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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TEMPORARY

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Fire, 114:he escapes from the ring-pass-not in a more temporary sense, but he has yet to escape from theFire, 137:thought power has to do, is to build a temporary channel in etheric matter to bridge the gap. ThisFire, 191:development, the work earlier accomplished, his temporary limitations, and other causes create aFire, 205:86 leaving the aura and [205] its colors out of temporary consideration, the evolutionaryFire, 209:of psychic faculty that again may lead to temporary distress, but which eventually causes aFire, 298:embody principles. Certain planets afford only temporary [299] homes to these principles. OthersFire, 323:earth scheme we have a positive polarity of a temporary nature based on the type of incarnation ourFire, 371:of the Venus scheme, and of our Earth, form a temporary triangle of force. We have here informationFire, 372:final Avatar is likewise to be seen here. Many temporary incarnations precede this consummatingFire, 391:on the astral. There two fifths will pass into temporary pralaya, preparatory to their transferenceFire, 392:but the moon chain of our scheme saw a period of temporary retardation of the evolutionary processFire, 392:process of our Heavenly Man; it resulted in a temporary slowing down of His activities, and causedFire, 422:After the fifth round and the passing into temporary obscuration of two fifths of the human family,Fire, 429:warfare between science and religion will be in temporary abeyance. Definite methods ofFire, 440:future effects of the Ray which is passing into temporary obscuration as far as we are concerned.Fire, 456:subrace. This race will summarize and carry to a temporary conclusion the manasic effort of theFire, 461:while others will be rejected, and will go into temporary pralaya. After the rejection in theFire, 480:the four kingdoms of nature, which make them a temporary esoteric three and exoteric four. Man willFire, 492:portion of the animal kingdom will enter into a temporary obscuration, thus releasing energy forFire, 516:whatever in the sheaths; they are built into temporary forms, and dissolved when the Thinker hasFire, 525:of the group life; it will in itself be of a temporary nature for the fundamental aim in view willFire, 589:kingdom that we find one of the first and temporary approximations between the evolving humanFire, 617:have, so to say, cheated nature; but it is only temporary - until our planet goes into obscuration,Fire, 708:the material of the plane and produces a temporary balancing of forces. Hence the meaning of theFire, 720:of the body) of the vitality latent in it, and a temporary turning of that latent fire to theFire, 730:the fourth and fifth Initiations. This is the temporary consummation, but just as in the animalFire, 734:of Brahma. It marks periods between manvantaras. Temporary form ceases but duality remains.Fire, 763:literally the illusory form; it is the body of temporary manifestation which the Adept creates onFire, 843:times to the animal kingdom, and the consequent temporary cessation of the forming of any more "budFire, 864:blades is not a "sacred" center, but is of a temporary nature, and is created by the aspirantFire, 867:into them, or upon them, [867] and through the temporary over-stimulation of their centers andFire, 875:cooperation, Union, The next stage is the temporary importance of the material aspect, that of theFire, 875:the feminine aspect, The withdrawal into a temporary retirement of the Father, The work of creatingFire, 934:of the tabernacle, or the building of the temporary forms is the work of the Divine Carpenter,Fire, 954:masses of men, awakens opposition, and produces temporary chaos. The prominent workers and thinkersFire, 1003:force and galvanize it into activity, and a temporary separate identity, thus sending it forth toFire, 1033:his appearance upon the plane of maya for a temporary period. A hint may here be given to theFire, 1150:involve some adjustments, and occasionally the temporary arresting of his karma. These adjustmentsGlamour, 49:but can disobey it in time and space and for a temporary period. To the authority of the Rules ofGlamour, 97:average type of aspirant is concerned) into a temporary astral unity and then there emerges theGlamour, 106:of one or more streams of energy which produce a temporary whirlpool of energies and, from theGlamour, 110:racial histories sees the establishing of a temporary sense of unity in the early stages, when theGlamour, 133:An ideal, rightly grasped and used, provides a temporary [134] aid towards the attainment ofGlamour, 134:of some pronounced idealist. An ideal is a temporary expression of a basic idea; it is not intendedGlamour, 135:the imposed control of some secondary and temporary principle; they can thus constitute aGlamour, 138:function to interpret and to formulate into temporary systems of knowledge. There are many such,Glamour, 141:his soul can contact that level of expression - temporary and non-lasting as it may be. TheGlamour, 142:regard the phenomenon of disturbance as simply a temporary difficulty, incident upon the serviceGlamour, 145:automatically disappears, even if only for a temporary period. But, again, difficulty arisesGlamour, 149:inspired by desire - material, physical and temporary. Animal desire for the satisfaction of theGlamour, 186:to teach its adherents to do so and to achieve temporary good health; the Greek Orthodox Church wasGlamour, 200:it may seem) constitute a glamor, for they are temporary and illusory and must not be permitted toGlamour, 207:himself out of them and alternating between temporary success, when he can with deliberation act asGlamour, 221:delusion and no longer recognize it except as a temporary field of experience wherein man lives. InGlamour, 223:to a glamor as to all glamors in a relatively temporary manner but one which is neverthelessHealing, 43:forces is going on and producing, therefore, a temporary chaos. The astral body of man, being theHealing, 59:nature into that of the mind nature, producing a temporary starvation of the emotional nature. ItHealing, 176:man may become an ego-maniac temporarily (all is temporary in the long life of the soul!) andHealing, 193:allied to Christian Science and Unity are only temporary in their effects and are based upon aHealing, 244:which indicate not alone death, upon a temporary and passing scale, but the complete cessation ofHealing, 247:the form preserves its own integrity for a temporary cycle, determined by its species andHealing, 308:the body, or can also cure and cleanse them. A temporary congestion can be of beneficent value asHealing, 310:dangerous to life or capable of providing only temporary discomfort. No outer condition alone isHealing, 346:and vitalizes the form and constitutes its temporary life. During unconsciousness, the animal soulHealing, 352:issues with purely physical plane occurrences, temporary or chronic, or with death and destiny. NoHealing, 426:a relation to each other; each have a mutual temporary objective, and thus in unison produce theHealing, 456:then of the average man? A third exit is now in temporary use; just below the apex of the heartHealing, 468:which descends anchors itself upon the plane of temporary appearance. Seven threads it outwardHealing, 562:which can be diagnosed as brain difficulties and temporary insanities; they may lead to constantHealing, 631:or produce an at-one-ment, even if only of a temporary nature. It must be increasingly borne inHealing, 634:This dense physical vehicle is released into a temporary and directed freedom by the will of theHealing, 667:indicates only transitional techniques and a temporary phase; it is temporary from the point ofHealing, 667:techniques and a temporary phase; it is temporary from the point of view of the Hierarchy (thoughHealing, 694:Healings have frequently taken place (at least temporary healings), owing largely to theHealing, 704:or to that of the patient, and bring about a temporary postponement of departure. Upon this theHealing, 707:healing is possible and karmically correct) a temporary increase of the trouble; this is owing toHercules, 207:is a more than adequate compensation for the temporary losses and momentary distresses which mayHercules, 227:of Attainment. His failure is, however, only temporary. Fresh opportunities occur. The consequenceInitiation, 76:and centers himself in the Ego, it produces a temporary separation. This must be endured andInitiation, 79:ends. This it is also which often causes the temporary downfall of advanced souls. They cannotInitiation, 79:pouring into them, or upon them, and through the temporary over-stimulation of their centers andInitiation, 140:of psychic faculty that again may lead to temporary distress, but which eventually causes aInitiation, 205:control along any particular line through a temporary abstention is not to be denied, but that is aIntellect, 13:our just obligations, thus fulfiling our temporary destiny. The question arises here as to whetherIntellect, 65:will need more than a passing enthusiasm and a temporary endeavor if he is to master this scienceMagic, 25:form of pride, and a refusal to recognize one's temporary limitations that awakens in readers aMagic, 54:in the long run. Spasmodic spurts of effort and temporary pressure peter out into disappointmentMagic, 62:energy? Are they passing through a period of temporary quiescence, preparatory to greater impulseMagic, 85:a willingness to undergo joyously any amount of temporary inconvenience, pain or agony, must beMagic, 110:we do not see all the picture that we draw these temporary distinctions. In one life a man may beMagic, 111:be) would do well to bear in mind that there are temporary differences. People differ in: RayMagic, 168:instead of gaining it, but this is only a temporary condition and gradually he will assume command.Magic, 180:his physical body. A third method is one of a temporary fusing, if I might so call it, - anMagic, 222:of the plane; there is a building of the temporary forms, some of rare beauty, some of no beauty,Magic, 246:the fact of his divinity and then, through a temporary identification with his body of sensoryMagic, 263:Under the law he is alone. But this is only temporary. When the environment satisfies then is theMagic, 309:will find, if you study, that all subsidiary and temporary causes of depression and its oppositeMagic, 318:and visualization. These two methods are temporary expedients by which those who as yet haveMagic, 346:be followed: Still the physical body. Quiet by temporary inhibition the astral body. Link up withMagic, 349:from fear, and know that the personality is only temporary, and what matter if it suffer? Some good
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