarily he cannot be reached; [525] or again,Discipleship2, 565:involve your own rays, I suggested your working temporarily along first ray lines because it wouldDiscipleship2, 600:from the personality angle. Being however, thus temporarily affiliated they may - if sensitive -Discipleship2, 611:for the remainder of this life. A.A.B. had temporarily given up some of her work in the Ashram ofDiscipleship2, 617:sense of responsibility and obligation but only temporarily and only for this life. Is this a hardDiscipleship2, 618:but lack dynamic. The rest have moved temporarily to the outer periphery of the Ashram awaitingDiscipleship2, 628:made these drastic adjustments without losing temporarily any ground. This is a thing rate indeed.Discipleship2, 641:it, with all personal problems and conditions temporarily obliterated from your consciousness. ToDiscipleship2, 677:through rationalization took place and temporarily - very temporarily - they became inactive,Discipleship2, 677:took place and temporarily - very temporarily - they became inactive, though still disciples on theDiscipleship2, 709:plus incorporation in national karma, which has temporarily removed you from an activeDiscipleship2, 760:story. Others in this group, as you know, are temporarily under my instruction until such time asEducation, 18:- the flow of divine energy through all forms - temporarily seated in the heart, while theEducation, 18:principle, the soul of all things, is located (temporarily as far as the form nature of aEducation, 41:works out frequently in the establishment, temporarily, of the more concrete values. My remarks areEducation, 111:a time at least) non-critical; that you discard temporarily your preconceived ideas; that youEducation, 121:The old simplicity and the true values have been temporarily relegated to the background. This wasExternalisation, 10:Definitely and with purpose they lend their body temporarily to another soul for service,Externalisation, 63:divorcing of the person by this (even if only temporarily) from the vortex of love. This spellsExternalisation, 85:course, the heart center for Great Britain (and temporarily it is also the head center, though thisExternalisation, 96:either profited or - by neglecting them - you temporarily failed. This same critical factor (if I
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