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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TEMPTATION

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Astrology, 525:is great, as I have [525] said, and the temptation is to hide behind the glamor of fighting for anAutobiography, 40:deeper and more vital the experience, the less temptation is there to tell it. Only beginners withBethlehem, 107:(St. Matt., III, 17, IV, 1.) This story of the temptation in the wilderness is most controversial.Bethlehem, 108:He meet them as a man and therefore subject to temptation? What is meant by the devil? And what wasBethlehem, 108:is that we are allowed to know about the temptation in order to teach us, as human beings, a neededBethlehem, 108:and triumph. He taught us thereby how to meet temptation; what to expect, as disciples preparingBethlehem, 109:whereby evil can be turned into good. He met temptation with no great new technique or revelation.Bethlehem, 109:knew, what He had been taught and told. He met temptation each time with "It is written," (Matt.,Bethlehem, 116:give the clue to the whole process. The ultimate temptation is doubt. The test we have all to faceBethlehem, 117:of divinity) that determines our attitude in temptation and our response to the problem presentedBethlehem, 118:in which we dwell, and with this the first temptation concerned itself. Modern science has told usBethlehem, 119:of these three temptations, how in the first temptation Christ was confronted by maya, withBethlehem, 119:to confound Him. We shall see how in the second temptation He was tempted by glamor, and with theBethlehem, 119:called into activity by the devil in the third temptation, and the illusion of temporal power to beBethlehem, 121:a prostitution of reality, and constitute the temptation which Christ so triumphantly met. We liveBethlehem, 121:concern and interest in others. Christ met this temptation to use His divine powers for selfishBethlehem, 122:Aspirant, humanity, stands confronted with this temptation. Its problem is economic. It isBethlehem, 123:is essential for the right understanding of this temptation that we remember our earlierBethlehem, 123:Fatherhood of God, and cast thyself down. This temptation is different from the first, though itBethlehem, 123:His divinity. This He did not do in the earlier temptation. The devil in this test quotes scriptureBethlehem, 124:strongest, and in this lies the potency of this temptation. Bethlehem, 125:As one studies the way in which Christ met this temptation one is inclined to believe that (havingBethlehem, 125:in His Own Divinity) He simply ignored the temptation. His method was so brief and concise, andBethlehem, 125:as to detail. The way out, in this particular temptation, is dual: to recognize it for what it is,Bethlehem, 127:carried in itself the seeds of the final temptation. He had triumphed over materialism and overBethlehem, 127:one rules oneself, have in them the germs of temptation, and it was here that the devil nextBethlehem, 128:use. In the case of Christ in the third temptation, His "conscious values or purposes" were beingBethlehem, 128:of God might be indefinitely delayed. This temptation was an attack at the very root of theBethlehem, 128:of power over others. The subtlety of this temptation consists in the fact that appeal is made toBethlehem, 130:Faith, by Dr. van der Leeuw, p. 19. Christ's temptation consisted of a demanded recognition ofBethlehem, 135:self control, and henceforth His immunity from temptation, as we can understand it, had beenDestiny, 99:idealism is great, as I have said, and the temptation is to hide behind the glamor of fighting forDiscipleship1, 34:by you with each other. There should be no temptation to waste each other's time in idle talk. ItDiscipleship1, 299:from truly selfish purposes. Part of the great temptation of our Master, the Christ, in theDiscipleship2, 570:in its liberation at any personal sacrifice. The temptation of many people these times is oft toDiscipleship2, 628:do so - only moments of unutterable fatigue when temptation may appear, but to it you will pay noExternalisation, 439:succumbed to the glamor of superiority, to the temptation of material aggression and to intolerantHealing, 672:and by mankind. You will note also that one temptation takes place on the summit of a highHercules, 129:boar, he ended by killing two friends. Thus does temptation come up behind us when we think we haveHercules, 132:ideas which are frost-bitten at the first temptation. He contemplates the long onward march of theHercules, 174:achievement in being impersonal if there is no temptation to be personal. The impersonality we mustMagic, 343:the greater your responsiveness to this form of temptation. It is one of the things which speciallyMagic, 587:to justify himself occurs he recognizes it as a temptation to be avoided. He realizes that eachMeditation, 129:them truths that they recognize as true. The temptation to force the issue, to prolong meditation,Psychology1, 304:which is evil and that which is the basis of temptation. But God has from the beginning ordainedPsychology2, 540:to control. The man then succumbs to the temptation to focus his life interest and attention in theRays, 673:the astral testing and the potency of the astral temptation (as it might well be called) leads to a
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