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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TENDENCIES

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Externalisation, 457:to the future of the race lies in these two tendencies; the Hierarchy is determined to offset themExternalisation, 691:This might be termed a method of eliminating all tendencies to register anything save a wiseExternalisation, 692:active, thus eliminating certain materialistic tendencies, and strengthening the soul of all thatFire, 1012:the form-building impulses, and those attractive tendencies which are the basis of physical planeGlamour, 71:then inherited and demonstrated psychological tendencies and characteristics. National glamor,Glamour, 71:traits. These are, of course, based on ray tendencies, past history, and world interrelations butGlamour, 83:wrong kind of isolation by those with separate tendencies and for selfish ends. It is the soulGlamour, 105:of the evolutionary unfoldment, and the innate tendencies which all forms possess, such as theGlamour, 118:physical type, emotional reactions and mental tendencies, attention will then be directed to theGlamour, 119:reaction to glamor in the environment, innate tendencies to glamor in the equipment or resultingGlamour, 120:individual is complicated by certain inherited tendencies of a family, national and racial nature.Healing, 19:[19] of his hold on life; there are also those tendencies which constitute a form of dangerousHealing, 26:to inner personal conditions, or to inherited tendencies, or to group distribution. [27] To knowHealing, 62:are the ones who today demonstrate homosexual tendencies. In those days, so urgent was the sexualHealing, 90:that general debility and those inherent organic tendencies which predispose a man to ill healthHealing, 95:the physical body, according to the predisposing tendencies of the body and its inherent, inheritedHealing, 119:personality and carries away wrong psychological tendencies, undesirable complexes, leading toHealing, 198:(or should I say indigenous) or hereditary tendencies or predispositions, present in the bodilyHealing, 208:nature can be fostered, and making undesirable tendencies powerful. We might consequently lay downHealing, 227:with them the predispositions and the innate tendencies with which their past history has endowedHealing, 227:in nature, and due largely not only to inherent tendencies, but to the extraordinarily denseHealing, 229:noted. At this time there also arose the first tendencies to marriage, as differentiated fromHealing, 237:Some one or some group will be aware of the tendencies in the life of a man, and even of theHealing, 253:leave frequently much to be desired; inherited tendencies and active predispositions cause graveHealing, 262:social taboos, religious convictions and tendencies can all be traced to originating causes - someHealing, 267:relations and the pronounced manipulative tendencies of the Hebrew people are exchanged for moreHealing, 275:results of accident or war) lie these three main tendencies in the human body. This is a basic andHealing, 281:of man's karmic liabilities and karmic tendencies. A mistake lies however in the belief that theseHealing, 281:A mistake lies however in the belief that these tendencies are to be found in the germs of life andHealing, 289:and their general psychic and psychological tendencies are inherited from previous lives, and areHealing, 309:factor when in collaboration with the inherited tendencies of the physical body; therefore, allHealing, 310:wrong use of energy, sets in motion those inner tendencies which find their way out, as vitalHealing, 323:of the objections made by doctors with occult tendencies are based unconsciously on a feeling thatHealing, 342:types of heart disease and the diverse neurotic tendencies with which the saints of the world wereHealing, 353:not only past heredity, or inherited group tendencies, but also may indicate present worldHealing, 367:of interest, and unselfishness. Neurasthenic tendencies are likely to increase instead of decreaseHealing, 382:seeking incarnation to create bodies free from tendencies to morbid developments. The Masters areHealing, 446:and a carrying forward of the interests and tendencies of the life. His consciousness and his senseHealing, 464:spiritual man, already determines the life tendencies and choices. In the case of the ordinary man,Healing, 500:is necessarily the result of the innate tendencies of substance itself. However, as time goes onHealing, 502:is still the victim of disease-producing tendencies of the form, as of all forms in nature. ThisHealing, 675:evidence, or indications of inherited tendencies, to give the healer his clue and to enable him toHercules, 6:signs we shall find him surmounting his natural tendencies, controlling and governing his destiny,Hercules, 8:physical body, handicapped and limited by the tendencies conferred on him by the sign in which heHercules, 29:forces, and provides him with certain tendencies. These we must understand if the meaning of theHercules, 149:replaced by the expression of self-sacrificing tendencies. Separativeness. The analytical mindHercules, 149:others is a testimony to the existence of evil tendencies that corrode the mind. Delight in causingHercules, 165:tradition and background, different racial tendencies. We are all so diverse, and carrying thatHercules, 201:to them the Plan, indicate to them the tendencies, give them the new message, and repeat himself inHercules, 228:Birds of Stymphalus and puts an end to all tendencies to use thought destructively. In CapricornIntellect, 12:himself powers and capacities, faculties and tendencies which are the guarantee of a vital andIntellect, 42:are the development of visionary and impractical tendencies. The mystic is frequently unable toIntellect, 213:of the capacity to subjugate the outward-going tendencies of the five senses. So the aspirant isMagic, 38:of the animal body with its instincts and tendencies. H.P.B. defines man accurately as "an animalMagic, 101:harm a fellowman, so look not only at your wrong tendencies but at the use of your virtues. IfMagic, 161:comparatively free from the whirlpool of selfish tendencies. But their astral bodies are again andMagic, 167:his really recognizing it consciously. Fault tendencies are indicated to him as he seeks withMagic, 202:the soul to the sheaths and to the impulses and tendencies of the lower self. Virtue is the callingMagic, 241:not vital, dealing as they do with the cosmic tendencies. Thirdly, the force of sex attraction.Magic, 260:than that of many brothers who follow the tendencies of the personality. Though every true aspirantMagic, 275:factors [275] for which we have no terms and tendencies which are as yet not even remotely visionedMagic, 277:in which this reorientation and reversal of tendencies is progressing, are in a state of violentMagic, 300:and a carrying forward of the interests and tendencies of the life. His consciousness and his senseMagic, 312:upon the sex life and produces some of those tendencies to perversions which cause so muchMagic, 312:which cause so much difficulty now. Sadistic tendencies and sex perversions find much strengtheningMagic, 321:humanity, through philanthropic and educational tendencies of every kind, and (in the natural worldMagic, 344:A willingness to experiment. These five tendencies, coupled with purity of life and regulation ofMagic, 366:Temporarily the normal thought-form building tendencies are inhibited. Through meditation, which isMagic, 384:is swept into certain major activities and life tendencies, according to his particular ray. TheseMagic, 413:itself) men of all races, of all types and tendencies. This group has a specific mission, and someMagic, 440:The Sun was in Sagittarius when the first human tendencies struggled to the fore. The stage ofMagic, 465:which produces the [465] characteristics and tendencies which cause the situation and environingMagic, 541:creatively. Public opinion, mass ideas, the tendencies of [542] human desire and thought, are notMagic, 545:it is exceedingly potent, as are all one-pointed tendencies. Magic, 608:Supermen or under any terms which the inherited tendencies of humanity or tradition may choose toMagic, 620:expressing itself, and to study these growing tendencies in human affairs. The fact that they areMagic, 625:and dislikes, [625] and their individual life tendencies and habits. These eventually assertMagic, 627:Magic - Rule Fifteen - A Call to Service These tendencies, based on fear have (because man isMagic, 631:and the advice of those who are Piscean in their tendencies and not Aquarian are carefullyMeditation, 45:racial characteristics, certain temperamental tendencies are his because they are hidden in theMeditation, 45:and he must carry that constitution, and the tendencies inherent in that particular type of body,Meditation, 109:seems to proscribe and limit his inherent tendencies, and even though the stage is set so that itMeditation, 247:nervous troubles, eradicate certain nervous tendencies, tend to the building of new tissues, or toPatanjali, 20:nor evil, low nor high, can be vitalized by low tendencies or idealistic aspirations, with all thePatanjali, 142:distinct reference to the seeds or the latent tendencies as they subsist in the mental body and inPatanjali, 150:a mental activity of such a nature that old tendencies, longings and desires no longer [151]Patanjali, 185:desirelessness and governs the outgoing tendencies to that which is not the self, which findsPatanjali, 186:the disciple long ago. But there are also many tendencies towards pleasure seeking with consequentPatanjali, 229:but the capacity to subjugate the outgoing tendencies of the five senses must be worked at. So thePatanjali, 388:his abstraction from all sense perception and tendencies. Thus he stands at the moment of purePatanjali, 400:and to outer environment. The other concerns tendencies, impulses and desires which tend to affectPatanjali, 420:to detach the mind from the lower reactions and tendencies, and build in the habit of a constantPatanjali, 422:of their overcoming is the same. The right tendencies and rhythm having been set up, it becomesProblems, 25:which have accepted the determining evolutionary tendencies, can move forward with greater easeProblems, 52:It should take into consideration his inherent tendencies, his racial and national attributes andProblems, 53:for specialized activities, based upon innate tendencies, talents or genius. It is a processProblems, 87:of the minorities must be added the separative tendencies which the differing religious systemsProblems, 90:the same mystical aspiration, to the same sinful tendencies and desires, to the same selfishness,Problems, 97:in Palestine. To their extremely materialistic tendencies they have added a great sense of theProblems, 129:by orthodox churchmen as indicative of dangerous tendencies and as a turning away from God and,
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