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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TEND

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Astrology, 340:note how in this sign all the energies concerned tend to bring about the incarnation of the soul inAstrology, 515:In one life, the stimulation applied may tend to vivify the solar plexus or to drive its energiesAstrology, 582:any way those activities and relationships which tend to the well-being of our fellowmen. ItAtom, 133:synthesis. As we go down into matter, as we tend toward materialization, we have heterogeneity; asAtom, 133:as we work back towards spirit we shall tend towards unity: so that in the religious world we canBethlehem, 272:which powers release one into a wider world, and tend to make one sensible of the organic whole inDestiny, 79:the nation and the personality ray of Berlin tend at this stage to express self-love. Ray 1. - WillDiscipleship1, 13:to make its presence felt. It should steadily tend to increase the spiritual potency of all groupsDiscipleship1, 83:These militate against the group integration and tend to block the work. One of the things mostDiscipleship1, 130:direct. The work that I may ask you to do should tend to bring about certain of these neededDiscipleship1, 179:being on the line of your soul ray, will [179] tend to bring about rapid contact with the soul, viaDiscipleship1, 202:expresses itself in your environment. This will tend to extrovert you very considerably, to focusDiscipleship1, 205:sometimes produces short-sighted vision and you tend to act precipitately. When this occurs, youDiscipleship1, 320:that - through your definite soul contact - you tend to express the outstanding quality of theDiscipleship1, 427:knowledges that have come to you from me might tend to foster that pride if exceeding watchfulnessDiscipleship1, 437:power developed by you in your last life) could tend to make you dogmatic and consequentlyDiscipleship1, 484:with it during this next year, for it will tend to stabilize in you that which we have wrestled toDiscipleship1, 489:that measure of personal happiness which will tend to make your service more effective by releasingDiscipleship1, 504:personality and your first ray astral vehicle tend to increase this tendency in you. Here, in theDiscipleship1, 526:great importance but, in their aggregate, they tend to make you walk continuously in a fog. YouDiscipleship1, 543:than the daily round which falls to those who tend a home. So oft the tending of a home, theDiscipleship1, 569:month...The elimination of those habits which tend to cloud the mind and render the man insensitiveDiscipleship1, 754:faint way, his vibration and that of the Master tend to synchronize. I would point out that in thisDiscipleship2, 306:for initiation, because it will steadily tend to facilitate their entry into the world of causesDiscipleship2, 416:versa. The hint upon which he is working will tend always towards the simplification of knowledgeDiscipleship2, 644:environing conditions and chosen associates tend to complicate matters and you are, therefore,Discipleship2, 667:of this request with especial care. This will tend to bring in more than just soul wisdom, for theDiscipleship2, 678:cycle, but hitherto quite unsuccessfully. You tend to emasculate the work and rob it of all potencyDiscipleship2, 685:[685] unduly their personalities, and thus tend to the evocation of personality reactions. Will youDiscipleship2, 755:process should be fairly easy as all your rays tend to facilitate it. The process is also highlyEducation, 12:Towards this consummation all education should tend. Practically speaking, except in rare andExternalisation, 69:perception and too near a point of view does not tend to true understanding. It fails, for oneExternalisation, 74:expressively divine. The two other forces which tend to increase the already prevalent tension inExternalisation, 143:active goodwill work and to effort which will tend to world understanding and fusion. You can withExternalisation, 195:of any nation to spread those ideas which tend to erect racial or national barriers, arouse hatredsExternalisation, 335:handling of the broad issues will automatically tend to take care of the details. By this I meanExternalisation, 344:any way those activities and relationships which tend to the well-being of our fellowmen. ItExternalisation, 430:Germany has precipitated upon humanity. They tend to right thinking but are still the prey of theExternalisation, 691:produce too close and intimate a self-focus and tend to an over-stimulation of the personalityFire, xiii:up the matter, the teaching in this book should tend to an expansion of consciousness, and shouldFire, xiii:us by the Master Minds of all time. It should tend to bring about a reaction in favor of a systemFire, xv:that honesty and sincerity of thought which will tend to the development of the intuition, ofFire, 67:applied to the devas of fire whose part it is to tend the fires that will later destroy the causalFire, 155:southwards to a midway point. From there they tend to increase the latent heat, to produce addedFire, 273:any particular form. This grouping of atoms will tend to the makeup of a particular series ofFire, 312:incessantly generating electric currents which tend to restore the disturbed equilibrium." ..."TheFire, 347:process through influences from outside; these tend to awaken consciousness, and to bring about theFire, 408:subject and the enormous cycles of time involved tend to obscurity and lack of definiteness. OnlyFire, 479:their function in unison. Elemental lives tend all lesser lives. The devas cooperate under rule,Fire, 524:'purify' the Earth from elements which would tend to hinder the evolutionary process. As the cyclesFire, 802:all that can be predicated of them is that they tend to develop consciousness of some kind, imposeFire, 891:a distinct danger in all tabulations, for they tend to the forming of hard and fast divisions,Fire, 903:path for them is to give, to nourish, and to tend. Therefore, the devas of the waters pourFire, 916:will find many things [916] revealed which will tend to revolutionize the findings of modernFire, 954:as the planets vibrate around the sun, will tend to approximate a group center. Thought energy,Fire, 1030:and, [1030] therefore, with the forces which tend to coherence, to concretion, and to theGlamour, 223:I might define their problem by saying that they tend to bring their illusions down to the astralHealing, 76:here present, when correctly understood, will tend to show that there is a deep underlying esotericHealing, 90:has disorganize the forces which, rightly used, tend to bring the body into a sound and healthyHealing, 105:can realize; for speech and discussion not only tend to deflect and dissipate force, but violate aHealing, 196:medical and psychiatric methods. Experience will tend to show that the more closely the interplayHealing, 230:diseases are being discovered, and these may tend to make people more reckless. When, however, theyHealing, 236:clairvoyance and clairaudience will eventually tend to strip humanity of the privacy in which toInitiation, 59:controls and transmutes the great movements that tend to strip the veil from the unseen. His is theInitiation, 70:but, if the experiment proves successful, will tend to the greater assisting of the race. [71] Initiation, 124:inner relationships, which, when known, will tend ever more fully to swing the initiate into theInitiation, 164:laws as its primary law, and all its evolutions tend to demonstrate the perfection of that law withInitiation, 195:- Rules for Applicants Rule 4 Let the disciple tend the evolution of the fire; nourish the lesserIntellect, 26:intuition, then our educational methods do not tend to its development. He defines it as "theIntellect, 106:some fresh and dynamic matter will automatically tend to make the mind one-pointed. [107] A secondIntellect, 135:them their own dangers, and, if prolonged, will tend to make a man an impractical person, impotentIntellect, 257:in the thought world, in some subject which will tend to develop the mental capacity and so bringMagic, 65:and peace and a mental pliability that will tend to make them of some use in the guarding andMagic, 115:them likewise on to fullest expression, and thus tend [116] to more adequate completeness and moreMagic, 139:in the great work. On the physical plane, these tend to the unification of the personal life and toMagic, 205:but - lacking use and finding no outlet - will tend to over-stimulate the centers, and produceMagic, 439:focusing streams of energy upon our earth which tend to complicate the problem still further. PlutoMagic, 512:many of the [512] factors present which will tend to produce satisfactory results. The fifth ray isMagic, 573:of energy is of practical usefulness and will tend to leave no part of the aspirant's natureMagic, 623:their adulation and praise, and their criticism tend to becloud his way. Because he is notMeditation, 4:are major and sometimes minor, but always they tend to flexibility and greater beauty. In due time,Meditation, 158:or later with his egoic group. [158] They tend to merge the occult and the mystic paths in the lifeMeditation, 247:troubles, eradicate certain nervous tendencies, tend to the building of new tissues, or to theMeditation, 346:This is the most difficult of the vehicles to tend, as is well known. No excessive emotion isPatanjali, 192:5. The cultivation of the thoughts which will tend to yoga and lead a man to a knowledge of hisPatanjali, 202:of those atoms and molecules which will tend to provide a form through which spirit can adequatelyPatanjali, 369:and the sequence of memory reactions would tend to infinite confusion. 22. When the spiritualPatanjali, 393:fulfiling of his desires; if they are white they tend to build that body which is the final one toPatanjali, 400:concerns tendencies, impulses and desires which tend to affect permanently the body of the higher,Patanjali, 414:and the sequence of memory reactions would tend to infinite confusion. One of the explanations ofProblems, 172:Jews and the hatred which they cultivate which tend also to undermine the hope of peace; it is thePsychology1, 103:see what at present is hidden. All this will tend to destroy the platform upon which thePsychology1, 302:of a difficult nature: Will this action of mine tend to the group good? Will the group be hurt orPsychology1, 347:very great. There are numerous influences which tend to make man what he is, and of many of themPsychology1, 353:major results. There are many minor ones which tend to perfect the divine purpose for the race.Psychology2, 63:soul by the institution of those practices which tend towards right conduct, right speech, and goodPsychology2, 179:paralleling achievement in group formation will tend to raise humanity still more rapidly. HencePsychology2, 482:"guidance" or whose methods and doctrines tend to the development of an inner attentive ear, andPsychology2, 546:are going on. One of the difficulties which tend also to increase the strain is the inability ofPsychology2, 567:and other material objects, for instance - we tend to make a magical performance out of it, and to
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